Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In the Year 2007

Here is a summary of my highlights of the year 2007. It looks rather thin compared with 2005 and 2006, perhaps because I was out of the UK for most of 2007 and then ending up rupturing my pectoral tendon towards the end of 2007 or perhaps because this year I have felt more tired than ever before. As I explained to a friend in a New Year greeting email, I can not think of many things in which I have put so much time and effort into and yet got so little tangible returns from.

The year kicked off with exposing IRI propaganda activities in British universities:

and then soliciting help for Iranian women campaigners from students and academics in UK universities:

Highlighting protests by Iranian teachers

Showing Ahmadi-Nejad's popularity:

Highlighting the crackdown on dress code in Iran:

Then the crackdown on "hoodlums and thugs":

Pourya's escape:

Some good news in 2007, was sponsoring the CIS football team:

Exposing the hypocrite supporters of the Islamic Republic in London:

Hosting Fakhravar in London:

Meeting face to face with one of my favourite persons, Nazanin Afshin-Jam:

The sort of people the UK Home Office grants asylum to:

Turning up to face the Islamic Republic supporters in London on the Al-Quds day:

Going to Rome with Fakhravar:

and then exposing the way VOA Persian reported it:


E. Frank van Persie said...

Potkin jaan, have an energetic new year, and thank you very much for all you've done as an activist in 2007. I am very impressed. Please keep at it, and may all gods of fortune be with you in the coming year. Step lively, chin up, and steady on Pahlevan, reading your reports is always a pleasure despite any occasional differences of opinion.
To a Happy and Victorious 2008.

Anonymous said...

خواندن مطالب تو هم باعث تقويت انگليسي ما ميشود و هم تقويت روحيه ما. پس خسته نشو عزيز كه صبح سپيد در راه است

Bardia said...

As always you remind me that your name is exactly suitable with your thinking.
I hope to see you successful as you are and take more care about your health.
And I must say proudly, your blog makes perfect history of our country.
thanks for all

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful New Year, dear Potkin.

Anonymous said...

very good!

Anonymous said...

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