Thursday, December 06, 2007

Jim Moran the Moron on VOA Persian

As a further testimony to my previous post on how little intelligence US has about Iran, Congressman Moran appeared on a VOA Persian program yesterday.

Jim Moran claimed the Iranian people had elected Ahmadi-Nejad in an orderly fair election and that Ahmadi-nejad won the election because his pledge in redistributing the wealth had appealed to the Iranian people!

Need I say any more? Does Moran the moron know that the candidates are vetted by the unelected Guardian Council in Iran and Iranian people are not free to choose whoever they want? Does he know that even Islamic Republic veteran politicians like the former speaker of the Islamic Assembly, Karrrubi, cried out massive vote rigging had taken place by the Baseej and the Revolutionary Guards? Does Moran know about the Supreme Leader's orders issued to the Baseej, that each Baseej member should solicit at least ten of his associates and acquaintances by whatever means in their disposal to vote for the Supreme Leader's chosen candidate? Is Moran aware of the Islamic Republic's Ministry of Interior's ridiculous published figures, where in several provinces the figures showed more than 100% of those eligible had voted?

Perhaps Moran is aware but the endless lobbying and dinner parties by the likes of Seyyed Hossein Nasr's proteges are influencing his judgement, just like the major credit card issuer who gave him a large home equity loan under favorable terms influenced his judgement on bankruptcy reform bill.

As usual the presenter of the program, the idiot Ahmad Reza Baharloo, who struggles to speak English or Persian fluently, was unable to challenge his guest on any of the moronic statements Moran made. The viewers who managed to get through the phone lines however did at least show how much Democrat appeasers like Jim Moran are hated by Iranians.


Winston said...

Moron doesn't know a bit about Iran and he doesn't care to know. Why should he? He is first and foremost a Democrat and an idiot. Secondly, it is VOA. You can't expect any thing from it. I have stopped watching or listening to it for a long long time.

Bahramerad said...

If The Democrates had any brains, they'll be Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Moran constantly equated the people of Iran to the government of Iran. It was like hearing someone equate the people of Burma to the military junta of Burma.

Winston said...

He looks like a moron too. LOL

Mina said...

Bahramerad, sorry bro, but did you know that Trita Parsi's big break into politics was with the Republican Bob Ney. He was a member of Ney's staff. And Ney was real into being friends with what Islamic dictatorship? Hint: It begins with "I" and ends with "ran".