Sunday, April 12, 2009

Karrubi and the Morality Patrols

Controversies follow after Moussavi's claims to abolish the much hated Morality Patrols if he becomes the next president of the Islamic Republic. Former Khatami deputy, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, criticised Moussavi for making such unrealistic claims by emphasising that the Morality Patrols are not under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic president and nothing could be done against them during Khatami's time either. Abtahi also gave examples of Ahmadinejad's claims/lies before becoming president that his government will not be concerned with the population's personal choices of hair styles and clothing etc. and these empty promises will only make the Iranian population more despondent and discouraged towards the establishment.

Now Karrubi speaking at Zanjan university tried to put a different spin on the subject of Morality Patrols. Karrubi claimed if he becomes the next president, the Morality Patrols will themselves cease their function and it won't even be necessary for him to do or say anything :)))

If only the clerics realised how popular they would be and how much money they would make
by becoming stand up comdians instead. It would be better for everyone.

One thing is for certain, to say the Morality Patrols are unpopular is a big big understatement.


barmakid said...

They're already making billions being stand up comedians.

Nadir said...


You chop and change in every post. Can you not stick to one place?

Actually I think you have good potential for becoming a stnad up comic.