Sunday, September 28, 2008

Al-Quds Counter Demo

It was a much bigger turn out this year with many more English groups and individuals who had joined our ranks to oppose the march by the supporters of the Islamic Republic in the streets of London. The core Iranian groups consisted of the Alliance of Iranian Students, the Confederation of Iranian Students and other secular pro-democracy Iranian individuals, as well as some supporters of the jailed dissident cleric, Ayatollah Boroujerdi. We wanted to highlight the human rights abuses by the Islamic Republic in the last 28 years, we wanted to show the poverty, the destitute and the misery brought upon the people of Iran by the religious dictatorship ruling Iran. We wanted to tell the Palestinian people and the Lebanese people not to be fooled by this Islamic Republic propaganda stunt, for the mullahs have brought no peace and prosperity for our people and they will bring no peace and prosperity for any other people.

Together we held the middle section of the counter demo. Further to the Left, there were few from the Iranian Worker's Communist Party, Worker's Liberty and members of the Principa Dialectica. Members of Principa Dialectica have always impressed me with their knowledge of Iran, and they are one of the few UK based Left wing groups who have not gone to bed with the Islamists.

To our right were the SIOE and March for England supporters. I had received many warnings that the later were a right wing Nazi group, but I could find nothing on their website that remotely suggested this, and in fact they go out of their way to distance themselves from any racist association. Nevertheless I had my anxieties about two things, a confrontation between the different groups in the counter demo and any indication of racism which would have tarnished our aims and objectives and benefited the Islamic Republic supporters. As it turned out, none of this took place. The March for England supporters assured me they will not tolerate any racism amongst their ranks and even suggested to me that if we think their presence will in any way damage us, they are happy to go away. I asked them to stay and we all agreed to have our own distinct positions behind the railings.

Altogether we waited for over two hours for the Al-Quds marchers to arrive, and to make sure everyone's spirits were kept high, we sang the Ey-Iran anthem as loud as we could several times and I did an off the cuff pep talk, something along these lines, if my memory serves right, "When you see pictures of Iranian women, being harassed by the morality police in Iran, for showing a couple of strands of their hair, when you see our people humiliated and downtrodden, when you see our country's enormous wealth is wasted away and the Iranian children having to work instead of enjoying their childhood, when you see the scale of corruption amongst those who currently rule our country, when you see the leaders of the Islamic Republic lie through their teeth and when you see a non-Iranian flag instead of our Sun and Lion waved in our country, your blood boils and you think what can we do? Today is a day when you can do something, today is when you see the enemy not in pictures but physically in front of you, today you can tell the world that these people do not represent the Iranian people, and where is the old Iranian opposition that you see every day on our Iranian media? Where are these one man parties that the Iranian media present to our people as their opposition? Why are none of them here? If they are not here today, they are no opposition, If they are not here today in the streets of London to confront the mullahs, how can they motivate those inside Iran to rise against the religious dictatorship? Iran belongs to you, the youth of Iran, for the old generation are a lost lot who were fooled by the mullahs and got us in this mess, they are a failure, why should you follow failure, forget those dinosaurs. You are the Iranian opposition today'

Finally the Al-Quds marchers arrived. There were some notable differences from last year. There were definitely even fewer Iranians amongst their ranks, I could only spot a couple of placards with pictures of IRI leaders, and only a few Islamic Republic flags. As they went past us we held up our placards which displayed images of human rights abuses, mass arrests, public executions and widespread poverty. How can they entice any sane nation when these were the images that showed how they treated their own citizens?


SERENDIP said...

This is a very significant post. My kudos to you, Potkin. You're such an inspiration for us all. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's worth mentioning that the Al-Qods demo included very few Iranians and it was mainly south Asians who were dragged out there for religious reasons mainly

Anonymous said...

Great post, and great re-creation of the speech for those of us over seas following the outcome of this demonstration. As always, great work...

Anonymous said...

