Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Press TV Clip of the Campaign Iran Meeting at SOAS

Here is the Press TV clip about the meeting at SOAS :

Press TV Clip


covered in the previous post.

See how the Islamic Republic funded television uses these meetings for its propaganda purposes?

Notice also Jon Snow, the arch 'useful idiot', and how he equates the greatness of the Iranian nation and its long history with that of the present ruling regime in Iran?

Still have any doubts that CASMII is funded and used by the Islamic Republic?


Anonymous said...

The meeting is also reported with much enthusiasm
in Islamic Republic News Agency:

and with the exact same text in other news sites:

Mehrtash said...

Notice how the morons in the PressTv clip say that 'earlier hecklers tried to hijack the meeting' - and the clip shows the talks that took place AFTER the event, with one guy passionately getting his point across and other people gathering to listen. Liars!

The clip also shows a guy who was thrown out for making a point on student activists in Iran (when he was picked by the panel to ask his question), but the narrating words relate it to heckling. More lies!

CASMII and PressTV - what more evidence does one need?!

Anonymous said...

Bloody Bastards. It was indeed a platform for IRI. This truly is an evidence that all those speakers were part of this. They say hijackers to those who were arguing against them.


Anonymous said...

Marg bar jomhuri eslami and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about wishing death on the IRI and it's supporters, but undermining their power, and making them insignificant yes :)

Arash said...

What an absolute disgrace. PressTV and CASMII need to realise that we're not in Iran, we are in Britain, a country with democracy and the right to free speech. Putting up a video of throwing out an innocent man who was talking about human rights, only further proves that CASMII is a stooge of the IRI and that the SWP is the biggest pseudo-leftist party out there.

Anonymous said...

To show this clip on Press TV was the entire objective of the meeting. Those who go to these meetings and clap should realise how they are being used to promote a repressive regime.