Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of the "One who Confronts"

Saddam, meaning "the one who confronts" was hanged this morning. The man who hated our people so much and conflicted so much carnage on Iranians and on his own people is no longer alive. Now it is up to the Iraqi people to build in his aftermath. For it takes more courage to build than to confront.


Bahramerad said...

Good riddance. My the devil take a good care of him in hell.
After his infamous peace deal with KHO-may-ni he was encouraged to take over Kuwait by KHA-MA naie.
When he was roundly defeated by a coalition of the West and the Arabs, He form his HEZBOLLAH / PASDARAN and converted to KHO-mynizem and throw his lot behind Kha-manaei and Rasman-Jani and started to buy time for his new paymasters by pretending that he is trying to make WMD.
Tuff luck. Poor basted thought that IRI will support him against the Americans. Well, they didn't. He was once again left alone to face the music.

Anonymous said...

May also all those who supported him across the land and the oceans in the land of the free burn in hell with him.

Anonymous said...

You see I was wondering around in the web and checking out what everybody had said about Saddam's execution.
This what you wrote was so unique and different than everybody saying whether they liked or disliked Saddam being hanged.
I really liked it.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

صدام حسين پيش از اينها مرده بود. او بارها مرده بود. صدام آن روزی مرد که محمد رضا شاه خواستهای ايران را در قرارداد الجزيره به او تحميل کرد. صدام آن روزی مرد که به ايران حمله کرد، زيرا با وجود تضعيف ارتش و توان کشور به دست جمهوری اسلامی او نتوانست به اهداف جنگی خود برسد. صدام آن روزی مرد که جايگاه خود و عراق را در جهان ندانست و کويت را اشغال کرد. صدام آن روزی مرد که در پی استيلا بر منطقه عراق را درگير جنگی ديگر کرد. صدام آن روزی مرد که سربازان آمريکايی در قصر تصرف شده اش بر مبل نشستند و سيگاری کشيدند. آن عکس را به ياد داريد؟ صدام آن روزی مرد که پسرانش کشته شدند. صدام آن روزی مرد که او را چون موش از سوراخی بيرون کشيدند و داخل دهانش را نگاه کردند.ـ

من، يک ايرانی، مخالف حکم اعدام هستم و از اجرای حکم اعدام صدام حسين که به ايران حمله کرد و خون ايرانی ريخت و خود را سردار قادسية دوم ناميدـ گويی ايرانيان را باکی است از سردار قادسية اول ـ و در جايی خدايش را ملامت کرد که چرا مگس و يهودی و ايرانی را آفريده است و چندی پيش به حملة شيميايی به ايران افتخار کرد، ناخرسندم.ـ

Winston said...

Good riddance, just a bit late!

I hope this happens to mullahs of Iran one day...