Saturday, September 27, 2008

US Presidential Debate on Iran

I was channel hopping this morning and came across the Obama v McCain presidential debate, as it happens It was just when they started debating the "Iran Threat" question. I must say I was disappointed with both sides. McCain was struggling to pronounce Ahmadinejad and both sides referred to the Revolutionary Guards as the 'Republican Guards'! I hope they don't get Iran and Iraq mixed up, as Chris Davies MEP, the Leader of the British Liberal Democrat MEPs did once in response to our letter at the time:

Neither side had any detailed practical plan on what the US policy should be with regards to the Islamic Republic. My own view is, its best if the US just stays out of it, whenever the US gets involved it makes things worse.


Anonymous said...

What about Iran - Looks like these two comedians haven't got a clue.

Anonymous said...

If the U.S. "stays out of it", which country do you think is going to stop the regime from acquiring a nuclear weapon? (hint, Israel can't do it without our help)

Azarmehr said...

Tell me how so far the US has stopped the Islamic Republic so far?

I can list you appeasement of the Mullahs in Iran right from Carter to the present day administration.

Anonymous said...

If Bush doesn't do something (and his time is almost up), McCain will.
We can't allow this regime to go nuclear.

Anonymous said...

Bush's time is up and McCain won't and can't. Piss off.

Winston said...

I will go with McCain any day when it comes to Iran. McCain 2008. Remember that Hussein Obama wants to sit down with the mullahs and drink tea with them. No Way!