Potkin I bet you this will not achieve an ounce. Sorry

Anonymous said...

The flag will never return to the sun and lion, it is a symbol of the past; a symbol that does not represent all of Iran. It represents dynasties. We are done with monarchs and we will soon be done with theocracy.

Stop claiming you're a democrat and not a monarchist when your "pep-talks" constantly display your love of monarchism. You can't be pro-democracy and secular when you advocate the true flag of Iran is being the Sun, a lion, and a sword (Imam Ali's sword at that!!!). Those symbols represent the very opposite.

I can't believe you want to perpetuate a symbol that was instated by the Safavids - the very dynasty that forcefully converted Iranians to Shiism!!

My point is that every and any flag Iran has flown has represented a dynasty, not the people of Iran. From the IRI's Allah to Cyrus's golden eagle we have had someone else's idea of a national symbol imposed on us.

And now we have to confront a mass of ignorant Iranians so upset with the IRI that they want to reinstate the Safavid's flag - what a joke.

be salamat,

p.s. Remember when Prince Harry wore the Nazi costume for Halloween? For an Iranian to floss the Lion and Sword is essentially the same thing, albeit Iranians have never committed genocide on any peoples - just on themselves. It is a Safavid flag and it was the Safavids who murdered and coerced their population (our ancestors) into Shiism.

Winston said...

good job

Bahramerad said...

During this disgraceful demonstration, organised and paid for by the Non-Islamic Non-Republic and Non Iranian Idiots regime - I saw a couple of their organisers struggling with a few of their marches who were carrying the shity IRI flags to prevent them from raising it — as though they were under instruction not to show their ugly and disgraced face no more than necessary.
In other media — it was reported that the numbers of Iranians partaking in this silly ritual in Tehran was so down that the regime's media did not even dared to show any pictures of the demo. The people of Palestine did not have any demo to mention and in Gaza, the paid up members of hezbollah only managed to bring about a few thousands into the streets.
Shame on all those Iranians Living in London (In freedom and security) who did not bother to come out and support this counter demonstration.

Azarmehr said...


You huge arch-idiot of gigantic proportions, the Sun and Lion flag was sanctioned by the elected representatives of the Iranian people at the end of the constitutional revolution as the official flag of Iran and until the elected representatives of the Iranian people decide otherwise, it will remain our official flag as opposed to the imposed flag of the Islamic Republic with no Iranian symbols and the non-Iranian writings on it.

The Sun and Lion flag is accepted as our natonal flag and as an anti-Islamic Republic symbol by the entire spectrum of the Iranian opposition, from the monarchists to the jebhe meli, to Pan-Iranist groups, to the MeK. The only groups who are against it are the Communists who presumably want some kind of red H&S flag and the separatists.Which ones do you support, so much for your Mossadiq rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

You know, it's quite characteristic of you to begin belittling people with name-calling and labeling before proceeding to make an exponentially uninformed comment right afterward.

I'm going to let you go ahead and do some research before I document your last post as one of the most ridiculous and nonfactual things you've ever said.

After you do some research, if you still think that the origin of the lion and sun began in 1906, then I will go ahead and treat you like an idiot by giving you an idiot's response.

And please, don't be so quick to give a group of humans in the early 1900s so much credit for making that flag official, as if they were acting with no political calculations, on behalf of all Iranians. Ha!

It is NOT the universally accepted national symbol. I don't give a damn if Mossadeq himself thinks it is, he would be wrong. And so is anyone else who thinks so.

be salamat,

Azarmehr said...

Oh didn't know you had a documentation centre in your sad unproductive life! Now I am shivering :))

The Sun and Lion symbol dates back much further, the Sun and Lion flag with precise size and dimensions and orientation was approved by the National Assembly of people's representatives after the constitutional revolution.

So now you are saying they were not bonafide representatives. On the one hand people like you say, Reza Shah destroyed the parliamentary democracy on the other hand when it does not suit you, the national assembly (Majlis) is not a recognised representative organisation?

