Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thursday's Solid Strike in Kurdistan

More than 95% of shops and businesses in the Iranian Kurdistan were reported closed on Thursday, which was in reaction to the shock news of the five executions last Sunday. Sadly the strike didn't get much publicity in the Western media. This New York Times article was the only one I could find which covered the strile. Pictures and footage of closed shops may not be categorised as sexy news for these news editors but I think they are missing out on the significance of what happened on Thursday.

Iranian Kurdistan has been reluctant to join the Green Movement until now, perhaps because of their mistrust of the fact that Moussavi was the Prime Minister in the eighties when the Iranian Kurds suffered much violence, but last Sunday's executions and the swift condemnation of the unjust executions by both Moussavi and Karroubi has broadened the Green Movement.

The writing on the walls of Nazee Abad in South Tehran : 'Kurdistan, Tehran is with you'. As I have said many times before, don't underestimate Ahamdinejad's administration in its capability to shoot itself in the foot.
The execution of the five in Evin prison on Sunday will not cower people into fear in the run up for the anniversary of last year's fraudulent elections, it has instead broadened the Green Movement. Lets build on that.


Anonymous said...

Kurdistan has had a long history of strikes against the regime, and this has continued even after the elections as you know.

There is no evidence that this one is in support of the green movement as far as I can see, it's just anti-IR like their previous strikes. Do you have any evidence to say otherwise?

Waybec said...

It's a severe slap in the face of all people fighting for democracy when such events aren't big news in the western media! Blasting us with dross & gloss only blind us to the further erosion of ALL our liberties and freedoms! Therefore as a non-Murdoch influenced Brit, I salute the brave people of Kurdistan!

Arash said...

It would be so good if a general strike would spread all through Iran, then the Western media would have to start paying attention.