Thursday, May 27, 2010

Majid Tavakolli's Mother: Help My Son

The footage below is the voice of Majid Tavakoli's mother. She asks all of us wherever we are, do whatever we can to save her son, Majid.

Majid, a prominent leader of Iran's embattled student movement, was arrested in December, after making a speech on the anniversary of Iran's Student Day. The regime has demonstrated a pathological hatred towards Majid for his uncompromising stand and courage in resisting his captors who are demanding he publicly begs for forgiveness from the Supreme Leader.

There is now serious concern for Majid's health. Majid has developed respiratory problems since his incarceration. Majid also began a hunger strike four days ago after he was returned to solitary confinement again. What happened to the international student solidarity??

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Waybec said...

It is to Khamanei's eternal damnation and shame that he imprison's words. Simple words from a student! If it's a question of begging forgiveness than it should be Khamanei for allowing pride, arrogance and ego to not only jail such a brave young man, but also enchain and enslave an entire nation! Hopefully soon 'Prison' Iran will rebel! It's loathesome warders held accountable! Whereas the like's of Majid Tavakolli along with the entire conscience of Iran, finally liberated and free!