Friday, October 28, 2005

Wiping Israel off the Map

So everyone has now heard what the Islamic Republic of Iran's president said about wiping Israel off the map, but to be honest, I was baffled by the international reaction. Why all of a sudden such a strong reaction? What is new? Islamic Republic has always maintained that Israel should be wiped off the map. In fact when Ahmadinejad said the infamous quote, he was quoting Khomeini. His exact words were " Imam Khomeini rightly said, Israel should be wiped off the map".

Worse still Rafsanjani once said in his Friday prayer sermons, that only one nuclear warhead is enough to destroy Israel, and in return Israel can only partially destroy the Islamic world. Every year on the last Friday of Ramadan, Islamic Republic hosts Jerusalem Day marches not just in Iran but throughout the world, where chants of Death to Israel is shouted. Yet I don't recall such a strong reaction from the world leaders.

Could it be that the world has finally come to its senses and got over the false smiles of ex-president Khatami and sees the mullahs for what they are? Watching Newsnight program last night dashed all such hopes. Some stupid woman whom I cant remember her name but who was speaking as the head of some sort of strategic defence think thank - yes another Think not Thank - thought the West should engage in a dialogue with Iran!

The truth is sanctions will not work, military options are not on the agenda, bolstering separatism in Iran is futile and will strengthen the Mullahs. There is only one option; supporting the secular democratic opposition forces in Iran to bring about the change of regime in Iran. That's the only viable option.


Winston said...


Anonymous said... has some interesting things to say re the wipe israel off the map comment

Anonymous said...

why dont you read the full speech!!!

The media can distort things, its better to know the truth and facts before we make generalisations!! All your efforts to disgrace the Islamic Republic of Iran are wasted! (lets see if you edit this comment...)

Azarmehr said...

Zahra! You are right its better to know the truth and know facts before sticking up for the mullahs. Just Google on اسرائیل باید از صفحه روزگار محو شود

and you will see enough examples of how several times this has beensaid by IRI officials and during the demos etc.

Its time to open up your eyes.
- امام خمینی بارها فرمودند: "اسرائیل باید از صفحه روزگار محو شود."
۱۲- امام خمینی در آذر سال ۱۳۶۷ در جمع تعدادی از مبارزان فلسطینی (از جمله شهید فتحی شقاقی) فرمودند: "الآن دارند عرفات را ترويج مي كنند براي اينكه قائل به اين است كه يهود هم باشد و ما هم باشيم. در صورتيكه كه يهود نبايد آنجا باشد هيچوقت. بايد مردم بايستند و كساني كه مخالفت با اين مسائل دارند از جرگه خودشان خارج كنند و پافشاري كنند تا كار درست شود و ان شاءالله درست مي شود، اميدورام"

نوشته‌هایی که روی برخی از این پلاکاردها به چشم می ‌خورد، عبارتند از: بوش و شارون مرگ ‌تان نزدیک است، دموکراسی آمریکایی، حقوق بشر اسراییلی، مساله فلسطین مهم ‌ترین مساله جهان اسلام است، اسراییل غاصب است و باید نابود شود، روز قدس روز احیای اسلام است، ای قدس! ای سرزمین پیامبران! خواهیم آمد، ما با تمام قدرت معنوی و مادی در برابر اسراییل و متجاوزان می ‌ایستیم، ما جهاد با صهیونیسم را واجب می ‌دانیم، یا ایها المسلمون اتحدوا اتحدوا، رژیم غاصب اسراییل، آشکارترین نمونه تروریسم دولتی است، مقاومت و انتفاضه تنها راه نجات، مقاومت تنها راه پیروزی است، نه سازش، نه تسلیم، نبرد با آمریکا، رزمنده‌ فلسطینی، انتقام انتقام، اسراییل، آمریکا ننگ به نیرنگتان، فلسطین پاره تن اسلام است، فلسطین می ‌رزمد، اسراییل می‌لرزد،شارون جنایت می‌کند، بوش حمایت می‌ کند، اسراییل باید از صحنه‌ روزگار محو شود.

Hanif Leylabi said...

wiped off the map as a phrase doesn't exist in Farsi does it now. He said the zionist regime occupying jerusalem shall vanish from the page of history or something near.

Azarmehr said...

Go and ask your father to translate this for you
امام خمینی بارها فرمودند: "اسرائیل باید از صفحه روزگار محو شود."

you fucking SWP wanker.

'Israel should be wiped off the daily pages' word by word tranlation.

Now have a meeting with your Lindsey German Hippo and argue about the semantics. On your bike regime apologist