Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nokia and Siemens Sell Spy Systems to Islamic Republic

How often have you come across a 'useful idiot' who cries out against sanctions against the Islamic Republic? Just mention the word sanctions and the useful idiot suddenly overcomes with all kinds of emotions for the people of Iran and how the poor Iranians would suffer as a result of sanctions! As if just living under a theocracy riddled with corruption and nepotism and injustice, isn't enough suffering for the Iranians.

I remember similar arguments used when there was Apartheid in South Africa. The people of South Africa were calling for sanctions against Apartheid, while the 'useful idiots' advocating against sanctions were making out they were speaking on behalf of the suffering masses there.

Of course there can be different kinds of sanctions, some useless and some harmful but perhaps someone can tell me what is wrong with asking sanctions against companies that sell spying systems to the Islamic Republic that leads to the arrest of pro-democracy activists?
See: http://washingtontimes.com/news/2009/apr/13/europe39s-telecoms-aid-with-spy-tech/

And talking about 'useful idiots', looks like they are all getting together at SOAS again on 27th April between 7 - 9 to express their concerns about the 'well being' of the Iranian people. All the usual gang will be there, Jon Snow, CASMII morons like Mehri Honarbin-Holliday and of course the 'People's Baroness', the 'Prominent Iranian Academic', Haleh Afshar! the silver spoon pampered Iranian aristocrat turned Marxist revolutionary turned Shiite Muslim Feminist!


Winston said...
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Winston said...

Siemens helped the Nazis' war efforts in 1930s and 40s. So once a Nazi, always a Nazi. I really do hate European governments and businesses for their continued support of the Islamofascists in Iran. Look at their track record in Africa. These savage Europeans are still colonialist bastards.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I have a fake Nokia 8800I bought from China at a fraction of the price of a real one. Now I dont feel so bad about ripping off Nokia and Siemens.

Haa-meed said...

greetings brother

just for future reference i have changed the link to my blog


Clara said...

Its called Capitalism, stupid!

Winston said...

no this ain't capitalism...

Clara said...

Its capitalism at its purest, making a profit whre there is an opportunity. How can you deny that?

Winston said...

moron... it is not capitalism. it has nothing to do with it. vent your anti-Capitalism stupid hatred somewhere people are ignorant. Governments of Europe are mostly socialist ones. Should I say this is Socialism? Get a clue, moron!

saggezard said...

To Clara,

Capitalism necessitates order and common ethics. A drug pusher would responds like you when asked about selling crack cocaine to twelve year old children.

Clara said...

This is not to do with any government. Its two giant companies sticking true to capitalism. What do they care who gets hurt as long as they make a Euro or tow.

barmakid said...

Winston, it's so funny how quick you are to call Clara an idiot when anyone who knows anything understands that you're the idiot. I can just imagine you taking your dentures out and getting all upset.

If it looks like a chicken, walks like a chicken, and acts like a chicken - then it's a chicken.

This is a part of capitalism, you racist teabagger.


Bahramerad said...

As though we did not allready have enough armchair so called experts - here is another lot of morans tring to influence Haji Hussain Obama -
Iran Nuclear Policy Group
Project Convener
Dr. Richard Parker
Executive Director, American Foreign Policy Project-
Iran Nuclear Policy Group -
Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering (Chair)
Mehrzad Boroujerdi
Peter Crail
Farideh Farhi
Harold Feiveson
Colonel Sam Gardiner
Mohsen M. Milani
Ambassador William G. Miller
Trita Parsi
Richard W. Parker
Gary G. Sick
James Walsh
Shit heads the lot of them !

Azarmehr said...


I am sure Clara can defend herself and doesn't need you, but you as someone who is against sanctions, can you answer the question in the post? How would applying sanctions against companies that sell spy equipment to the Islamic Republic, which leads to the arrest and torture of pro-democracy activists be wrong and in any way hurt the people in Iran?

barmakid said...


It's not. So don't get it confused with the tactics that do hurt the people of Iran. Because when you do that, you yourself become a "useful idiot."

And don't worry about who I am "defending." If winston could defend himself against his own ignorance than maybe I wouldn't have to but in and put that bitter old man in his place.

Don't worry Clara, he probably just forgot to take his meds today so he'll get like that sometimes.


p.s. Ya Hussein Obama!!! Wahahaha... say it loud and say it proud: Ya Hussein Obama!!! Bitches.

Azarmehr said...


So is your organisation headed by the very equivalent of today's Salman Parsi, going to call for sanctions against Nokia and Siemens or even issue a statement condemning them? Or are you as usual going to bury your head in the sand and stick up your arse like a true 'useful idiot'?

barmakid said...

We're worried about the Iranian -American Journalist at the moment - not your agenda.

Azarmehr said...


I can understand where you are coming from. Judging by the IQ of the people in your organisation, it would be hard for you to concentrate on more than one agenda at a time.

Wordsmith said...

Just stumbled across looking for something on Siemens. I lived in Augsburg, Germany for several years and remember being told Siemens helped - what a benign term - 'helped' the Nazis along with particulars. So with the 'live-blogging' of major American bloggers, they came across this information on Siemens and Nokia selling systems to Iran.

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