Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iran's Valentine Day Martyrs

It is now confirmed that at least two protesters were killed on Monday by the barbaric Islamic Republic regime in Iran.

Sane Jaleh was the first martyr of Monday's protests to be reported. He was a Sunni Kurdish student studying at Tehran Arts Faculty. Just like with Neda, the regime started making up stories that Jaleh was killed by MKO operatives during the protests. It is incredible that after three decades of claims by the Islamic regime that the MKO is dead and buried, they should be able to send their operatives to Iran and amidst all that security on Monday, carry out such an act and get away with it! But just to pour cold water on these ridiculous claims, here is a picture of Jaleh, first from the left, with the dissident cleric and spiritual leader of the Green Movement, the late Ayatollah Montazeri:

Mohamad Mokhtari is the second person confirmed killed in the protests.
He was shot in the shoulder, but even though he was still walking for a while after he was shot, because he wasn't taken to hospital soon enough, he had bled to death. Ironically, the last status on his facebook page read:
'Almighty God! let me die standing up, for I despise lying low in humiliation'


Staring in circles said...

I live in Feltham, in west London, you have my 100% support, we recognise you fighting for the rights that we Londoners are privelaged to have. If you ever come to London you have my hospitality

Staring in circles said...

youre a hero, keep up your good work

Waybec said...

Well a tragedy turned into a travesty by the regime... Still, at least the IRI finally showed the world their truly monstrous and petty vindictive faces in parliament. Baboons who send in the goons. Nothing but a medieval mafia state! And now of course they're gonna gather all their paid off thugs to hold a HATRED rally! Oh-how-so mature! How can such a nation be so blackened, held to ransom and shamed by the spite of a few corruptable greedy men!!! R.I.P Jaleh and Mokhtari. May your souls smile at Iran finally being freed of the theocratoc mobsters who destroy the sanctities of all and women! And may the hate they create soon backfire ten fold to consume the whole bloody lot of them. So keep the tide turning Iranians and don't be intimidated by childish fearful thugs! The greater maturity of truth and justice in on your side.

Neda Mehregan said...

Rest in peace.

Another innocent victim of the treacherous regime. A regime which is losing control and in its desperation is lashing out violently.

The more they lash out, the more people are resisting. These brave people don't have batons, helmets, motor bikes, tear gas or guns. They have a just cause, truth, honour and buckets of courage. They are educated and intelligent. Not dependent on state handouts they have been oppressed for so long that they have nothing to lose.

The Islamic Republic should be afraid, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

How can we support the people? We would like to donate satellite phones or other technology items the people may need to be heard. Please let us know

Azarmehr said...


Leave me your contact details in a comment. I will not publish the comment and get back to you. Make sure you say NOT FOR PUBLICATION at the beginning of teh comment

Waybec said...

P.s. I meant the sanctities of MEN and women Potkin. Sometimes in my rage of typing fast, I make the odd typo. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not for publication. My contact email is . Please email me with who would be using the items and exactly what is needed. I also need to know what sat phone services are avail in the middle east.