Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ahmadi-Nejad in UN

News websites have reported between five thousand to fifteen thousand Iranians who have turned up to protest at Ahmadi-Nejad's visit to UN.

Well done to all those who took time off and took part in the protest to show the world that this Hojjatieh protege is not a representative of our country.

On a humorous note, although I am not sure how it will translate, but I will do my best. Just before leaving for UN, Ahmadi-Nejad made a speech in the Islamic

Consultative Assembly deriding the previous Iranian adminstration's nuclear negotiations with the West. He wanted to compare the agreements with the disgraceful treaties signed by the Qajar Kings in the last century known as Torkamanchai and Golestan treaties. Not being well versed in either Persian language or Iranian history however, he referred to them as "Torkamanchai and Golestanchai" to which one deputy replied by saying "there was no chai served in the second one". chai meaning tea in Persian :)

I am sure there will be many more such gaffs coming from the new selected president in the future.

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