Monday, September 08, 2008

What was Jannati Referring to?

Last Friday's sermon in Tehran was read by Ayatollah Jannati, who is also a member of the powerful Guardian Council, probably the most powerful body in Iran. Jannati is a pillar of the establishment and has been in the Guardian Council ever since day one of the revolution, if I remember correctly.

Jannati admonished anyone who criticised Ahmadinejad's government and said the Supreme Leader has banned any destructive attempt at the government. 'It is the holy month of Ramadan too, so hold back your tongues and pens and don't do anything against God's desires'

During the sermon, Jannati warned the faithful that the day to day problems will get worse but the public must be patient, 'for soon the Islamic Republic will posess a power so great that no one will be tempted to attack it.'


Winston said...

Nukes in the hands of these mad men is dangerous.

Shiro_Khorshid said...


Please find below a petition I have prepared in support of Kurdish political prisoners who are currently on hunger strike in Iran.

Yours truly,

Sayeh Hassan

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you don't think they developed a Death Star!? Or do you think Jannati was actually able to take the Sword out of the Stone? I mean, if they've obtained Arthur's Excalibur, it's all over - good game guys:)

Jannati doesn't have shit but the recipe to the most delicious Kabob you've ever eaten - these guys are a joke, albeit a very dangerous joke.


Anonymous said...

Kurdish political prisoners? Yes, a petition will get those guys out, guaranteed. Ha! You really think the IRI is gonna let Kurdish separatist go without getting anything substantial in return? They probably wouldn't even do it for a prisoner exchange. These guys are ruthless, and in their view, the Kurdish separatists are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Iranians, if not thousands.

Barzani himself couldn't even do anything, let alone some girls who names herself after the sun and a lion. Btw, can we stop this Shir, khorshid, mehr, and all the other nonsense. Come on people, it's been 2,500 years - Ahura mazda is not responsible for light and fire and human knowledge. Everybody knows it was Prometheus who stole the secret of fire from the Gods at Mount Olympus:)


Azarmehr said...

Dear Sayeh,

I am afraid I agree with Barmakid here, as much as it pains me terribly to agree with this moron, but I also think a petition on line for Kurdish prisoners addressed to UN General Secretary is about as useful as a spade in a mullah's hands.

Kudos on your great informative website and the great name Shir-0-khorshid tA abad which you have chosen for your blog. I hope you continue with it and I will read it as often as I can.

Shiro_Khorshid said...

Dear Barmakid,

I don't know when Kurdish automatically became seperatist. If you take a look at the list of prisoners who are currently on hunger strike and what their charges are you will see that many of them are not infact seperatists as you have stated.

2. At least "some girl" as you have stated (and by the way I have not named myself lion and sun, if you look at my blog my name is clearly stated, Sayeh Hassan) I don't have anything to hide is trying to do something.

I have never claimed to have all the answers and if anyone has better ideas please let me know. There is always power in numbers.

That goes for anyone I am always open for constructive critism :)

Anonymous said...

UN? you gotta be kidding

Azarmehr said...


You hit the nail on the head with Barmakid.

You see Barmakid never does anything himself, because he has such a sad life and knows not what to do with his spare time, he goes and comments on blogs for fun. This is hobby, but the most annoying thing about him is that he thinks, he is some kind of expert, but he gets the most basic of elementary facts wrong. For example in one of his previous comments he thought the Tudeh Party was a Yes Party for the Shah :))or he thought Stalin was not around during the 1917 Bolshevik take over of power ;))

He thinks he is an intellectual who shouldnt get his hands dirty.

Anonymous said...

Now come one. first i highly doubt that iran is even near a nuclear weapon.

secondly there are regimes possesing nuclear weapons that actually have been crazy enough and probably are crazy enough to use them again. All countries including Israel and USA should be nuclear weapon free.
Its a paradox that the same countries that have started dozens of wars speak like they are peaceful.

necons are as alwasy full of bollocks but without memory!

Sohrab said...

Kurosh, a nuke in the American or Israeli arsenal is very different from one in Ahmadinejad, et al's hands. The U.S. and Israel are responsible powers whose nuclear capabilities serve as deterrents. A nuclearized Iran would become even more of an aggressor-state than it already is.

Just smearing people as "neocons," etc. won't help you win an argument.

Azarmehr said...


I have always said that I dont know enough about the nuclear stuff nor NPT or such like and you will not find anything on my blog regarding this issue. However writing about what Jannati said in the Friday Prayer was just highlighting how idiotic and unhelpful comments by someone in such a high position of power in the Islamic Republic can be and the kind of things people are told in the Friday sermons.

I too think all countries should be nuclear weapon free. I am not even comfortable about nuclear energy too be honest. Having said all this, I think sohrab has a point, there is something even more frightening for me, and that is the thought of any nuclear capability in the hands of unaccountable governments who want to export their ideology as part of their constitution.

Anonymous said...

