Monday, December 03, 2007

Not Even Boots

It is normally during the summer time that Iranian women are harassed by the Islamic police for showing a few strands of their hair and their choice of clothing, but now for the first time, Chief of Police, Commander Radan, has announced the government's "guidelines" for combating inappropriate dress code in public.

Part of this new guideline is long boots worn by women. It is not allowed this year!
Expect some "pundit" Islamic Republic apologists to write something along these lines
"Although women in Iran are not allowed to wear long boots this winter, they can ,unlike their counterparts in Saudi Arabia, drive cars......."

Of course these "pundits" never compared Iranian women before the Islamic revolution with their counterparts in Saudi Arabia, this type of comparison only became fashionable when defending the clerical rule in Iran became a well paid pass time.


Winston said...

Islam is a destructive religion!

Bahramerad said...

It is now revelled (according to the US, CIA report) that the ISlamic Republic of Idiots had stooped their policy of developing Atomic Weapons in 2003-We now know that all the misinformation and talk of negotiations with the West was Bolocks and these bloody Mullahs have been using this row with the West as an instrument of internal repression against the innocent Freedom loving peaceful Iranians who will never put up with these fascist Mullah's and will fight them tooth and neil till they are gone from the face of earth and history.
Repression of Women, Students, Workers, and the general public in Iran will not help these idiots - they are liars and terrorist - THEY MUST GO!

Anonymous said...

Boots are forbidden because in Quran is nothing written about boots!!!