Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gunaz TV Twaddle

Have you ever had the feeling when you are so outraged by the twaddle you hear on a TV station, that you wish to put your boot through your own TV set? Well I had one of those rages yesterday when I was channel hopping the TV stations on my satellite.

An Azeri speaking television by the name of Gunaz TV has been operating for a while. I have no idea how their finances are provided, but there seems to be no commercials on this station, so someone or more likely some government is behind it. I have watched the bombastic presenters on this channel a few times not knowing whether I should laugh at their nonsense or cry. Yesterday however they really pushed the limits of absurdity to outright baloney balderdash.

Being an Iranian Azeri myself, it was unfortunate that I could understand the words of these traitors. The presenter, a major league arsehole delinquent by the name of Ahmed Beig? was calling the father of us Iranians, Cyrus the Great, a blood thirsty savage!! He was saying Iranians falsely think Cyrus was the first founder of a human rights charter, where as actually Hammurabi of Babylon was the first lawmaker and Cyrus was a bloodthirsty savage who started a world war and even likened Cyrus to Hitler.

Can you believe the audaciousness of this illiterate apology for a man who does not understand the difference between a code of laws and a human rights charter?

Lets just compare a few items on Hammurabi's code of laws with the charter set by Cyrus the Great:

Hammurabi Code of Laws:

- If any one ensnare another, putting a ban upon him, but he can not prove it, then he that ensnared him shall be put to death.

- If any one bring an accusation against a man, and the accused go to the river and leap into the river, if he sink in the river his accuser shall take possession of his house. But if the river prove that the accused is not guilty, and he escape unhurt, then he who had brought the accusation shall be put to death, while he who leaped into the river shall take possession of the house that had belonged to his accuser.

- If any one bring an accusation of any crime before the elders, and does not prove what he has charged, he shall, if it be a capital offense charged, be put to death.

- If any one steal cattle or sheep, or an ass, or a pig or a goat, if it belong to a god or to the court, the thief shall pay thirtyfold therefor; if they belonged to a freed man of the king he shall pay tenfold; if the thief has nothing with which to pay he shall be put to death.

and if you read on Hammurabi's code of laws describes more ways in which men can be put to death and slavery.

This is however Cyrus' charter of Human Rights:

Now that I put the crown of kingdom of Iran, Babylon, and the nations of the four directions on the head with the help of (Ahura) Mazda, I announce that I will respect the traditions, customs and religions of the nations of my empire and never let any of my governors and subordinates look down on or insult them until I am alive. From now on, till (Ahura) Mazda grants me the kingdom favor, I will impose my monarchy on no nation. Each is free to accept it , and if any one of them rejects it , I never resolve on war to reign. Until I am the king of Iran, Babylon, and the nations of the four directions, I never let anyone oppress any others, and if it occurs , I will take his or her right back and penalize the oppressor.

And until I am the monarch, I will never let anyone take possession of movable and landed properties of the others by force or without compensation. Until I am alive, I prevent unpaid, forced labor. To day, I announce that everyone is free to choose a religion. People are free to live in all regions and take up a job provided that they never violate other's rights.

My numerous troops moved about undisturbed in the midst of Babylon. I did not allow anyone to terrorise the land of Sumer and Akkad. I kept in view the needs of Babylon and all its sanctuaries to promote their well being. The citizens of Babylon ................. I lifted their unbecoming yoke. Their dilapidated dwellings I restored. I put an end to their misfortunes.

So Ahmad-Beig or whatever your name is, You are an ASS, a traitor and an illiterate delinquent.

Funny thing is after his utterance a "viewer" from Baku rang and suggested how all "Azeris on both sides of the border" should unite against our common enemey, the Armenians!

First of all those on the other side of the border who call themselves Azeris are nothing to do with us, their land was always called Aran and they were not referred to as Azeris until they changed to Azerbijan on May 28, 1918. The people on the other side of the Araxes river were always referred to as Caucasian Tatars, Transcaucasian Muslims, or Caucasian Turks.

Just like when we were attacked by Iraq, those on the other side of the Araxes river did not see the conflict as anything to do with them, we too see their conflict with Armenians as nothing to do with us. Not only Armenians are not our enemy, they are our friends and esteemed compatriots with whom we share thousands years of history and traditions.

So finally to whoever is behind financing the Gunaz TV and pulls the strings of puppets like Ahmad Beig, you are barking up the wrong tree. Iranian Azeris are Iranian through and through. Just analyze the name of Azerabadegan, or in its very original name Aturpatekan and find out for yourselves. The land of fire temples has been and will always be Iranian.


Anonymous said...

well, it is just a matter of jealousy!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching GunAz also, (although I don't understand Azeri Turkish very well ... but enough to understand what these people are talking about). I have noticed that most of the people calling in from Iran actually support the Azeri separatists in Iran. Last night they had a big discussion which was basically do we go for independence immediately or first have a federal system (and then separate).

I have also visited Baku many times and the language they speak there is almost 100% identical to the Turkish language spoken in Tabriz and other Azeri cities in Iran. So the argument that they have nothing to do with us doesn't make any sense. Look at the music also: exactly the same az Azari music in Iran.

But while many Pan-Turkists are supporting the separatists, you don't hear the words of Azeri Iranian nationalists. Or when you do, it is people like you who seem to be Aryan nationalists who ridicule our Turkish ancestory. If Iran really is an Aryan nation, is there then really room for Iranian Turks? Or do we have to believe that we are Aryans who are speaking Turkish by accident, which is why you call us Tork-e-khar? Keep that up and we will have a Yugoslaviax100 in Iran. Think about it.

Azarmehr said...

The trouble with people like you is that your argument is so weak that you can only put your own words into people's mouth and then argue against them. When did I say we are all Aryans in Iran? After all these invasions and mixing who knows what his true ancestory is.

But if you think Hamurabi set the first human rights charter and Cyrus was like a Hitler, and Babak Khorramdin was Turkish, then you need to go back to school.

You say you dont understand Azeri Turkish and then you claim the language in Baku is 100% identical. This like the rest of your conclusions is seriously flawed.

We can argue that the current Turkish spoken in Iran can be taught in schools alongside with Persian, like Welsh is taught in Wales, but other than that please dont give me the crap that Azeris are a suppressed minority.

I have never known any Iranian law that says someone can not do something because he is Azeri! But there are lwas that say only Shiite males are entitled to do this post and that.

Get your facts right. They are seriously flawed and read Kasravi's books.

Anonymous said...

So if what you're saying is true, why are so many Iranians calling the station and complaining about life under the chauvinist Persians? They all say they want their own independent country! Are they lying?