So now you don't care what Mossadeq thinks? :)))

Barmakid, we don't care what you think. The Sun and Lion flag is our flag.

Anonymous said...

Dear Azarmehr, Hello from the Netherlands,

This is a hopegiving post.
A good work from all those students in london.
Here in the Netherlands, some of the iranian students are so pro-IRI regime, that sometimes it scares me.
Can I borrow your pictures for using them in a Dutch weblog, for showing them how realy a good act is?


Anonymous said...

This sorry ass Bar Man KIRRI is nauseatingly and stupefying ignorant — why the hell does he go and get lost?
Is this the only place where he is allowed to vent his puke on the internet?
Once an asshole always an asshole...

JohnBaker68 said...

"with many more English groups and individuals who had joined our ranks to oppose the march by the supporters of the Islamic Republic in the streets of London."

You mean the BNP and the far-right. And this doesn't seem to bother you in the slightest. Perhaps says it all about your 'principles'.

Azarmehr said...

Apparently he goes on a few other sites as well and thats all he ever does.

Azarmehr said...


I didn't see any BNP. As for March for England Supporters, I have already explained the circumstances in the post.
What did you want me to do? and whatever it is, why didn't you do it? and if you weren't there, why weren't you there or why didn't the communists do something about it?
I can't decie who should come to Picadilly Circus and who shouldn't. Under the circumstances making sure that we all had our own defined sections was the best and only possible thing to do.

Anonymous said...

No matter what you and your communist friends in the MEK think, the Sun in Lion is not our flag. You just think that because of recent history. Why don't we fly Cyrus's flag? Or better yet, the Sassanids? Because people don't remember them. If they did, maybe they would decide to fly the Sassanid flag, which included the Akhtare Kaviani (the Kaviani star) that Ferdowsi wrote about in Shahnameh. Now that's a universal symbol, unlike the Sun and the Lion with IMAM ALI's sword in his hand! Btw, I didn't know you believed in Imam Ali.

It's very fortunate that people in Iran don't think like you. There is not a chance that that flag will ever be flown again (except maybe in your house in the UK), but you wouldn't know that because you've been wasting your time protesting with a bunch of racist, Zazi, and insignificant activists in London.


bahramerad, do you take any prescription pills? What am I saying, of course you do. Why else would anyone act the way you do. I understand, so every time you decide to post as anonymous or yourself and write obscenities I will consider it a side effect of your medication. I hope you get better soon!!

Mehrtash said...

so what is Iran? The dynasties that preceded the IRI was the very back bone of Iran. The cultural heritage existed because of those dynasties. One does not have to be a monarchist in order to recognise this. Ruling monarchs had the power to change culture; persian culture remained until 1979.

What is evident in Iran is that one is either a follower of the IRI culture - islam, moharam etc; or one follows the Persian culture, such as the equinox, yalda, etc...

There are no other cultures in Iran other than these two. The sun and lion represents the Persian traditions and culture. The sword has nothing to do with 'Ali son of abi taleb', as the sword was a symbol added as the monarch then had added a dagger to their princely robes.

There are other people who are active against the IRI, but none of them are of Potkin's calibre. It is not enough for one to illustrate the gross violations perpetrated by the IRI; one needs to voice enforced opposition, with the will to confront them on every scene. Potkin does this effectively, he confronts them and their supporters, exposing all the scum agents.

I am more than ready to side with Potkin in the struggle against the IRI than any other group, because the others are eloquent poets - mouth. Potkin is the real deal. If you lot don't like it, then please resume burying your heads in the sand.

Azarmehr said...

Akhtare Kaviani :))))))))))))) LOL
Of course you mean Derafshe Kaviani.

Of course every country have lots of symbols, and one day if people choose to have Derafshe Kaviani, in the colours of yellow, red and purple, then I will be all for it. Until then, the Sun and Lion is the rightful symbol against the current illegal imposition of an un-Iranian flag on our country.

