Friday, October 07, 2005

Six Weeks and Still No News of Ganji

It has now been more than 40 days since anyone including Ganji's wife and family have any news of his whereabouts or even whether he is alive or dead.

The marginal international pressure which built up during the earlier days of his hunger strike seems to have dwindled away. The press and media have simply forgotten to ask what has happened to him. Unlike terrorist suspects held in Guantanama, who are still the favourites with the media headlines, the little interest shown for Ganji seems to have been a short lived fad. None of the journalists who had the opportunity to interview President Ahmadi-Nejad during his UN visit even bothered to ask him about Ganji.

The PC world media once again showed that human rights abuses of secular Iranians is of little importance to them. So much for their Political Correctness.

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