Azarmehr said...

Oh for God's sake, calls to a dubious station, by callers you dont know is hardly a reliable comprehensive poll.

For your information, I have tried calling the same station, 1000 times but no one even answers the phone. There must be thousands like me who want to protest but they are never aired. Can you honestly say that it is not suspicious that Gunaz TV never has any one opposing them ring.

Read up on Sattar Khan and how he told the Russian consulate "I want seven lands to bear the Iranian flag, how can you expect me to bear a non-Iranian flag?"

Also look at the certificate sof bravery Sattar used to hand out to his men, they bear the Sun and Lion. Now the Gunaz TV stooges trample on the Sun and Lion flag. Disgusting!

Tell me if you know where the word Azerbijan comes from and what it means.

Azarmehr said...

Oh for God's sake, calls to a dubious station, by callers you dont know is hardly a reliable comprehensive poll.

For your information, I have tried calling the same station, 1000 times but no one even answers the phone. There must be thousands like me who want to protest but they are never aired. Can you honestly say that it is not suspicious that Gunaz TV never has any one opposing them ring.

Read up on Sattar Khan and how he told the Russian consulate "I want seven lands to bear the Iranian flag, how can you expect me to bear a non-Iranian flag?"

Also look at the certificate sof bravery Sattar used to hand out to his men, they bear the Sun and Lion. Now the Gunaz TV stooges trample on the Sun and Lion flag. Disgusting!

Tell me if you know where the word Azerbijan comes from and what it means.

Anonymous said...

I think the main point isn't Sattarkhan but why is it the Turkish side of Iran is always ignored? Everything Persian is highlighted, but the Turks are ignored. Look at how much you find on net in iranian sites about Cyrus the Great ! and compare that to the Qizilbash! If not for the Qizilbash (despite all their faults) led by Shah Ismail there would be no Iran today!

Anonymous said...

you say you are an azeri.but what kind of an azeri are you? how you dont feel anything about 1 million azeri escaped from armenians and many died? and how you say you are friends with armenians..
you are not azeri or turk. I dont know waht you are. maybe persian or armenian...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

When on earth did the Armenian issue come up from? Don't confuse the issue by bringing in Armenians for Gods sake.

People north and south of Aras are very similar but not exactly the same. Southerners consider themselves to be Iranians, Iranian Turks, Iranian Azeris, etc. while the Northerners have no connection at all to Iran.


Anonymous said...

my answer was to azarmehr not to vatanparvar.


Azarmehr said...

First of all lets deal with Vatanparast's issue about not glorifying the Turkish influence on Iranian history and the example of Shah Ismaiil and how he does not have the same status as Cyrus.

First of all the origins of the Safavid dynasty is not Turkish. If you read Kasravi's book on the Azeri language, you will see that there is evidence about the ancestor of the dynasty, Sheikh Safi and his poems in the original Azeri language of the area, which was similar to Persian and the Talish dialect. Secondly come on, Shah Ismail despite his bravery and unifying Iran, drank wine from the skulls of his Uzbeck enemies, and he massacred Sunni Iranians, hardly the same tolerance that Cyrus showwed. Cyrus on the other hand was truly ahead of his time.

Also lets not forget that of the few Iranian kings who were named Great, two of them were Shah Abbas and Nader Shah. So even if you count the Turkish influence in Safavid court as their Turkish origin, Shah Abbas does have the very status you complain about. And the Afshar tribe of Nader which were Sunni Turkish. So again I dont think your arguments are justified. Only three Persian Kings, apart from Reza Shah who was half Azeri, had the title of Great granted to them. Cyrus, Darius and Shapur. Thats in 1500 years of pre-Islamic history. Iranians in fact are more aware of Shah Ismail than say the Ashkani dynasty. In fact I would argue that the pre-Turkish/Arab invasion part of the Iranian history has not been glorified enough. For example my nephew is called Surena after the great Ashkani general. You would not believe how many Iranians I come across who ask me "Is that an Iranian name?" But would they ask me that if he was called Ismail???

Despicable ignorance of ones own history, I would say.

As for Ayhan's comments. Look the fact that you hate Armenians and we see them as our brothers and compatriots, just goes to show how far we are. If you Turks really cared about your "Azeri brothers" then perhaps your Fascist, illiterate, pig brain border police would treat thousands of Iranian Azeri refugees somewhat better and more humane and brotherly and would take less bribes.

You are the one who needs to read history. Azerbijan, originally, Aturpatekan, Azarabadegan, means the place of the keeper of fire. Completely Iranian word, and just go and find out when the area on the other side of the Aras river became known az Azerbijan and why before that time it was called something else.

Any Azeri who thinks about leaving Iran and joining the Kingdom of Mr. Aliyev must have his head examined.

Anonymous said...

You see, this is what I mean. It may have been that Shah Ismail's grandfather wrote in Talysh, but the fact is almost 100% of Shah Ismail's followers were Turkish tribes that made up the Qizilbash. Why deny this? His entire military wing of government was Turkish, which was also the language of the military under not only his rule, but also that of following Safavi Shahs. If not for this Turkish military there would be no Iran today! Iranian families would probably be administring somebody's else country like they did under the Aq Qoyunlu and Qara Qoyunlu. Shah Ismail's poems were all in Azeri Turkish; why not teach some of this poetry in the original Azeri in Iranian schools? Can't Persian kids learn a few verses to Turkish, while Azeri kids have to study everything in farsi? Is that fair?

Yes, Shah Ismail may have been a brutual warrior but so was Julius Ceaser, Napoleon, Peter the Great and virtually every other great leader in the world. Do you see these others ignored?

Reza Shah was half Azeri? He had a funny way of showing his love for this half. Why did he even deny the existence of Azeri Turks in Iran, and made the language illegal?

As for the Armenians, these Soviet Armenians have destroyed Northern Azeri lands and people for more than 150 years (with Russian help of course). These lands used to be Iranian but thanks to the Armenians there is no trace of anything Azeri, Iranian or Muslim in these lands. They have wiped off everything there inlcuding the people. These are our brothers? Tell me where is the original Muslim population of Irvan (which was an Iranian province)? Did they just vanish? It's easy to see what happened to them: just look at the refugees from Qarabaq. The exact same thing happened to millions of other muslim in the Caucasus since the loss of these lands to Russia. Iranian co-operation with Armenia is a betrayal of these people.

Not sure what the Turkish police did? Which Azeri refugees are you talking about?

Azarmehr said...

"Not sure what the Turkish police did? Which Azeri refugees are you talking about? "

How comes you dont about this???There are thousands of Iranian refugees right now, many of them are from Azeri part of Iran. Mostly in the border town of Van. They are being treated like animals, by the Turkish authorities, Turkish police etc. I see no love shown by these "Turkish speaking brothers".

