Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mir Hossein Moussavi's Latest Press Conference

Mir Hossein Moussavi's chances of becoming the next president of the Islamic Republic is becoming more and more a possibility. For the first time, during his Iranian New Year speech, the Supreme Leader, distanced himself from giving unconditional support to Ahmadinejad by saying 'I back the government when I feel it is being unfairly criticised, this is sometimes wrongly interpretted that I back a specific person or tell people who to vote for'.

Of course those who follow Iran related news will take such claims by the Supreme Leader with a pinch of salt, knowing how the Supreme Leader explicitly advocated Nateq Nouri or how his office specifically commanded the Baseej units to make votes for Ahmadinejad in the past. It is a sign however that may be even the Supreme Leader is now convinced that the Islamic Republic needs someone other than Ahmadinejad in order to survive.

Nevertheless Moussavi, so far, seems to be engaged in skillful maneuvering through an impossible task of wooing the youth participation, who want change, without rocking the boats of the untouchable centres of real power within the Islamic Republic. He is avoiding the term, eslahtalab [reformist] by calling himself eslahgara [reformer] who looks to the fundamentals.
Thus trying to please the hardliners known as 'principalists' - or fundamentalists - as well as giving hints to the larger population that he will not be as austere as the fundamentalists who have made the lives of ordinary Iranians like hell.

Undoubtedly there will be more occasions in the future to write about Moussavi. However for now, just one point about his pledge during yesterday's press conference to abolish the Ershad [Guidance/Morality] Patrols, responsible for daily harassment of ordinary Iranian citizens for their personal choices in how they dress, what music they listen to etc.

Anyone who knows anything about who runs what in the Islamic Republic will be able to call Moussavi's bluff as the Morality Patrols are under direct command of the Supreme Leader and the president does not have the power to touch them.

Lets not forget how Ahmadinejad criticised these unpopular harassments before he became the president:

It would be unfair to expect Iranian journalists to raise such points but the foreign journalists who attend these press conferences, should do their homework before, and have the courage to expose such bluffs.

Not related to this post, but interesting old footage of Ayatollah Khomeini giving his unconditional support to Moussavi when he was the Prime Minister in the 80s, after five ministers in Moussavi's cabinet had resigned. Supreme Leader, then President of the Islamic Republic, is seen sitting next to Moussavi:


Anonymous said...

pottkin mousavi never be president. you got this garbage from your reformist friends jus like you got obama saudi medal garbage to hype your stuf. go to iran to learn or jus shut it.

Azarmehr said...


Whether Moussavi will become president or not, the point I was trying to make, which a dimwit like you obviously can't comprehend is that his pledge to abolish the morality patrols is a bluff as he will not have the power to do so.

Shame in your case having a brain is not tax deductible for you would surely be up for a tax rebate.

Anonymous said...

Best U can come up with dimwit? morality patrols!! yea rite any idiot including u should know morality patrol can never be abolished by any one whats the point writing bout it!!

rite my brain isnt tax deductible n nothin about you is...Worry bout ur own tax rebate... get a job meantime.

Azarmehr said...

What can I say when you are anonymous, just like your father was.

Anonymous said...

ur anonymous to me man. dont know ur father but mine is fine.

Azarmehr said...

How can you know his name when you dont even know yours?! and sign in as anonymous?

Here is a challenge for you. Who was your father and who are you?

Anonymous said...

advice to u pottkin know ur limits n dont always b a prick k man. u dont have to win or b rite every time thats challenge 4 u. good luck!

Bahramerad said...

Here we go again ... another round of circus tricks...another round of musical chairs... KHIEMEH'SHAB BAZIE... What election... just another opertunity for dogs to perform their new learned tricks.
See This :
سایت الف: در آخرين روزهاي سال 1387 ، معاونت مطبوعاتي وزارت ارشاد با ارسال پيامي با پست الكترونيك، مديران سايت‌هاي خبري را به جلسه‌اي دعوت كرد. محتواي جلسه در واقع ارايه مصوبات شوراي عالي انقلاب فرهنگي درباره سايت‌ها بود كه در دو فهرست نسبتا بلندي از «نبايدها» گنجانده شده بود. فهرست اول ، نبايد‌هايي كه سايت‌هاي خبري به طور كلي ملزم به رعايت آنها هستند (شامل 20 مورد) و فهرست دوم، نبايدهايي كه سايت‌ها درايام انتخابات رياست جمهوري ملزم به رعايت آنها هستند (شامل 18 مورد).

