Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now Kordan Sees God's Light

Remember how Ahmadinejad claimed he was surrounded by a halo at the UN? Well now according to Jahan News it is the interior minister, Ali Kordan, who faked his PHD from Oxford University to have witnessed one of these mysterious holy cosmic lights.

In a meeting with East Azarbijan deputies, Kordan claimed on the day he received his vote of confidence from the Islamic Assembly, 'The Majlis was filled with light and I witnessed God's light in the assembly on that day' . Kordan also went on to say that he asked for help from the prophet's daughter, Fatimeh, and she was with him all the time during the vote of confidence session.

Apart from his fake PHD from Oxford, another document has been produced which shows Kordan was arrested in 1978 after he was accused of seducing a girl with false marriage promise and he was jailed for more than two months until he was released after the revolution. I wonder if Fatimeh was with him on that day too?

I feel sorry for the Islamic Republic apologists, it must be getting harder and harder for them to portray an acceptable image of the clerical regime in Iran, and for those who advocate negotiation with this mob, imagine sitting at a negotiating table with someone like Kordan!!


Anonymous said...

why didn't you publish my other comment?

Azarmehr said...

which one? as far as I know all the crap you sent has been published.

Sohrab said...


I've missed you man! How's your personal crusade against the world's imperialists and pig-dog capitalists going?


Bahramerad said...

I am sorry to have to send this little gem in respose to this news but it seems the same camera has been active in the room where 'Kar-nadan' was speaking too !