"Shah Ismail's poems were all in Azeri Turkish; "

No, no, no! you just dont seem to understand, the old Azeri spoken in the area had nothing to do with Turkish. The language spoken in the area by the Babak Khorramdin, Nezami Ganjavi and other Iranians, was called Azeri which was one of the Iranian dialects, very similar to Persian.

Iranian Armenians have been our patriotic compatriots who lived amongst us since the Safavid dynasty, 400 years ago. They have contributed greatly towards the cultural, economic and other aspects of our country and during the constitutional revolution and the Iraqi aggression against Iran sacrificed their lives for Iran.

There have been reports of brutality on both sides of the conflict between Soviet Armenia and Aranis (wrongly referred to as Azeris), as well as the Aranis selling their weapons at the battle front to the Soviet Armenians :))
Republic of Azerbijan is one of the most corrupt places on earth.
Even more corrupt than IRI.

The Qizilbash were a mercenary army. They didnt do what they did for the love of Iran. What exactly do you want to be done in their memory? Have a national day named after them? Should we also honour the Janisaris henchmen of the Safavids who ate human beings?

"Can't Persian kids learn a few verses to Turkish, while Azeri kids have to study everything in farsi?"
Do they teach Welsh to English kids in schools? Should Persian kids also learn Armenian at schools?

Even if we agree to some of your points about teaching the current mixture of Persian/Turkish spoken in the Azeri part of Iran, the points you raise are hardly any basis whatsoever for cessation of a land which is 100% Iranian and proud to be Iranian.

Look beat your chest as much as you like, try to ignore all the questions I raise to you, Azarabadegan was, is and will always remain Iranian.

Anonymous said...

"Shah Ismail's poems were all in Azeri Turkish; "

"No, no, no! you just dont seem to understand, the old Azeri spoken in the area had nothing to do with Turkish. The language spoken in the area by the Babak Khorramdin, Nezami Ganjavi and other Iranians, was called Azeri which was one of the Iranian dialects, very similar to Persian."

You have got to be kidding me. You obviously either don't know a word of Azeri and/or know nothing of Shah Ismail.

Does this sound Persian to you?

Menim bir tan vali janim alidir
Damarumda gazan ganum alidir
Menim bir damsi su unun yaninda
Menim Darya Omanim Alidir
Menin bu sozda ustadim alidir

Azeri language has strong Persian influence but its core and its grammar is Turkish. A kid living in a village in Azarbaijan will partially understand someone from Istanbul, understand 90% of someone from Baku and pretty much zero of a Persian from Tehran.

You know when I started to look into this Turkish question, I thought these Pan-Turks were extremists. But when a whole country denies your mother tongue, your identity, and tries to tell you are actually not who you think you are (!!) then, the hell with these people and the hell with this damn country.

If the cost of freedom is the breakup of the country, then so be it.

Azarmehr said...

Oh, you really need to take some Omega tablets. They say its good for slow learners. The Azeri that I refer to is not what is referred to as Azeri now. Its the original language of that area, which Shah Ismail's great grandfather, Sheikh Safi, wrote poems in. Its the Azeri that Babak Khorramdin spoke with. If you, like Gunaz TV, say that Babak Khorramdin spoke Turkish, then I cant be bothered to continue this debate with you.

Azeri like myself.

Here is a poem by Sheikh Safi in Azeri, see if you see the similarities with Persian:

safim sAfim ganjAn namAyam
beh del dardeh zherm tan bi davAyam

kas beh hasti nabordeh bAviAn
az beh nisti cho yArAn khAke pAyam

In any case, you say you are not Azeri, so let us Azeri people decide whether we want to be part of Iran or join the Kingdom of Aliyev and glorify the Qezelbash and Janisaries.

Anonymous said...

I know that there was an ancient Azeri language which was an Indo-European language, but that doesn't change the fact that today's Azeri is a Turkish dialect. And the language Shah Ismail (not his grand father) wrote in was the same Azeri Turkish. The Safavid, as well as the Afshar, the Qajars and the other tribes of the Qizilbash were all Turkish and spoke Turkish in the court and the military. That doesn't mean they are not Iranian, it just mean that Iranian Turks have done as much to build Iran as Persians (if not more).

I didn't say I'm not Azeri. I'm half Azeri and have always heard the language spoken in our family.

As for Babak, No I'm not saying he was Turkish.

But looks at what's happening today in Iranian Azerbaijan. Many people grow up learning only Azeri Turkish in the home and then see that in society everything Turkish is put down or worse ignored. People like you go to great length to prove that Azeri was a Persian language 1000 years ago (or whenever). Ok fine. But what does that mean, the Turks of Iran are immigrants? The Qizilbash were mercenaries in your opinion. Shah Ismail was Talysh or something closer to Persian. Again you try to move the Turkish Iranians out of the picture. Had it not been for the Qizilbash the Safavids could not have come to power in Iran. And without the Safavids, what would Iran look like today? Was there a strong Iranian state after the invasion of Islam and the rise of the Safavids?

Now the Turks in Iran all have (well, more and more) satellite television and more and more are watching broadcasts from Turkey and R. Azerbaijan. In particular those with less education will easily think that they have more in common with Turks than with Iranians, since in the image of Iran people like you have created, there is no more for Turks in Iran. Nothing Turkish is celebrated. No part of the Turkish identity is highlighted as being Iranian.

On top of that many people feel a strong afinity with the Republic of Azerbaijan (with the people), many people have relatives on both sides of the border, and also have seen how little Iran has done to help fellow Muslims on the other hand (forget politics, but wouldn't it have been more right to support the Azeri people, than the Armenians). But again many people like you will say, no Armenians are our friends. Again the divide between Azeri Turks and other Iranians deepens. It's not hard to imagine where this will lead. Add to all of the above, the pan-Turkists and American money and support and you will have a strong secessionist movement in Iranian Azerbaijan.

Anonymous said...

My bottom line is this: either Iran recognises that Iranian Turks are part of Iran, and the Turkish language and culture need to be recognised as core parts of Iran, or else Iranian Azerbaijan will grow further and further from Iran, eventually leading to a very strong and potentially bloody secessionist movement.

Azarmehr said...

Fantastic, lets work towards more recognition and celebration of ALL the wonderful rich cultures in Iran, Turkish, Armenian, Assyrian, Kurdish, Baluchi, Gilaki, Taleshi, Arab, Mazandarani,....I am all for culture. The more the better. One of my greatest gifts in life id that I am tri-cultural. I feel so lucky.

