Thursday, January 05, 2006

12 Year Old Boy Becomes Local Lib Dem President

How on earth can anyone take this party seriously? On the one hand their MEPs refer to the Islamic Republic of Iran as an "advanced form of democracy" and on the other hand they elect a 12 year old boy to be their local party president:

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read the opening paragraph:

"Oliver Smith joined Amber Valley Lib Dems in Derbyshire when he was eight. He became their president on New Year's Day after being elected in November.

He succeeds out-going president Keith Falconbridge, who being in his mid-50s, is more than four times his age."

Perhaps however, this 12 year old boy will have more sense than his elder party members. Perhaps he will be more sympathetic towards all the minors who have been executed by the "advanced form of democracy". Perhaps he will be more sympathetic towards the pregnant women and their unborn babies who were executed in the Islamic Republic or the "advanced form of democracy".

One thing is for certain, this 12 year old boy can't do any worse than the Lib Dem leadership right now.

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