Sunday, May 09, 2010

International Protests Against This Morning's Executions in Iran

'A regime which links earthquakes to the way women dress has no credibility when it tries to label civil activists as bombers and terrorists' - KDP spokesperson today.

Iranians across the world have been united in condemning the callous executions of five Kurds in Iran this morning. There was a peaceful demonstration in front of the Islamic Republic embassy in London this afternoon. A group of Leftist Hekmatist supporters also attacked the IRI consulate in Kensington:

In Paris:

In Vienna


Arash said...

The time for peaceful demonstrations is long over.

Not a Hekmatist or WCPI by any means but these guys have the right ideas. Good on them, that video made my day, the IRI terror cells in Britain must be attacked by whatever means.


barmakid said...

Hey Arash,

did you see the flags they were waving? LOL Must have been regime supporters!!