Now whats the need for joining the Aliyev Kingdom? Do they recognise all the different cultures within the land of Aran? Do the Turks recognise the non-Turkish culture? Do they teach their kids Kurdish at schools????

Anonymous said...

dear azarmehr:

I want to know something:
the turkish poems of shah ismail is still alive in alevi turks in turkey. they pray with shah ismails' ( the nick of shah ismail in his poems is shah hatayi)poems. this is a couple:

Ehl-i irfandır dilimiz
Sirr-i hakikat gulumuz
İmam Cafer mezhebimiz
Mürvet hey erenler mürvet

Hatayi, isin duser
Gelip gidiiin duser
Disleme cig lokmayi
Yer isen disin duser

cagirdim senem senem
Dedi ki menem menem
Dedim lebin kimsin
Dedi gel senem senem

Cennetin yemisi elma
Sarar benzim sarar solma
sah Hatayim inkar olma
Gelen Murtaza Ali'dir

Be erenler, be gaziler
Gelen Murtaza Ali'dir
Yezid'e batin kilicin
Calan Murtaza Ali'dir

and mr. persian or assimilated turk or armenian azarmehr,
remember today in 1992, 670 people including mainly womens and children were massacred in hocali city of azerbaycan by armenians.


ayhan said...

about turkey's behaviour to kurds..
turkey made reforms for kurdish rights. kurdish tv channels are free in turkey. and kurds comprise about 15 percent of the population while turks comprises at least 25 percent of iran, having an important role in iranian history.iran was governed by turks for centuries.unforunately now the persians try to assimilate them by shia-persian shovenism.
I am personaly not across the idea of kurdish people live in their federal religion in turkey on condition that all the kurds immigrated to western turkey will get back to their villages at the heads of mountains.if kurdish people and pkk did not existed,or a seperate kurdistan state existed turkey would be much more wealthy .but kurdish people cannot form a state in turkey. they are land locked, not educated and livin in a region not sutable for farming and with no economy. they are dependent to istanbul, izmir and ankara like all the turks. livin with turks is their favour.
but turkish people of iran are reverse in education, region and education.

I haven't heard any azeri immigrants from iran in turkey.if there is , why do they immigrate?
you may be talking about pakinstani, afganistani or kurdish people who are using turkey as a route to immigrate to eu countries.

ayhan said...

mr azamehr,
offebly you talk about "mr aliyevs kingdom"
having linguistic cultural rightsand freedom do not mean to unify wiyh north azerbaijan that you call aliyev's kingdom. it is very clear aliyevs azerbaycan is more democratic and free than mullah's iran.

ve bir kere daha tekrar ediyorum. senin azeri olduguna inanmıyorum.
bu yazıya aurkce cevap virirsen sevinirim

Azarmehr said...

Replay to Ayhan's comment on 2/26/2006 07:08:26 AM
Mr. Ayhan,

You really need to take some Omega tablets, they say they do wonders for slow learners like you. We were talking about the Great grand father of Shah Islamil, Sheikh Safi, from whom the Safavid dynasty is named after. Perhaps you may need a personal tutor to teach you this point, although I think most school children will understand what we were talking about.

In any case your beloved Shah Ismail, fought bravely against the Ottoman Turks
and Uzbecks.

As for Armenians massacring the Aranis, well its a matter outside Iran and nothing to do with me. I know that the Aranis also massacred lots of Armenians and raped even older women in front of their families. Aranis also sold their weapons to Armenians at the battle front. What has all this got to do with Iranian Armenians, or us Iranians in general.

When the Iraqis massacred so many Iranians in Khorramshahr, did the Aranis or did you Turks care?

ayhan said...

I respect your thoughts. all of them. but please only do not say I am azeri. you are a persian or armenian and you are lying sayin I am azeri.
please answer me in turkish if you are azeri. the reason I answer your thoughts is that you say I am azeri. if you say I am persian I will respect you.
but if you are not lying,and you are an azeri turk I pity you.
but I am definitely sure you are not an azeri and you lie.

Azarmehr said...

Reply to Ayhan's comment on 2/26/2006 09:08:13 AM

I really dont know whether I should waste my time corresponding with someone who not only does not know how to spell "chauvinism" but also comes up with idiotic statements like this:
"but turkish people of iran are reverse in education, region and education."
How can someone be reverse in region? How can someone be reverse in education twice? :))

You have also misunderstood what I said about Azeri immigrants in Turkey, which once again confirms my point about you having learning difficulties.

As you know there are a lot of refugees escaping from Islamic Republic to Europe. Many of them are Azeri and most of them arrive in the border of town of Van. There the corrupt Turkish police and the corrupt authorities treat them, not like Turkish brothers, but like animals. So much for your Pan Turkist solidarity bollocks.

Keep your posts coming. May be Iranian Azeris will see what kind of idiots are calling for them to separate from Iran.

Azarmehr said...

man da tekrar eliyam, san chokh safey san, chokh da bilmaz san.

ayhan said...

A Nation is described by people's mother are such a persian shovenist that you are trying to divide the same nation in your mind naming them azeri and aran. what makes diffrence? they both speaks turkish and they are turk. azerbaycan turku.
whatever you call them , azeri ,turk or aran. they are TURK. people in tabriz speaks turkish as their mother language as in baku and istanbul and erzurum...
do not forget to reply in turkish !

ayhan said...

I am not soo good in english sory for spelling errors. you dont need to make a point on my spelling errors. I am not living in london!!

ayhan said...

my point is not to seperate azerbaijan from iran.I am not an pan turkish. my point is you.
you are a liar saying you are an azeri. my point is you defent armenians saying you are an azeri.
please tell me the truth that you are a persion and I will not talk again.


Azarmehr said...

Actually the language on its own does not define a nation. A language can be forced on a people, like it was on the people living in whats now known as Turkey. Also if you extend that argument, the people of Gibralta, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, ... must be English.

man ki dedim san safey san. boo san choon turki dayrdi?

Azarmehr said...

manim vatanim irAndi, amA san khoshoon galipdi keh diyam san safey san, hey ginada sorooshey san ki sana bi shey turki dilinjak deyim :))

ayhan said...

seninle danismayacagim bir daha. cunku artık senin azeri olmadigina eminin. ermenileri istedigin gibi savunabilirsin seni anlayabilirim cunku sen azeri falan degilsin. benim burada yazmamin tek sebebi ermeni isgalcilerini katliamlarini gormemen ve onlari savunmandi.
pan turkist degilim. iranin bolunmesi gibi de bir niyetim yok .
ok. because I am convinced you are not an azeri, I can understand all you said so far.the reason I wrote on this board was that you say you were an azeri. ok .

