Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Water Pistol Fight Organisers and Participants Paraded on State TV

I got up early in the morning to write the previous post on the Islamic Republic's lack of tolerance for a public water pistol fight in a Tehran park. By the time I got home in the evening, the state TV was parading some of the organisers and participants who were confessing to their "crime":


The head of the Moral Police, Roozbehani : "We have asked the judiciary to deal with these wrong doers as severely as possible. We can not tolerate such public events any where in the country"


Winston said...

Ridiculous... But in reality this is a regime founded by a man who said there is joy in Islam.

Claudia Clare said...

Iran really has entered its Stalinist phase now. This is beyond parody.


UNITED RACES and The Holy Book of Racial Government.

". . . Iranian women are dark, dirty and ugly when compared to the pure blood, White Aryan women of Northern Europe."
Say the White Supremacist Racists.


This is the most powerful religio-political movement for more than 3500 years, possibly.


Anonymous said...

امام :

بعد از من كسي خواهد آمد كه پرچم را به دست حضرت مهدي خواهد داد

آقاي سيد علي عزيز ، در زمان رهبري تو ، حجت ابن الحسن العسكري ظهور خواهد كرد

حضرت مهدي فرمودند :
ايشان (سيد علي خامنه اي) از ما هستند

jd money said...

Wow... thanks for sharing these stories, very moving. I wish the news would cover similar stories, so the support from the west would grow stronger for Iran, as mine has. I would like to (plan to) go to Tehran next year to be a private in-house tutor. I was wondering if you could give me any advice. I'm (25, U.S. Male) currently volunteering in Cambodia, teaching Geography, English, and History in an impoverished village. Good job on speaking out, it really does make a difference.