Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another War Veteran sets Fire to Himself

Of all the things which upset me most, seeing mistreatment of war veterans must be right on the top of the list.

According to the Islamic Republic's Islamic Assembley website, the war veteran seen in this picture set himself alight outside the Majlis building earlier today, after his Majlis representative repeatedly refused to see him.

The website did not even say what the war veteran's name was, because of the extents of his injuries he is not expected to live.

A son of Iran who risked it all to defend against the aggression of Saddam's forces, could no longer put up with the officials who benefited from his courage and sacrifice.
تفو بر تو اي چرخ گردون تفو


Mehrtash said...

It is a tragic shame that servants of a State must go down in post-battle flames, sparked by their own ungrateful, ignorant and sadistic governments... Behold, presented henceforth is the 'learned and holy' Islamic government of Iran, a nation raped of its rich history and culture.

Is this the government you so revere, Barmakid?

Winston said...

really sad

Anonymous said...

Nuts. You know, during the Vietnam War a man stood outside Secretary of Defense Robert Macnamara's office, doused himself with gasoline, threw the 2-year old baby he was holding and said "save the baby" before he lit himself on fire. All in protest of the war.

Some people throw rocks at tanks and others burn themselves, yet their motivation to do so is eerily similar: A state of extreme frustration and despair.


Azarmehr said...

And indeed I hate to see bad treatment of war veterans everywhere:

Anonymous said...

There is however a difference that this piece of shit Barmakiri does not understand and thats how the regime goes on about war veterans all the time, every crackdown is justified by 'for the sake of the martyrs and the jaanbazaan' as if the war veterans and the martyrs have given permission to the regime to crack down on people and their demands, yet the relaity is they don't give a shit about the martyrs and war veterans.

This piece of shit and son of a Shah supporter can lick the mullahs balls as much as he likes and come to justify them but at the end of the day, he is just a piece of shit.

Winston said...

barmakiri, shut up when you have no clue about what you write. At least back up your false claims with a link you ducking fope.

Bahramerad said...

Anon : Please do not equate — or even mention 'bar-man-kiri ' and his father — who may or may not have been — a Shah's supporter in the same sentence.
You might hate The Shah and his Supporters — but please ... give us some respect.
We are not like 'Bar-Man-kiri' and certainly do not think like him or have the same warped 'devil's advocate' mind like him or those of his ilk.
( Ans why Anon ? - If you've got somthing to say - why not say it in the open ? )