Azarmehr said...

You think I give a shit what you think? You dont even know what Azeri or Azari is or means. Mr. Ayhan for your info, Azar is a Persian word for fire, Azarabadegan, is a Persian word for the place of the keeper of fire. I am the son of Babak Khorramdins, and I am the son of Aturpats, after whom Azarbadegan is named.

What you conclude from your misguided and incorrect historical garbage, is about as important to me as whether you finally learn how to spell chauvinism or not.

ayhan said...

you are a persian chauvinist.okey?
I am not living in london and I dont have to spell correct
ing in english as you do.

leave playing with words. I dont care where from azeri turkish or persian word comes from.
you dont understand me.
Iam not a nationalist person but you force me to be such a person.
again I repeat:
the point I wrote here is that you defend armenians as you say "I am azeri". nothing else.
please go on watching gunaz tv and see how many people are calling from tebriz, urimiye and zencan.

after the sia mollah regime collapses and some demochraciy comes to iran, nationalism will rise and people will demand more rights. as it was in turkey.
and it will not be good for persian chauvinists like you.

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr, gardash, I agree with what you're saying. And the way these pan-turks write, it's easier to understand their Turkish, than their English ;-) But I tell you, what I don't get is the sheer number of them out there. There are tons of web-sites out there spreading lies like Babak Khoramdin was Turkish, Iran and Russia invaded/divided Azerbaijan between the two of them in Turkmenchai, the Safavid state was Turkish, etc etc etc. And the Iranians never respond!!! Compare that to what happened when national geo called the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf! Everybody got together and started a campaign and we managed to get the real name back. Now these pan-Turks say WE OCCUPIED TABRIZ, and agreed to give Northern Az to the Russians!!?? Kinda like Russia and Germany splitting Poland in WWII. I mean how much stupider can you get? But the Iranians don't say anything. I know this all sounds stupid, but still I think more people should respond. Why doesn't anybody care?

Where I disagree with you is about the Armenians. the Russian ones I mean not the Iranian ones. the Russian ones have been spitting on Muslims since Turkmenchai. You said yourselve all these lands were part of Iran. If the Russians hadn't taken them over, they would still be part of Iran and the people them would consider themselves iranians like us. Now my question is where did the iranian population of Irvan go? There is no trace of them! The whole place now called Armenia was populated with Iranian muslims, with a small Armenian population like in the rest of Iran, in Isfahan for example. What happened to them? I tell you, the same thing the Armenians did in Qarabaq now they did to IRANIAN muslims since Turkmenchai, and they erased any trace of these people. We shouldn't get Russian Armenians and Iranian Armenians mixed up.

By the way, you Pan-Turks out there, mana bir shey dedin: Why did your Ottaman sultans hate the Qizilbash and the Safavids so much? The boyuk Osmanli sultan killed tens of thousands of them, so that they all fled to Iran. Why? Didn't you realise they speak Turkish? Maybe you had trouble with the accent? Or were you just practicing with them, before you got your hands on the Armenians in WWI.

ayhan said...

my english is not a point to be laughted at. I am ot english, I am not living in an english country. you may laugh at my language if I use wrong turkish grammar ok? I dont have to talk english with no errors. it is enough you understand what I mean.

dear anonymous,

we are living in turkey not in the ottoman empire. some ottoman sultans did big mistakes killing thousands of alevi turkmens. many of them fled to iran. it is not my or turkey's you cannot accuse me or turkey for anything that happened so many years ago.


what I cannot understand is this:

azarmehr says both that I am an azeri and that I am friend with christian armenians they occupied an important portion of azerbaycan-lands and massacred 670 azeri women and children in hocali city of azerbaycan.1 million people are refugees now. I cannot understand
how an azeri says this words.

if he is persian I understand him.
but if he still insists he is an azeriI can nnot understand.this is something logical. not a feeling or politics.

so if you are persons who defens persian language and nation, why do you insist on saying "I am azeri" say the sentence "I am persian" and no problem if you or happy. so no panturkist people can threatens you.

if all the turks in iran are happy with turning to persian nation, I dont care. they can melt with one persian identity with the help of the shia. I dont care.

ayhan said...

mr anonymous,
in your turkish-like sentece,I think you want to say "I shall say you something" is this right?
if so, the sentence will be so in azeri turkish:
"sene bir shey diyem"

your sentence says "you told me something"

are you trying to persuade me that you are also an azeri like azarmehr did?

Anonymous said...

Ayhan bey, first of all I'm half Azari, half Persian. Man turkce (Azari) biliram, ama yazmaq chatindir. I meant to say, mana bir shey deyin. That was a typo! :)

You see there is one thing you guys (Turks in general) get mixed up. We Iranians are all Shia (almost all anyway) not because of the Persians but because of the Qizilbash Turkmens and Shah Ismail. They CONVERTED the entire population of Iran from Sunni to Shia. Before Shah Ismail, all persian-speakers were Sunni. Those Persians who did not want to convert fled to India and other places. And over the centuries the iranian national identity was gradually created very closely to the shia faith, not to language. That is why Turkish Azaris consider themselves Iranians, while persian-speaking Afghans and Tadjiks do not consider themselves Iranians (they are sunnis, and most of them were never part of Iran).

Now over the centuries Shia Turks and Shia Persians have mixed. Go into any large city and you will rarely find someone who doesn't have BOTH Azeri and Persian blood. The result is present-day Iran. This is why religion is still so important in places like Iran and Shia Iraq.

So you say Azeri Turks are your brothers but in fact you've never been anything other than enemies, well at least until fairly recently. WE REMEMBER when Suleyman the first conquered Tabriz and burned hundreds of Shia Mosques in 1534. We may forgive, but we never FORGET. So this talk to Turkish brotherhood seems somewhat FAKE. Just because Iranian Azeris also speak Turkish doesn't mean we are brothers. You have to look closer to history.

That's why I asked why did the ottomans turks hate the Qizilbash so much. if you want to understand what is happening today, you have to also understand history.

It's a bit like if I said the Tadjiks are my brothers because they speak Persian. In fact Iranian Azeris, Turkish Iranians, are much closer to me in terms of culture and tradition. Tadjiks (and Afghans) have a different mind-set, they are different. But that is normal; other than language we don't have a lot in common (in comparison to Iranian Azeris).

