Thursday, April 09, 2009

Anniversary of Islamic Republic Referendum

First of April was the anniversary of the Islamic Republic referendum day, when Islamic Republic became a reality. Coincidentally it was one day before the 13th day after the Iranian New Year, which traditionally is marked as the unluckiest day of the Iranian calendar. So in between April Fools Day and the unluckiest day of the Iranian calendar, millions of Iranians, 30 years ago condemned the next generation of Iranians to a miserable life under a backward theocracy.

It was a strange day, the euphoria was bewildering and when you asked people, what exactly was the Islamic Republic? They all gave different answers. The truth is, no one knew and worse still no one asked, they just imagined it as how they wanted things to be. It was a generation that didn't think and didn't ask questions but followed the rest of the flock like sheep.

I remember sitting on the park bench with one of my class mates, who had voted for the Islamic Republic in the referendum, we were arguing whether it was the right thing to do or not. I was arguing that he didn't have a clue what he voted for and he was trying to justify his action, when all of a sudden he admitted that he had two reservations when he voted. He said 'I just have two reservations, I like fast music, I wonder if in the Islamic Republic I will be allowed to listen to what I like, and I wonder if boys and girls can have a more civilised open relationship with each other?' Thats how much he knew about the Islamic Republic :))
I am still in touch with my friend. He works in Dubai and from time to time, I remind him of that moment, mimicking his stupidity and we both crack up with laughter.

On the 30th anniversary of the referendum, I was asking myself how would Iranian people vote today? Now that they have no illusions as to what the Islamic Republic is about, what would be the outcome of such referendum? Interestingly Mehdi Khazali, son of the hardliner Ayatollah Khazali, member of the Guardian Council, has put up a poll on his website. The poll asks for those who were not around thirty years ago to vote in the referendum, Islamic Republic, Yes or No?

As of today when I looked at the results, 3050 people had taken part in his poll. 2951 people have voted No and 99 have voted Yes. So 96.8% No votes and 3.2% Yes! Almost the reverse of the results 30 years ago.

So a warning to those who want to appease the Islamic Republic, you are actually opposing 96.8% of the Iranian population.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Everyone please vote.



Winston said...

LOL.... I voted No too just to have some fun ;-)

Anonymous said...

I refuse to vote. Why vote when it will have only symbolic value? Our elders committed suicide and condemned us to suicide as well the first time around.

yikes said...

"So a warning to those who want to appease the Islamic Republic, you are actually opposing 96.8% of the Iranian population."

That means nothing to democratic politicians in the U.S. who would appease the regime.
Their pro-illegal immigrant/lax border control policies in the U.S. go against the wishes of 3/4 of the American people.

Nadir said...

someone should show this poll published by the son of a hardliner Ayatollah to the stupid advisors around Hussein Obama!

Afshin said...

I remember BBC's John Simpson got very annoyed with you when a few years ago you asked him what evidence he had that 60% of the population in Iran support the Ayatollsh. Perhaps Simpson should now see this poll..

barmakid said...

Listen, this poll is a cool idea and great to write about in the blogosphere, but when you say things like, "So a warning to those who want to appease the Islamic Republic, you are actually opposing 96.8% of the Iranian population," it becomes absurd.


Most of the people voting are people like you, i.e. WHO DON"T LIVE IN IRAN. And even if a substantial portion of those voting did live in Iran it still wouldn't be an accurate gauge of Iranian public opinion.

Just look at the people who commented, like yikes and nadir. They're hateful people with prejudices deeply sewed into their worldviews. And so are YOU, Azarmehr. Is this the kind of world you want your children to grow up in?

Yikes is talking about illegal immigration for some reason?? And Nadir, in all his intelligence, chooses to use our President's name in a way he thinks is offensive...yes, Hussein Obama. Let's say it over and over again so we can realize people like you are no longer important in society. Hussein Obama, Hussein Obama, ya Hussein!! Idiot.


Azarmehr said...


You know jack shit and talk bollocks 99% of the time. Mehdi Khazali's website is widely read in Iran and before I put this post up I doubt if Nadir, Yikes and all your nemisis figures knew anything about it.
If you could read the comments on his posts you would know it is read by people in Iran.

It is not a scientific poll granted, but I would say it is more scientific than when people like you go to visit their wealthy relatives in Iran or the anecdotes that Western journalists use when they interview a frightened passer by.

barmakid said...

First of all, you know nothing about my economic status. Madaret yadet nadade ke ghezavat nakoni?? What am I saying, you don't even have the capacity to learn!

Second of all, I can read Farsi better that you, you miserable low-minded ogre. Just because I didn't respond to your garbage on the previous thread you might have assumed I'm illiterate in my native tongue, but than again your whole worldview is based off of assumptions.

I hope you don't pass your impetuousness on to your kids.

And thirdly, just look at what you wrote and then maybe you can understand that I said nothing along the lines of how you responded.

I said it was a cool idea and that it's great to write about on the blogosphere, but you and your expat minions are drawing scientific conclusions from it, like the idiots you are. That's all I'm saying.

How do you say idiot in Farsi?

Wahahahaha.... you wretched fools.

barmakid said...

A "frightened" passerby??'s so funny how you know nothing about Iran today.

Azarmehr said...


Don't try to get out of it, here is what you said:
'Most of the people voting are people like you'
If you are Persian literate to read the comments on Khazali's site and still manage to write the nonsense above, then you must be damn stupid to think those who voted are people like me.

How did you assume that Nadir voted in the poll by the way? I won't get into what your mother taught you or otherwise though.

Whether you can read Farsi or not, you are Iran illiterate in any case. After all lets not forget you thought the Tudeh Party was one of Shah's Yes Parties :)) and while the talk of the town in Iran is candidates' claims to abolish the much hated Morality Patrols, you think women can walk about in Iran without the unfortunate possibility of getting harassed by the Patrol for the way they have dressed and insist on sending me your half naked pictures of your sister walking in public in Iran, while you yourself choose to remain anonymous. So we will never know if you yourself also look like an ogre like me :))

barmakid said...


When I make derogatory comments that have nothing to do with your arguments they have nothing to do with how you look. When I said ogre, I was referring to how an ogre doesn't take the time to think things out - not the way you look. It's just plain shallow to make fun of how people look; just want to make that clear.

Furthermore I did not take the time to read the comments on the website, all I saw were Winston and co.'s comments. And as far as Nadir, it nettles me when people defame President Obama because of his name and disregard what he's already done for people like me (in my socio-economic class) in this country.

Also, your "frightened" comment was in reference to western journalists soliciting opinions from Iranian citizens, not the people's fear of the morality police.


p.s. I am a handsome young man (at least that's what my mom says:)) who has recently been hitting the gym, so not only can I tear you apart in a debate, I can also kill you in an arm wrestling match :)) (probably not though)

Azarmehr said...


Dont think that by hitting the gym a couple of times you can come any way near me :))

'jegarhA khoon shavad tA korreh khar mAnande khar gardad'

Good to see that I have had some influence on you though and you want to look like me ;)

'ze niroo bovad mard rA rAsti
ze sosti kazhi Ayad o kAsti'