Israel has nuclear weapon for sometimes and has been invlove in ware with Arabs for so long,have they ever used it?
do you think if IRI had it would do the same thing?

Anonymous said...


"The US and Israel are responsible powers." What are you talking about?

Yes, let me tell you how responsible launching a war in Iraq that has divested us taxpayers of nearly a trillion dollars is. Was it responsible to drop not one, but two, atomic bombs on Japan after Truman had already burned their wooden cities to a crisp with fire bombs? Is it responsbile to drop a bomb just to show your rivals what you have? (Truman memoirs).

And for you to call Israel a responsible power is beyond me. Was the 2006 war in Lebanon responsible?I bet to you it was responsible to kills thousands of civilians and ruin the lives of many other human beings because a soldier or two was captured. A whole nation has been captured and put into a virtual concentration camp in Gaza, what about that, is that responsible? What about the constant harassment and killings of Palestinians that has led to a death ratio of 300 to 1?

What about the racist, Jewish only streets that interweave through Palestinian settlements?

You know, I like you, but when you say delusional thing like Israel "is a responsible power" you make yourself sound like an uneducated person who forms his opinions through his biases.

That said, I am against the IRI getting nukes, so don't answer me by arguing why they shouldn't have nukes - that's an easy argument to make anyways.

Responsible powers...truly laughable.

be salamat,

Anonymous said...

"...there is something even more frightening for me, and that is the thought of any nuclear capability in the hands of unaccountable governments who want to export their ideology as part of their constitution."

Hmmm...sounds familiar? What country has done this so IRRESPONSIBLY as of lately? Hint: Their capitol is Washington DC.

Sohrab said...

Barmakid, you've shot-off two separate so here goes...

1. On the US. American unilateral interventionism did not begin with the incompetent GWB Admin., nor will it end after GWB has left the Oval Office.

Look, the point is: despite the current ebb in its popularity, the world largely wants and stands behind American militarism. The misguided populations of the world's democracies might not always appreciate it, but, as you know, America continues to maintain most of its key partnerships.

With China and Russia aggressively pursuing great power status, not to mention the ongoing threat of Islamic terrorism, the US will probably continue to sustain these strategic relationships and even build new ones as east Asian countries and India turn to the US to serve as a military counterpoint to China, AND as the former soviet states on Europe's eastern periphary draw ever closer to the US-EU in light of their uncomfortable proximity to a massive country of 140M people and more nuclear warheads than even the US.

Simply put: the US guarantees security for too many of the planet's peoples to ever lose its status as the RESPONSIBLE (if occasionally arrogant) hyperpower at the top of the international system. This convergence around security, together with the forces of globalization, mean that the US economy is also coupled to whole bunch of other ones (including China's), which means it probably shouldn't worry about the cost of the Iraq mistake in the long term - most especially if the Iraq gamble DOES pay off in the form of a unified, democratic, pro-American state in the heart of the Middle East (hey, anything is possible in international politics!).

*** By the way, I hope you're taking notes at this point on how to construct a cogent, non-hysterical argument when discussing politics... ***

2. As for Israel. First and foremost, Israel is not in violation of any NPT commitments. Is it a de facto nuclearized state? Yes, but once a nation reaches that status, it can no longer be held accountable for its NPT obligations since the aim of the NPT is to prevent the emergence of new nuclear powers.

Secondly, as always, you are singling out Israel's flaws (in terms of its security policies) for special blame when one wouldn't hear you and your ilk call them out when far more horrendous offenses are committed by dozens and dozens of other regimes. Some of your claims are so outrageously incorrect, empirically-speaking, as to point out your categorical biases against Israel, which in turn hinder your ability to approach the issues objectively.

I'm not saying Israel is completely blameless; on the contrary, there are many issues on which Israel should and probably will change course on. And guess which group forms one of the most vocal and vigorous critics of Israel's policies at home and abroad? The very Israelis - whose very identity and right to life your favorite regime denies - are some of the strongest critics of its policies. Thankfully, they are allowed to participate in a democratic system that fosters debate and disagreement. Consequently, the nation's policies reflect an array of opinions and ideologies, from left to right and everything in between. In other words, Israel's democratic structure holds it ultimately accountable and RESPONSIBLE, even if external threats occasionally force it to lash out militarily.

And a final note about your response to Azarmehr's comment. He was right, exporting ideology is an integral part of Iran's Constitution. You responded by rattling off: "What country has done this so IRRESPONSIBLY as of lately? Hint: Their capitol is Washington DC."

FYI, exporting any ideology is NOT a part of the US Constitution. You are smarter than to say such a moronic thing.

Bahramerad said...

yeh, It is incredible.
The security cameras have even recorded this amazing occurrence and there is a proof that what he and his monkey friend 'Amadi Kholeh' are saying.
Please have a look at this super secret clip showing the appearance of Fatemeh, the Mehdi's Halo, etc.