ضمانت اجراي اين نبايدها هم خيلي روشن و بي‌رودربايستي به مديران سايت‌ها يادآوري شد : فيلتر كردن سايت‌ به حكم «كميته تعيين مصاديق پايگاه‌هاي اينترنتي غيرمجاز»

موارد ممنوعه فعاليت انتخاباتي پايگاه‌هاي اينترنتي
(ارائه شده از طرف معاونت مطبوعاتي وزارت ارشاد به سايت‌هاي خبري)

با استناد به قانون انتخابات رياست جمهوري به همراه اصلاحات و آيين‌نامه اجرايي مصوب پس از آن و همچنين ماده 6 آيين‌نامه واحدهاي ارايه كننده خدمات اطلاع رساني و اينترنت مصوب شوراي عالي انقلاب فرهنگي، فعاليت‌هاي انتخاباتي زير توسط پايگاه‌‌هاي اينترنتي ممنوع است و هرگونه انتشار موارد مذكور مشمول مسدودسازي خواهد شد:

1 – هر گونه مطلب در راستاي تحريم انتخابات، كاهش مشاركت مردمي در انتخابات، تبليغ لوگوي تحريم انتخابات (تبليغات ضد انقلاب) و لينك دادن به آنها.

2 – مضامين توهين‌آميز در خصوص انتخابات و نامزدهاي انتخابات.

3 – مطالب تخريبي عليه كانديداها، شخصيت ها و جريانات مرتبط با انتخابات.

4 – مطالبي كه به هر نحو منجر به اخلال در برگزاري انتخابات گردد.

5 – اخبار كذب از نتايج بررسي صلاحيت‌ها ، شمارش آراء، تقلب در انتخابات و يا مخدوش بودن آن، انصراف نامزدها ، نظرسنجي‌هاي انتخاباتي و...

6 – اسامي و علت رد صلاحيت داوطلبان نامزدي انتخابات بدون رضايت كتبي آنها.

7 – افشاي آراء راي دهندگان و انتشار شكايات مربوط به انتخابات و اسامي متهمين، قبل از صدور حكم قضايي.

8 – اسناد و مكاتبات طبقه‌بندي شده دستگاه‌هاي مسئول برگزاري انتخابات.

9 – تبليغ خريد و فروش آراء و ساير شيوه هاي تقلب در انتخابات.

10 – استفاده ابزاري از تصاوير زنان و عدم رعايت شئونات اسلامي در تبليغات انتخاباتي اينترنتي.

11- اطلاعيه ها و مواضع گروه‌هاي غيرقانوني و ضد انقلاب پيرامون انتخابات.

12 – فعاليت تبليغاتي خارج از زمان مجاز تبليغات انتخاباتي.

13 – اعلام نظرشخصيت‌ها در تاييد كانديداها مگر با اجازه كتبي و بدون ذكر عنوان و مسئوليت آنها.

14 – سوء استفاده از تشابه اسمي نامزدها با ساير نامزدها و يا شخصيت‌هاي نظام.

15 – جعل و يا تغيير حمايت گروه‌ها و جريانات سياسي به نفع خود و يا گروه و يا جريان خاص.

16 – ورود به حريم خصوصي و خانوادگي نامزدها.

17 – استفاده از امكانات دولتي (پايگاه‌هاي اينترنتي ، سرورها و...) براي تبليغات انتخاباتي نامزدها .

18 – ادعاهاي غيرواقعي كذب در خصوص كانديداها مانند سوابق و مدارك تحصيلي غيرواقعي.

Azarmehr said...

As I thought Anonymous, you could not name your father :))

Next time you leave abusive comments and don't have the courage to say who you are, know your limits amigo.

barmakid said...

A couple things:

First, that whole "too bad your brain is not tax deductible..." thing was pretty funny.

Second, Bahramerad, can you refrain from writing so much? Because when you do, it's like a dog just took a shit all over the page. You make no sense; not in English or in Farsi. Come on with it. What am I? An "asshole," or "barmankiri," hahahaha... you're such an uneducated fool it pleases me that I can get under your skin as easily as you would let the Shah's son rub you out if you had the chance. Do you think the Shah's son practices safe sex? In any case, you shouldn't let him fool you into not using a condom. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Thirdly, who says morality patrols cannot be abolished? I'm sure that's what people living in the United States in the 17th through 19th century thought too, that slavery couldn't be abolished.


Azarmehr said...


The scope of the president's authority in Iran does not allow him to abolish the Morality Patrols. The Morality Police are under the command of the Supreme Leader. Sure if Moussavi becomes the president and if he has the stomach to take on the Supreme Leader and if he can mobilise the masses to support him, then it is a possibility if he is not toppled, but there are too many ifs there, and considering that IR statesmen are mostly inter-related and we have heard these pre-election pledges before, these are also very big ifs.

So too many ifs times very large ifs = Fat chance

barmakid said...


And you somehow think I don't know this? If Musavi is saying it, Khamenei has authorized it (saying it at least). Even Khomeini did a similar thing when he realized that the komites where alienating the people.


