Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pathological Liars

Iran's Interior Minister, Ali Kordan, finally admitted that his Oxford PHD was a fake. This time changing his tune by saying that it was arranged through an intermediary whom, conveniently, can not be traced.

Ever since I was a kid, I recognised the fraudulent nature of those who run organised religion Inc. and anyone who wears his piety on his sleeve, always immediately arouses my suspicion. Iranian poet, Hafez, summed up these self proclaimed guardians of faith, seven hundreds years ago, in his famous verse,
'The pious who display these pious gestures in public
Once in their own privacy, do what they preach others not to'

During the 1979 Islamic revolution, this mistrust of clerics was always my main argument with friends and family members who had been mesmerised by the promises of the devout pretenders.

Even Jack Straw who used to champion 'critical dialogue' with the mullahs and was often photographed grotesquely schmoozing the Islamic Republic negotiators finally came to realise that dealing with 'these people' is like 'bartering in a bazaar, you think you buy a table and the table arrives with no legs.'.

Yet this trait of lying through your teeth is not confined to the Iranian clerics, I have found this common addiction amongst all worshippers of totalitarian ideologies.

The elder Iranian Communist leaders for example, brain washed the best youngsters of my generation, telling them about this utopia of Socialist paradise beyond the borders. Many of my own friends, back in Iran, fell for all these lies. They were led to believe that places like the Soviet Union, Anvar Xoje's Albania and North Korea were havens of harmony and prosperity. Those who injected them with such lies, had themselves spent many miserable years of exile in the Soviet bloc countries. They knew the truth and yet they chose to lie and brainwash another generation of young Iranians; and when these innocent youngsters and teenagers fell one by one in front of the Islamist firing squads, there was no international Socialism that came to their help. The Utopian Socialist camp turned a blind eye and put trade with the mullahs as the most urgent need of the 'proletariat', which to them was synonymous with the Politburo.

The Nazis of course had their infamous Joseph Goebbels who like Stalin, first trained to be a priest, and later became the chief of National Socialist propaganda war machine . There is this connection between these similar devotees of totalitarianism, first they have to lie to themselves, and once they convince themselves, it then becomes natural for them to lie to the others. Many of them change from one cult to another, Socialist Mussolini becomes a Fascist and seminary students become Communists and so on.

Only over the last few days, I have experienced first hand, how these pathological liars, can't just accept that you disagree with them, they have to make up lies about you.

Take this snotty Leninist oink, David Broder, another self proclaimed leader of the proletariat, an unnoticeable pathetic creature, who used the Al-Quds counter-demo to flog his rag and train as a paparazzi. He made no effort to come over and talk to us, or to find out what we believe in or why we were there. Instead the "self-important, privileged tosser", as described to me by someone who knows him well, wanted to defame us with his little Socialist vanguard fantasies.
David Broder's cowardice was not limited to his sheepish appearance on the Al-Quds day however, this commissar pretender doesn't even allow comments to be published on his blog. Like a true Glavlit employee, he censors and deletes comments which do not fall within the framework of his totalitarian warped mindset.

One comment which was left untouched on his blog, by an admirer or more likely himself, suggested that shouting 'terrorist bombers off our street' was a racist remark as it implicated brown skinned people! How much more racist can you get? To suggest that terrorist bombers are all brown skinned! Pathetic little oinks.


Anonymous said...

Good article.

I think 30 years ago, it was meant to be "intellectual" to be a communist or leftist. It was like a fashion to be left in order to protest against the Shah.

Today after 30 years we know that not only Communism has failed, but it also has contributed to the downfall of Iran nationally and internationally due the revolution.

Unfortunately we never gave a chance to Bakhtiar. Those who are willing to read or listen to his speeches and politics would now regret deeply what we have done to him.

Today we know better that the only chance for Iran is a secular nationalism based on equal rights for everyone. Without a strong Nationalism Iran will be divided piece by piece. Our Arab neighbors are as usual just waiting for a new moment as it was in 1980. Just have a look at UAE today and see their politics in the Persian Gulf to foresee the future...


Anonymous said...

اين هم آخرين دروغ

به گزارش خبرنگار اجتماعي ايرنا، رسول خادم در بخشي از سخنان امروز خود در شوراي اسلامي شهر تهران با اشاره به مباحث صورت گرفته در بحث متکديان، کودکان کار، خياباني و بي خانمان ها گفت: ما در تهران کودک خياباني نداريم و اين در حالي است که در رسانه ها دائما به اين موضوع اشاره مي شود.
وي تصريح کرد: ما در ايران کودک در معرض آسيب و آسيب ديده داريم و کودک خياباني به کسي اطلاق مي شود که در خيابان به دنيا آمده در خيابان زندگي کند و در خيابان بميرد!

Anonymous said...

Bastards, Liars, Thieves:

In a letter addressing president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Ali Kurdan accepted that his university degree was fake.

In his letter , Al Kurdan wrote that he has sued the person who had claimed to be the representative of Oxford university .

According to Farsnews agency : President Ahmadinejad ordered on the margin of the letter to send the copy of the letter written by Ali Kurdan to parliament as well as a copy of the letter to the head of judiciary branch to emphasize that the forger of the fake degree ought to be persecuted .

In his letter, Ali Kurdan admits :’ When the distinguished MPs were considering the confidence vote in free and open debate on the floor of the parliament, the subject of my honorary PHd was put forward. The pro and against MPs gave their opinion freely and openly. My PHd degree dates back to 8 years ago .Given my experience and managerial background and administrative and executive experiences , I submitted a dissertation to Oxford university in London which has an agency in Tehran for English language affairs”

“ For the past 8 years , it has never occurred to my mind that degree might be fake. Therefore I have trusted the authenticity of the degree. That was why during confidence vote session I myself also became skeptical to the authenticity of the degree and started to search the documentation related to my degree to verify them. I started the verification not because the degree was important to me but because to remove the forgery allegation against myself. So I asked the liaison officer who was link to Oxford university to refer to the university and get the documentation. The liaison officer assured me the documentation was flawless and the degree was authentic and genuine. Through an attorney in law in UK , I followed the case . He also confirmed the degree was genuine. Up to this stage I was assured that degree was genuine and I submitted the report to your Excellency . But , Again , to verify myself the degree , I found it necessary to send an envoy to the university and get reconfirmation.

But , my envoy referred to the university and unbelievably the degree was not confirmed .Thus I tried to contact the liaison officer of Oxford university in Tehran and ask him the reasons ,but the more I searched for him , the less I found and trace of him. Therefore I found that he has committed the felony ( crime of forgery). I have filed a complained against the liaison officer in general and revolution courts of Tehran as per file no. 20/12180/87 dated Sept.14 ,2008.”

“ While I thank your Excellency and other dears friends to help me to verify the case and finding the truth, I assure your Excellency that according to investigation carried out after the confidence votes in parliament , IRIB ( Islamic republic of Iran Broadcasting) had not spent any cent for my honorary phd degree. It is obvious that appreciating your Excellency’s trust to me and with more self motivation I am ready to put myself in the services of lofty ideals of revolution and sacred Islamic system and I do my best to render services to my dear country and people”

Winston said...

Iranian regime is a lying entity.

Anonymous said...


Where can we read this letter ?

Azarmehr said...

If you can read Persian:


Anonymous said...

Good luck for all those who want to negotiate with these liars