Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Iranian Kurdish Journalist Executed

Just learned that the Iranian Kurdish journalist Ismaiil Mohammadi was executed last Saturday, 3rd September..

Ismaiil was born in 1965 and had been in prison on death row since two years ago. His sentence was passed by branch 32 of the supreme Islamic court.

On Sunday, Ismaiil's two little girls were looking forward to visit their father in prison, instead they received their father's clothes and his last will from the Islamic henchmen.

Although many of Iran's dissidents have been killed by extra judicial methods in the last five years but this is the first official execution of a political prisoner in recent times.

The execution of Ismaiil Mohammadi could be a litmus test by the new president Ahmadi-Nejad to test the international reaction for a return to the situation in the eighties. If the international reaction is similar to the indifference displayed in the eighties, it will be a signal to Ahmadi-Nejad to start his campaign of terror.

Iranians across the world should react strongly to the execution of any of our political prisoners regardless of their political leanings.


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