Friday, October 21, 2005

Think Tanks That Don't Think

American Enterprise Institute is supposed to be a think tank, yet when it comes to Iran it seems to be a Think Tank that doesn't Think.

For some time now, this institute has been trying to drum up the cause of separatism in Iran. A futile task that has been tried and tested and failed many times in Iran, because non-Iranians just do not understand the deep rooted bonds between our people.

There were also some similar disastrous "campaigns" by some Jewish groups like "Message in the bottle Campaign" which drew 15 people in London, largely non-Iranians :)
There is also the nonsense on which posts articles on Iran, worthy of a sixth form debating society.

So in line with all this trumped up commotion, the AEI is now holding a seminar on "Another Case for Federalism" and "The Unknown Iran". Just looking at the agenda makes you laugh.

The first thing that comes to your mind is, who the hell are these attendees?? I recognise Hossein Bor, from United Baluchistan Front of Iran, a dedicated Iranian nationalist, and the rest are just nobodies, nonentities.

Only a day after this AEI meeting was announced, as I expected, United Baluchistan Front of Iran, publicly denied being part of this AEI conference and inline with its known policies rejected all talks of separatism for Iran.

So once again the AEI Think Tank has wasted money on gathering a group of insignificant nobodies which will only achieve one thing, STRENGTHEN THE ISLAMIC REGIME IN IRAN.

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