Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Saddam's Crimes in Zardeh

I am not a big fan of the BBC and especially its news editors, whom I regard as a bunch of senile popmpous snobs, however I have been brought up to be honest and pay tribute even to my foe, if praise is due. Last night's Newsnight's From Our Correspondent's report on the victims of Saddam's chemical attack in the Iranian village of Zardeh, was one such instance.

Frances Harrison brought to the attention of the world, the plight and the ongoing suffering of the people of Zardeh. The report was so moving that even the presenter, Gavin Hessler, struggled to hide his emotions. Seventeen years on since the chemical attack, the people of Zardeh are still struggling with the effects of this hideous crime.

I just hope those "do-gooders" in the West, who were against the war to topple Saddam, can may be realise why for us in the Middle East, it was so vital to depose Saddam, despite the high price tag it carried. I want the families of those killed servicemen to know that their sacrifices were not for nothing, and an evil dictator was removed as a result.

The program also showed how the Islamic Republic, so willing to finance terror groups around the world, can be so apathetic to the suffering of its own people. It seems the people of Zardeh like the vast majority of the Iranian people have missed out on the huge oil revenues of the Islamic Republic.

Read and listen to the report:

News Night

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