Saturday, August 06, 2011

6th August, the Day a Voice of Reason was Silenced

Today is the anniversary of Shapur Bakhtiar’s murder. A great man with guts and foresight was assassinated by the agents of the Islamic Republic and with the collusion of Mitterand's Socialist government in France.


Juniper in the Desert said...

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Amir said...

A great man. A true democrat and massive loss to Iran. God rest his soul, Soroush Katibeh, my uncle's and all the others that have been murdered at the hands of this disgusting regime.

Anonymous said...

He was also an Iraqi agent. Pity you fail to mention that.


Azarmehr said...


Really? How was he an Iraqi agent? George Galloway was however and now he is employed by the Iranian governmen

Anonymous said...


It is widely known that Bakhtiar maintained inappropriate contacts and relations with the former Iraqi regime and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Even Abbas Milani (hardly a friend of the Islamic Republic of Iran) alluded to this in a recent interview with Radio Farda.

I fail to understand the analogy with Galloway. Even if what you say is true, so what? We are talking about a controversial Iranian politician whose legacy is mired in distortions, obfuscation and misrepresentation. Your blinkered approach to these issues hardly helps.

Grow up!


Reza Esfandiari said...

For goodness sake, Potkin, London is burning and all you have to talk about is the Shah's last PM!

I hope you are prepared for the revolution in England!

Anonymous said...

Agha Reza,

London has stopped burning. Unfortunately for the West-residing IRI Groupies cheerleading the looters, muggers and murderers on the streets of England, the chance of a "revolution" in England by a bunch of hoodlums is as likely as a revolution in Bahrain by a bunch of Shia hoodlums egged on by the IRI. Too bad for the IRI Groupies, but the Shia rioting in Bahrain has been totally stopped in its tracks, so the IRI is left to dream dreams of "revolution" in England -- LOOLLL :-)

The shelf life of the Syrian regime is much, much, much shorter than that of Bahrain or any of the IRI's other Mideast adversaries. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

In ast shoar e mellimarg bar jouhouri-e-islami!! RIP Shapur