P.S. There were very big, probably the most gigantic "IFs" that have ever existed during the time of American slavery.

Bahramerad said...

Bar'man'Kiri : I do not write bullshit like you - high on Mexican grass - the type they feed the donkeys.
The quote that I included in my previous comment was from : Iran Press News - http://www.iranpressnews.com/source/057090.htm -
سه شنبه، 18 فروردین ماه 1388 برابر با 2009 Tuesday 07 April
ابلاغیه وزارت ارشاد: در باره تحریم انتخابات ننویسید

This is a product of your favorite taleban Mullah regime.
I've said it before and I'll say it again : you are - An "asshole " "barmakiri," .
This dog shit that you refer to is the product of the dogs running your country - the same people that you try to support and are failing!.
And as your recommendations - "Don't say I didn't warn you." - you seem to have had a lot of this sort of experience in Texas from tall lanky 6 foot 8 Americans - but thanks but no thanks. I rather do without your kind of advice.
You are too stupid to try to denigrate Prince Reza Pahlavi.
Anyone reading your nonsense will see right through it and realize why you are commenting in this blog and were your sympathies lay.
P. S. I am not the only one here who has on many occasions to have told you to shut the fuck up and get lost but it seems your skin is tougher than we imagined.

Azarmehr said...


Looks like Abtahi is asking the same question as I was. Ask someone to translate the article below for you. Oh, also Abtahi is inside Iran so you can't blame Winston :))

محمد علی ابطحی معاون پارلمانی دولت اصلاحات در یادداشتی در وب سایت شخصی اش نوشت:

مهم­ترین جمله­ای که در حوزه­ی مسایل اجتماعی از مصاحبه­ی مطبوعاتی اخیر آقای مهندس موسوی بازتاب رسانه­ای داشت، این بود که جلوی گشت­های ارشاد را خواهند گرفت.

توجه به این نکته در اولین مصاحبه­ی انتخاباتی، نشانه­ی مثبتی است که نشان می­دهد ایشان به مسائل مورد توجه جامعه اهمیت و حساسیت دارند. واقعیت این است که گشت­های ارشاد به شکل موجود نه تنها اثری در جهت آن چه طراحان می­خواستند نداشت، بلکه عملاً کرامت انسانی زنان و جوانان را هدف قرار داد و شخصیت آنان را زیر سؤال برد. جلوگیری از هر رفتاری که شخصیت و کرامت انسان­ها را آسیب بزند، وظیفه­ی اولیه­ی هر کسی است که قصد دارد از مردم در هر سطحی نمایندگی کند؛ و به دلیل حساسیت مردم در ایام انتخابات می­تواند توجه مخاطبان را هم جلب کند.

هم­چنان­که جمله­ی معروف آقای احمدی نژاد در تبلیغات انتخاباتی که گفته بود مگر مشکل جامعه­ی ما، مو و لباس جامعه است و هم­زمان با فیلم و تصاویر گشت­های ارشاد در خیابان­ها، فیلم این سخنان در اینترنت منتشر می­شد، در ایام انتخابات تأثیر مثبتی برای ایشان داشت و از سوی دیگر عدم اجرای وعده­های دوران انتخابات آسیب فراوانی به رأی لرزان اولیه­ی آقای احمدی نژاد در آستانه­ی انتخابات جدید، وارد کرده است.

از آقایان مهندس موسوی و کروبی البته انتظار می­رود چیزی را وعده دهند که بتوانند اجرا کنند. من نمی­دانم رئیس جمهور با چه مکانیزمی می­تواند جلو تصمیم نیروی انتظامی را که در اختیارش نیست بگیرد. هم­چنان که آقای خاتمی هم نتوانست در دوران خودش در حالی که آقای قالیباف رئیس نیروی انتظامی بود، جلو این نوع رفتارها را بگیرد. اگر مهندس موسوی واقعاً برای اجرایی شدن این وعده­ی خود راهکار عملیاتی مشخصی دارد و بعد از انتخاب شدن نخواهد گفت که نگذاشتند و از عهده­ی اختیارات من خارج است، نکته­ی بسیار مهمی را در راهبردهای اجتماعی خود قرار داده است.

وقتی حرمت انسان در جامعه رعایت شود، همه­ی ارزش­ها احیا خواهند شد و اگر انسان در جامعه­ای کرامت نداشته باشد، هیچ ارزشی در آن احیا نخواهد شد.

Winston said...

is this asshole anonymous text messaging here?

Azarmehr said...

He is obviously someone I know but is trying to type like that to hide his writing style so I wouldnt recognise him.

Bahramerad said...

And what happened to Bar-Man_kiri -? now he has finally shut the fuck up and hopefully got lost !

Anonymous said...

Mousavi is a toudehi.