Thursday, January 19, 2006

Now Debt Collectors Take a Cut too

Removing driving licences from fathers was not enough, putting fathers into prison was not enough, putting electronic tags on fathers was not enough and the "Child!" Support Agency in UK still spends twice as much as it collects, 25% of the CSA assessments are incorrect, CSA computers have lost thousands of files.... But what does the Labour government do? Do they try to understand the unfairness of the system, do they try to sort out the contact problems? Do they move towards equal parenting? Do they recognise the damage to society by all these kids being brought up without fathers?
No, Labour brings in the debt collectors! The debt collectors will also take a cut and will join the rest of the parasites, the solicitors, the barristers, the judges etc. and less money still will go to the children. The family pot will be drained further so the parasites can get richer. More misery and stress will be piled on to divorced families.

You dont need to be a genius but if Labour politicians really wanted to help the children; they would save the money CSA mis-spends and give it to the children.

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That sucks