Saturday, September 17, 2005

3rd Day Outside the British Museum

We managed to set up the petition desk by 2 PM today. Same enthusiastic response from passers by as on the previous occasions and also a chance to talk to them about the latest updates from Iran.

I Could only stay for an hour today however. Many thanks to Safa, Arash, Mardavij and others who kept the petition going today. We will be out there again tomorrow.

We also had a few casualties :). Two volunteers had car accidents on their way to join us and Safa's car got clamped even though he was displaying a valid ticket.

Many people have asked us what they can do to help us. Here is a few ideas:

- We need more volunteers to man the petition desk to ease the burden on others.

- We need some T-shirts printed, see the designs below. Wearing these T-shirts will be more eye catching and also it will make it easier to tell people what we are doing.

- We need help in transport.

- We need help in printing leaflets and posters.

- We need help in creating more publicity for our action.

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