I think we can be allies, but only if we are honest about who we are and where we come from!

ayhan said...

ok. I understand you. we think different in some points. I think it is because the religion is still the most important identidy in iran and children is educated with the heavy effect of religion. but in turkey religion is losing its weight as the economy improves and educated people counts more.alevi( gizilbas) or sunni is not so important for us now. but it was such an important dividing point until 1980's.gizilbash-alevi and sunni turks are mixing in cities by getting married. because religion and sects are losing weight and nationalism is improving.
people is feeling strong ties with azeri people of the north azerbaycan. and the north azerbaycan people see themselves as the same nation with turkey in language and culture even if they are sia ( they almost forgot religion because of the comminist regime). but iran is getting more and more far to them because iran backs armenistan.

Azarmehr said...

There is no North and South Azerbaycan. Read your history and find out when and why north of the river Aras adopted the name azerbaycan.

ayhan said...

ok. if I say my name is ayhan, my name is ayhan. if you call me something other than the name I accepted, it will not change the situation.
what do you suggest me ta call "mr. aliyev's azerbaycan?"
they say our country is azerbaycan.there is another name they accept?

you are focusing on words too much. words are not important but reality.
Turkish state rejected kurdish identity untill 2000's, saying there is no kurd in turkey and military said they are "mountain turks". but when turkish stade said "there is no kurd in turkey", kurdish people did not disapear and turn to turkish .. they have not we accept that there are kurds in turkey and and that they have a seperate language.

you say things like old turkish state and military. it is like to say that "there are no turks in iran, they are mountain persians converted to turkish by mongols?"

but believe me , when the religion losses weight, nationalism rises. it is not true for today's iran. in iran people are connected with sia. but we dont now what will happen tomorrow. when the "demokrasi" and freedom come to iran and people get away from religion, you will see you could not assimilate turks in iran like turkish state saw that it couldnot assimilate kurds...

dont laught at my english. you break my heart

Azarmehr said...

Ayhan, you just dont realise that the Azeri people in Iran have very very deep roots in Iran.

The name Azarbadegan comes from Aturpat. Atur was old Persian for Azar, meaning fire, which is the same in my name. Pat means keeper. The last bit "gan" is like "istan" meaning the land of. The land of the Protector of Fire.

Now go and do some research and find out who Aturpat was as a person and why the land of Azar is called after him. If you have any difficulty asking your Turkish history teacher, use google, wikedpedia etc.

Then tell me if it has any meaning in Turkish and why a Turkish place should have such a Persian origin in its name?!

Anonymous said...

ayhan said...

the land of turkey was not turkish before 1000 years ago.but it has been turkised by selchuks and ottomans. our country was rome and byzans about 1000 years ago and these lands was not called as turkiye.from what you say I derive that we are not turks. but greeks or armenians or anatolian natives...

the same is true for azerbaycan. this lands maybe persian a lot time ago but now it is not. both the turks come from central asia and alevi-kizilbash turks escaped from sunni ottoman state turkized north-west iran.

azeri maybe a persian word. so what? and maybe the word turk is also a persian word. what does it change?

you know the big lake "khazar".the caspian sea.khazar is the turkish name of the lake.
the turks lived on the nort west coast of hazar sea was called as khazara in history.some of them accepted jewish religion. and formed a state named Khazaria. I think khazara is closer to azeri from aturpat.
and as a said, the words are not important. what is important is the feeling. you are what you feel. if an azerbaycanli feels turk,he/she is turk. if an azerbaycanli feels persian, he/she is persian.
if an azerbaycanli feels persian even if he talks turkish, I respect him.

if to say openly, we came from central asia and invaded and turkized what is on our road. half of iran, all the turkey, some of balkans and some of caucasus.I am sorry for persians, armenians and greeks assimilated in turks.maybe my anchestors were a greek or persian or something else. but I call myself as a turk.what describes our nation is language. not the names of the land or the blood.

Azarmehr said...

Well said Ayhan. You are what you feel. We the Iranian Azeris feel Iranian.

Anonymous said...

Ther is no such thing as "iranian Azeri", Iraki Arab, Iranian Persian, or Iranian Turkman.
the name "iran" is in fact a made up word from Ferdowsi's myth "Iran vs Turan".

If we look at the ferdowsis version of "iran", we have to go t Ghandahar in Afghanisan.

There are Azerbaijani Turks that have years been forced to be dividen to north (Republic of Azerbaijan), south (currently northwest Iran).

I am from south Azerbaijan. The name "Iran" reminds me of injustice, chauvinism and butchery of Persians.
An Azerbaijani Turk from Ahar.

Azarmehr said...

Absolute crap! Read Avesta or just some Sassanid texts where not only they clearly refer to Iran but also to Aniran - Un-Iranians.

You say
"The name "Iran" reminds me of injustice, chauvinism and butchery of Persians."

I take it you mean "by Persians", otherwise you are even a bigger idiot than you first come across.

What injustice, chauvinism and butchery have you suffered BY the Persians?

ayhan said...

azermehr please do not use bad words and give up saying ( I am azeri)
whay cant you say ( I am persian)? does your tongue cannot say this word?
there are albanians, checens, bosnian muslims in turkey and they feels turk and if you ask them what your nation is, they say we are first turk. so if you are such a good citizen of persian iran and you like persians, you must proudly say I am persian.

ayhan said...

azemehr please do not use bad words. it shows that you are defending false things.
and give up saying "Iam azeri"
why cant you say "I am persian"?
can not your tongue say that ?
so if you like persian language and culture and a part of it, why dont you say "I am persian"?

there are checens, geaorgians, albanians and bosnian muslims in turkey many of them mixed with turks. if you ask them what your nati0n is,they will reply

ayhan said...

azemehr please do not use bad words. it shows that you are defending false things.
and give up saying "Iam azeri"
why cant you say "I am persian"?
can not your tongue say that ?
so if you like persian language and culture and a part of it, why dont you say "I am persian"?

there are checens, geaorgians, albanians and bosnian muslims in turkey many of them mixed with turks. if you ask them what your nati0n is,they will reply

ayhan said...

azamehr, please do not use bad words. it shows that you are defending false things and,
give up
saying "I am azeri".why do you insist on that? cannot your tongue syllable the sentence"I am persian"?
so if you like persian language and culture so much and feel a part of that nation, why dont you say "I am persian"?

there are millions of people in turkey who are not turk in origin, mainly immigrants from caucasus and balkans.
if you ask them what your nation is, they will answer "we are turk". they know their original idendity but they are mixed in turkish population and
call themselves as turk. so it is not something shame for you to call yourself as persian. just say the word and understand that there is not a nation called"iranian"

Anonymous said...

azamehr, please do not use bad words. it shows that you are defending false things and, give up
saying "I am azeri".why do you insist on that? cannot your tongue syllable the sentence"I am persian"?
so if you like persian language and culture so much and feel a part of that nation, why dont you say "I am persian"?

there are millions of people in turkey who are not turk in origin, mainly immigrants from caucasus and balkans.
if you ask them what your nation is, they will answer "we are turk". they know their original idendity but they are mixed in turkish population and
call themselves as turk. so it is not something shame for you to call yourself as persian. just say the word and understand that there is not a nation called"iranian"

ayhan said...

azamehr, please do not use bad words. it shows that you are defending false things and, give up
saying "I am azeri".why do you insist on that? cannot your tongue syllable the sentence"I am persian"?
so if you like persian language and culture so much and feel a part of that nation, why dont you say "I am persian"?

there are millions of people in turkey who are not turk in origin, mainly immigrants from caucasus and balkans.
if you ask them what your nation is, they will answer "we are turk". they know their original idendity but they are mixed in turkish population and
call themselves as turk. so it is not something shame for you to call yourself as persian. just say the word and understand that there is not a nation called"iranian"

Anonymous said...

