Saturday, October 22, 2005

Aryo Seraji, Condemned to 30 Lashes

Ahmad (Chosen Iranian name, Aryo) Saraji, who has been imprisoned since 29 June in a jail in Tabriz, North West Iran has received 30 lashes of the whip as part of his sentence. The punishment has been for offending the authorities while for the accusation of threatening the "state security", he is still awaiting judgement.

I wrote about him before. See "Iranian Blogger in Danger"

Aryo's favourite Iranian hero is Babak Khorramdin, who resisted the Arab invaders from his fortress of Baz for more than 22 years. Arab historians at the time describe how after Babak's right arm was cut off as part of his sentence of death by mutilation, Babak dabbed his left hand in the blood and wiped it over his face. When the puzzled Khalif asked the meaning of his action, Babak replied "I didn't want anyone to see me pale and think I was scared".

I wonder how Aryo tolerated the 30 lashes, but I am sure in his suffering he seeked the same spirit of defiance as Babak. Iranian culture will not be subdued by the whip, 1400 years of experience has proved this. What hurts me most however is when the likes of the Vile LibDem Baroness Nicholson, get away with describing this as the "shining example of democracy for the region".
"tofoo bar tow ey charkhe gardoon tofoo"

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