Sunday, December 09, 2007

More on Moran on VOA

One of my blog readers has alerted me, after my previous post, to a photograph on Congressman Jim Moran's website which explains why Moran made so many outrageous statements in support of the Islamic Republic, when he appeared on Ahmad Reza Baharloo's roundtable program on VOA Persian.

See Tritta Parsi and Jim Moran Picture or in case they remove the link, see:

You can clearly see one of the most active and well funded Islamic Republic lobbyists in Washington, Tritta Parsi, sitting in the panel, first from the left, while Moran is making his speech behind the podium.

I have also found out why Moran was invited to VOA Persian. Faraj Ardalan, one of the VOA employees, is a constituent of Jim Moran, and wanted to please his congressman by arranging his appearance on the program. Clearly not thinking about the extent of the damage that Moran's appearance would do to the viewers in Iran, to whom the Islamic Republic will seem once again so powerful and invincible with so many friends outside Iran.


Winston said...

What does it take to dismantle VOA Persian Service?

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between the American Iranian Council and the National Iranian American Council?

Anonymous said...

Have you read TriTa's book??? READ his book and you won't be so disillusioned any longer --- Also, since you haven't been to Iran in almost 30 years... then how the FUCK do you know how they feel??? Iranians in Iran know what fools their leaders are... no different than Bush.

Azarmehr said...

Chica! :)

what makes you think that one always has to be physically in a country to conclude how the people of that cuntry feel? Do you have to be in North Korea to conclude how North Koreans feel? Did you have to live in South Africa to say Apartheid was wrong?

People are people, certain things are universal, human rights for example is universal, freedom of speech is universal. When I see people in North Korea can't mention the names of their leaders without saying Great and Dear, then I know they are repressed, when I knew your citizenship in South Africa was based on the colour of your skin, I knew it was wrong, similarly when a system is based on religous apartheid, then I know its wrong and I dont have to live there, chica balA :)