Please shutup AzerMehr! your name says your are the love of Azerbaycan, but your words traits Azerbaycan. GunAzTV producers are the real sons of Azerbaycan...

Yashasin Azerbaycan!
--Eldar Miyanali, Kanada'dan

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of ignorant chauvonism Fars people, such as yourself. The hell is waiting for all you people...

Yashasin Azerbaycan.

--Vahid, Canada

Anonymous said...

It is bad, that I did not see you in Prague, where I am living now. But for you future information Azerbaijan or Azərbaycan (how it really should be writen) totally Turkish word. It mean Az-ər-bay-can. Everything is undertandible. But you should know Azerbaijani Turkish to understand this... You have not. All of this words is part of Azerbaijan. First part is ancestors of Az -er means the same like Ar-az (river, that divide Northern and South Azerbaijan. It is the same meaning like Az in Oghuz... But you do not understand. Bay and Can... I will not inform you. You will not understand - it is fully our words. Read more about khalifa Muaviye and his vezir about Azerbaijan - country of Turks. And one more thing ... my dear Persian-armenian ( and more and more) who do not know who is really... do you know that your ancestors comes from north of river Volga -now is Russia :) Read more my friend...

Azarmehr said...

Mmmm...! So Khalif Mo'Avieh calls it a land of Turks. So Babak Khorramdin whose uprising was years after Mo'avieh during another Arab dynasty must have been Turkish!! despite the fact that both Babak and Khorramdin are Iranian names!!

Thank you for showing your utter ignorance to the rest of the readers.

Lets hope you were not one of those Aranis who sold their weapons to the enemey at the front line and then moved to live in Prague :)))

Azarmehr said...

I have enough "sharaf" to let the likes of you publish the nonsense you come up with. Does Ahmad Bey have enough "sharaf" to let an Iranian Azeri come on his TV and tell him what nonsense he is talking about?

Go and imagine that Hamurabi wrote the first human rights charter, you idiot.

Let me know what Ahmad Bey does for a living, that he can afford to run the TV station on his own without having to go to work.

If Ahmad Bey is so keen on joining the Aranis, why does he not go and live in Aliyev's kingdom? Surely no one is stopping him. Why does he go and live in America?

Traitors are people like him who are financed by foreigners to act against the motherland Iran and the land of Aturpat (Azarpad).

By the way you have a nice Iranian name :))

ayhan said...

azarmehr why dont you answer questions of yasmin directly and you go on playing
with words? because yasmin talks the real things and you cannot answer
and you talk about hammurabi,aturpad aliyev s kingdom or such stupid things. are you talking to children?
I searched many websites about iran azeri people and I learned that they call themselves as "tork", and their language as "torki"
you are an arani and persian, not azerbaycan turks. with which brain you say azerbaycan people are arani or persian ?
we both talk turkish, can you not understand this? why dont you think logical?
what about the name yasmin? the name yasmin makes someone persian?( iranian in your language)
the arabic names will make us arabic? you talk so stupid and illogical.
go on wathcing gunaz tv and see people calling.

please say " I am a persian and so happy and I want no other nation-languages in iran" to name your feelings.
you are a persian and you cant say that sentence directly and lie to people.

Anonymous said...

i think u r slave of islamic repaublic of iran i am sorry for u plz listen!! fars people that only have desert atrabiutes make u a dunky and say to u that fars is arian and fars has 2000 year history etc and u beleive them and forget your great turkish culture,think about future of world which only population and power of languages make the world in that world fars(afganian and tajik that are desert people) will not exeist and will melted !!!! u and other people like u should be informed indepentedly by independent medias of free world what r u doing there ????in free world ???i think only spying for fars and armanian government i am sorry for u u should be fu.....!!!

Azarmehr said...

Ayhan, Indians also speak English. According to your warp logic, Indians and English should be the same people.

Yasmin please tell me what discrimination you have encountered for being Azeri?
Have they refused you university place? Have they refused you a job? can you bot get a government post??

You are so keen on moving to the other side of your "mother country" you should see how the "mother country" police will treat you:

Hope you celebrated Nowrooz and had fun as did the Arani people when I watched their TV station. Of course Ayhan and Vahid (from Canada) will say Nowrooz is Turkish :))))

Keep posting your comments though, it really shows how ignorant you are about history.

Just one last word though. It is unfair to criticise Ayhan and Yasmin's English. But this guy Vahid Garussi:
lives and studies in Canada and :
"ignorant chauvonism Fars people"
:)) Now perhaps he should convince the Canadians that he should study in his "mother tongue"

Azarmehr said...

what did I predict? Now they say Nowrooz is a Turkish thing! :))

Yes Yasmin jAn, the Turkish language was impose on us Azeris by the Turkish invaders. Prior to that we spoke Azeri which was a Persian dialect. See my earlier posts and I really recommend you read Ahmad Kasravi's book on the origin of Azeri. By the way in case you don't know Kasravi himself was Azeri.

You are talking complete nonsense about the skin colour though. Really complete nonsense in every way. I fear this is the typical Gunaz TV nonsense that has brainwashed you.

Azarmehr said...

One of the people who left a comment saying "I am so sick and tired of ignorant chauvonism Fars people, such as yourself. The hell is waiting for all you people..."
was Vahid Garousi who is now studying in Canada.

He left a link to his webpage and fortunately his bio is there:

"I was born in Miyana, South Azerbaijan, Iran within a family of five children. I am ethnically Azerbaijani (wiki page), a little known region in the world. Azerbaijani is a Turkic ethnic group and language. For this reason, I have tried to represent this country whenever I had a chance, for example once in U. of Waterloo and once in Carleton U. If you want to know more about Azerbaijan, I suggest you take a look at my presentations about Azerbaijan.

