Sunday, May 09, 2010

Galloway is Out!

Best result, from Thursday's UK elections for me so far, was Galloway coming third in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency. David Cohen has written a good piece on Galloway's demise:
George Galloway 'loses respect of voters

Having lost his parliamentary seat as well as his 100K a year radio talk show, 'Mother of All Talk Shows', it now seems Ahmadinejad's administration is his last major source of income. Galloway's pay for just one of his Press TV episodes is more than an Iranian war veteran gets in a year.


Arash said...

Another great article on this carpetbagger's demise from the East London political scene:

Indeed the best result, that and the BNP losing all their council seats in Barking and Dagenham :)


Jared Israel said...

Yes, Arash: Galloway AND the BNP! How satisfying to see ordinary people reject two versions of Fascism.

Waybec said...

I'm glad ol' 'Lord Whore-Whore' is finally out! Grandstanding against the failings of Western policy is fine. But not when murderous tyrants such as Saddam and now Khamanei pay you handsomely to be their stoolie puppet! Galloway was the worst kind of a self-centred two-faced hypocrite! But thankfully democracy and the true voice of the people have finally spoken! ...I just wish the good Iranian people can now afforded the same!