Tuesday, September 16, 2008

International Pressure Works

Who would have thought that one day Robert Mugabe would sit down with his rivals and talk about power sharing? The 84-year-old strongman who had all the instruments of power in his hands and ruled Zimbabwe with a minority of the population as his cronies and henchmen, finally had to share power. There was no military invasion, the opposition did not overwhelm the security forces, it was international pressure that finally spelled out the dawn of a new era.

Just like apartheid in South Africa crumbled as a result of international pressure, Mugabe too had to climb down. International pressure does work and it does make dictators to concede, so long as it is focused, collective, effective and backed up by the media.


kellie said...

My understanding is that it was economic pressure backed by political pressure. The money to pay the army was running out, and the only way for Mugabe to survive was to cut a deal enabling foreign aid to flow.

Winston said...

True but Mugabe is a materialist. He doesn't believe in hidden crap or Imam. So he sees things different. Mullahs should be destroyed ideologically, militarily, materially and .... etc. I am not sure if Seyed Ali Khamenei would one day sit with opposition and negotiate to save his ass. No way!

Hidden Author said...

Um, the West desperately needs oil! Zimbabwe apparently was far less important with its exporters. I'm not endorsing appeasement of the Islamic Republic; I'm just saying it has far more leverage!