Also I thought you were the Communist, suddenly MeK became my Communist friends did they? Just because I said even they recognise teh Sun and Lion as the Iranian flag to demonstrate its not just monarchists.

Very typical of the mud slinging tactics by Commies, I have seen since Sunday.

PortsmouthLoyal said...

Potkin. It was a pleasure to meet you on the 28th as it was on Sept 11th. Not only did i have to face vile accusations on Sunday that i am a Nazi or Far right from various people on Sun. I know read the same inane drivel on here from a poster. If these uneducated people look at our site and the history of March for England they will see we have had Ex Gurkhas lead our marches with medald glistning in the sun and supported thier campain to stay in the U.K plus raised £100s of pounds for thier welfare fund.Is that what a racist group does? That is just one of many examples. We had over a 100 people out that day maybee next year we will opose it on our own. Dave

Anonymous said...

What better way to prove to you that you are a monarchist deep down at heart. I knew you would correct me and agree with my proposal. Why would I want the symbol of Derafshe Kaviani on the flag after I already said that all of our flags have always been attached to a dynasty?

You don't even realize it yourself, you are a king worshiper, and thus, you are more foolish than a communist.


p.s. Mehrtash, Azarmehr surely deserves credit for what he does. That is not what this is about, it's a simple exchange between one informed Iranian, i.e. me, and an uninformed one, i.e. Azarmehr:))

But it's funny how the sheer-o khorsheed came to being in the 16th century but it somehow represent the whole span of Iranian culture and history? Is there a sheer anywhere on the walls of persepolis? No. The sheer and korsheed is not a part of our history, it is a part of the safavid dynasty.

Winston said...

Kiddo, plz drop dead asshole

Anonymous said...

It is a shame when an English group that supports other groups,.. immediatly the brainwashed folk come out with bnp, or facist, right wing e.t.c...

At the end of the day, with folk brainwashed in that manner, the powers that be will always have nothing to fear, as divide and dis-unity prevails thanks to the brain washed idiots.

Until people get over their obbsession with this outlook, we united will have the power and strength the government fears,...

Is it wrong to be English and Proud, is it wrong to detest shariah and is it wrong to unite e.t.c.....

Many thanks to you for organising the event, and many thanks for accepting us to stand shoulder to shoulder united for the cause....

Anonymous said...

I was in the Quds Demo and really enjoyed it; see you loosers next year in your little corner waving Israel flag.

Bahramerad said...

Koos'Khool Mirzaie Kirrie " Bar Man Kirrei " .
Shut your big mouth and learn something from your betters.
What the hell do you think "SHAHNAMEH" means?
Go and learn your roots you BE PEDAR O MADAR - va Jahel va Olagh.

زال زر وپرسیمرغ
« پـَـر » ، چـیـسـت ؟
چرا خدای ایران ، پـرخود را به هر انسانی میدهد ؟
چرا ما همه ، زال زرهستیم ؟ چرا ما همه جـمشـیدیـم ؟
چرا سیمرغ( خدا اصل نوشوی) به ما ، « پـَـرَش » را میدهد ؟
وچرا به انسان ،« کتابی یا آموزه ای یاشریعتی یا امرونهی ای» نمیدهد ؟
بنیادِ فلسفه نوین ایران
بازال زر، وسرکشی ازخدایانی که انسان را ازاصالت میاندازند،
نهاده میشود
زال زر یا زرتشت ، جنگ اهورامزدا با سیمرغ ، دفتر چهارم

Azarmehr said...

Yes see you next year anon. Except get yourself a pair of new glasses, we weren't waving any Israeli flags. You got the wrong crowd.

Bahramerad said...

