Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some Observations on the Sivand Dam Debate

The strong reaction showed by Iranians across the world with regards to the building of the Sivand dam and the possible dangers it may cause to our national heritage sites, has made me to conclude several points below.

Despite all the reports of apathy amongst Iranians, our inherent sense of nationalism always come to surface when Iran's being and identity is threatened.

The opposition groups as usual are like a close circuit TV, and are not able to correctly judge the mood of the nation or apply any leadership or organisation.

Our media stinks. We all know the harm LA based TVs have caused but the problems go further even to most web based news portals, which seem to be engaged in a copy & paste activity only.

Our "journalists" outside Iran are not able to judge news worthy reports or have the enthusiasm to gather the news. They are under the impression that journalists should have the news stories written and typed and have them placed on their lap.

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