One more lead if you miss your way ...
پروفسور منوچهر جمالی - در فرهنگ ایران حقوق بشر در سکولاریته ریشه دارد

پروفسور منوچهر جمالی - در فرهنگ ایران زندگی و خرد مقدس است، حقوق بشر استوار بر این شالوده می باشد

نخستین شاه تاریخی ایران، کوروش بود که زود فراموش شد ولی ایرانیان، نخستین شاه آرمانی خود را «ایـرج»میشمردند وهرگزاورا فراموش نمیکردندایرج ، همان « اِ ر ِ ز یا ارتـا » بودکه سیمرغ باشد
سیمرغ، ارتای خوشه است که همه جانهاو انسانها، دانه های آن خوشه اند. خوشه، نماد پیوستگی درمهر است
ملت، درپیوسته شدن به هم درهمپرسی، سیمرغ یا ایرج میشود

پرسش و پاسخ با شنوندگان در تالار بنیاد فرهنگ ایران

پروفسور منوچهر جمالی - مفهوم میان ، در فرهنگ ایران ، معنایی ژرف دارد

Azarmehr said...


We are used to insane accusations and pathological liars on the Left from our experiences with the Iranian Left before as well, its nothing new, it seems to be a common trait amongst them.

Anonymous said...

100 people from March for England?! I counted, it was 20.

Question to the MfE people posting: do you deny that you were shouting "White power" and "No surrender"?

Sacha Ismail

Azarmehr said...


Can you put your hand on your heart and say you heard anyone shout "white pride"?

So far the only one who has claimed this, is the one man band, international Communist, David Broder, and the way he has accused me of being a Nazi, just goes to show what a lying scum bag he is.

The way things were on the day and the way each group had set up their own sections, no one could have heard anyone else shout anything but the people next to themsleves.

Likewise, none of us heard what the three of you from Workers Liberty were shouting. I do however remember your mate who was trying to flog your publication with little success, immediately tried to divide the Iranian contingent by showing his ignorance on what the Sun and Lion stood for and getting Mossadegh mixed up with Mossad!

Anonymous said...

I hope Iranian media outside Iran reflect on these events

Anonymous said...

Dorood Potkin jan

Are the back stabbing Trot keyboard warriors still at you? I seem to recall it was our group that confronted MfE when they turned up, while your current Trotskyite critics shrank back cowering. They now are saying elsewhere on their blogs is that we should have started a fight. Much more brave now they are back in front of the PCs now aren't they?

Oh yeah? Take on 30+ (on my count) football fans just like that. Clearly something they themselves were not willing to get involved in at the time. Perhaps the game plan is that the moment the ruck started, they would move to a safe distance where Master Broder (too refined for fisticuffs with oiks you know) could take pictures of us all. More copies of Solidarity could be sold to curious passers by - the most important thing ot them of course being paper sales.

Meanwhile we would be surrounded by a sea of flashing blue lights and the counter demo would be destroyed. Perhaps that was their intention.

Then maybe they could join the back of the march like most of them did last year. Unless I am much mistaken judging by the third picture on your next post at least two of them ended up in Trafalgar Square trying to flog their papers to the mullahs and their mates - you can see copies of 'Solidarity,' their sect's rag, with one of them there.

Whatever we did both you and we would have been slagged off by them that's for sure. In the event what you did was the most sensible thing under the circumstances. You handled very well what could have been a very nasty situation.

Anyway I do hope that plenty of people inside Iran got to hear about the counter demo. That is of far more importance than the unprincipled bitching of these Trotskyist dinosaurs who were just there to promote their sects.

As we said we were there for Iranians and to support the struggle for freedom, democracy and secularism in Iran and to oppose Hizbollah not to peddle our publications or ideology.

Oh BTW this is what the IHRC, one of the main sponsors of the Quds march had to say about us. Not nearly as bad or as inaccurate as what our Trot critics are saying.

"A small counter demonstration comprising of some 50 Zionists, Iranian socialists and Stop Islamification of Europe convened at Piccadilly Circus. Two protestors from the counter demonstration tried to attack pro-Palestinian demonstrators as the march passed by, but were prevented by the police."


Simon Forbes
Principia Dialectica

Anonymous said...

somaye said...


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