I started my schooling on 7 in Mianaji primary school in Miyana and did my middle school at Mustafa Khumeyni school until 14. Then, I went to Tabriz (must-see pictures), capital of Azerbaijan province in Iran, and started my high school at Sa'di school. Being in Tabriz was a great opportunity for me to practice independence and be a grown-up.

After finishing high school, I participated in Iranian's Nation-wide University Entrance Competition (conquer, they call it) on 1996 and ranked 61st among about 490,000 students from all over the country. Having ranked this high, I entered the prominent technical university in Iran (Sharif University of Technology) in Software Engineering. While studying at Sharif University of Technology, I worked as several IT positions like chief software architect, project manager, web programmer and database administrator in several leading Iranian software companies. "

He has also found out about his fourth ancestor, Amir Nizam Hassan Ali Khan Garousi, who was a governor in South Azerbaijan .

So brother! where is the discrimination you moan about???
Sounds to me you have faired better than the Talysh minority in your beloved "North Azerbijan":

Azarmehr said...

Yasmin har na isteysan,

Ok, let me tell you what I define as discrimination. I define it as how the Talysh people are treated in your beloved Republic of Azerbijan. Their leader Alikram Gumbadov is still in TB infested prisons of Aliyev to my knowledge.
Discrimination is what the Bahaiis are going through in Iran.
Discrimination is what the Iranian culture had to go through for 1400 years of Arab and Turkis savage rule.

Ahmad Kasravi, had more linguistic skills than you can imagine. He spoke several languages including English, Arabic, Espranto and ancient Pahlavi fluently. He had more linguistic skills than your beloved Ahmad Bey the traitor.
How can you be so so stupid and brain washed by Gunaz TV to say Kasravi had no linguistic skills???? If brains was taxable do you think you would get a refund?

Kasravi gave his life for his country and his ideas. To call Kasravi a traitor and Ahmad Bay a hero just shows how disillusioned you are.

Name me one famous Azeri man of science, culture, literature, or a national hero like Sattar Khan, who wanted Azerbijan to separate from Iran!

By fighting the false imposed Turkish rule of the nomad invaders of my land, I am fighting for my fathers and mothers. I am the son of Babak and his Khorramdin followers.

I suppose you will think Khorramdin is Turkish as well now?! :))

I am the son of Aturpat (the defender of fire), the Iranian general who freed the Azeri part of Iran from the Greek invaders and now we call the area under his rule as the land of the defender of fire (Azarbadegan) which the Turks pronounce as Azerbijan.

Now I suppose you will tell me Aturpat and Azarbadegan is Turkish :)))

Dear misguided disillusioned Yassmin, Azarbadegan has always been the heart of Iran. Your country is not the corrupt kingdom of Aliyev, your country is Iran. Step out of this Turkish assimilation and get back to your roots. Stop being a traitor.

ayhan said...

azermehr bey
indian people can speak english but it is not their mother language. mother language is the language you learned from family, not from school. so yasmin's mother language and 30 million azeri, turkmen,and kasgays' mother language in iran is turkish. just accept this. you fars people are minority in your country.

Azarmehr said...

Yassmin bAnoo,

You are lost and narow minded as you couldn't answer any of my points.

You are lost because you have lost your identity to 1000 years of Turkish misrule.

You are lost because you think Kasravi is not a linguist and is a traitor.

Compare your life with that of the Aranis. All of you have done well from Iran, both culturally, educationally and in terms of your standard of living.

You will never win, the likes of you have had better opportunities than this to tear apart Azarabadegan from Iran but history shows you will fail.

Anonymous said...


I am an Iranian Azeri. An Iranian first, and then an Azeri. These days there is organized movement that is taking advantage of the current situation in Iran and is using the stupidity of the ruling clergy to plant the seeds of seperatism in Iran. I want to salute you for taking time and making effort to reveal the true face of those who want to isolate our dear Azarbayjan from our dear iran.

Yashasin Iranimiz

Azarmehr said...

Until there are the likes of you and I, the vast majority of Iranian Azeris, they will never get anywhere.

ayhan said...

azarmehr you must know I dont care about azeris who assimilated in persian. I don care whether azerbaycan people want to seperate or not.
I respect azeri people who are happy to live in iran with persians and other nations in peace even if they cannot have their tv channels or schools.
what I dont understand is that: you say azeri people are notof turkish origin. my logic cannot accept this. you say under the 1000 years of turkish invasion, north west iran was turkized by linguisticaly, so then , why all the iran were not turkised? what abour isfahan, meshed? are these cities was not governed by turks for 1000 years? was isfahan not the capital city of selchuks for a long time?
the truth is that:
turkmen-oguz tribes used azerbaycan as a route to anatolia and some of the tribes stayed in azerbaycan. so they are ethnically turks. do you have a more logical explanation? please say somethings by logic..dont tell me about stupid things like atarpur or azarbadegan or etc...
the land we live in turkey is anatolia. and anatolia is possibly a greek word so what does it change? are we greks?
I know no people in the world who refuse their mother languge and is shameful of its ethnic identy and proud of being assimilated, except the ones like you.

you hate turks, the people of aliyev's kingdom ( they call themselves azeri turku) and you like persians and their languages so why dont you identify yourself as persian?

have you listened to "alim gasimov"? his concerts in tabriz attracted thousands of people in tabriz. and I konw people in tebris only talks turkish in home and streets. so I think not all the azeri people thinks like you ( if you are azeri really?)

I am a person who give importance to logic. I discuss with you because you tell people illogical things.

and tell me why do you hate turks in turkey and " aliyevs kingdom", if you are a real azeri.

this week 14 pkk terrorist have been killed in diyarbakir and kurdish terrorist people have gathered to protest turkish military and state firing automobiles, shops, banks, hospitals...

and I heard 7 iranian soldiers have been killed by Pejak ( iran branch of pkk) in iran. do you love PKK ? if you dont, why do you tell people as if kurdish people in turkey want to celebrate nevroz but police did not allow them? you must now , kurdish terrorist people ( meybe 1/3 of kurdish people) use nevruz politicaly. they harm around... they turns everything into political.

I would be glad if a kurdish state formed in southeastern turkey and all the terrorist kurds be kicked from other parts of turkey to this kurdistan..I dont want to live with ignorant and terrorist people. but it is impossible.. they need turkey economicaly . there is nothing in southh east turkey but mountains and ignorant, uneducated people.

Azarmehr said...

Answer to Yassmin, Iranians are those who celebrate Nowrooz, 4Shanbeh Suri, enjoy the mixed Iranian culture and traditions, enjoy the rich Persian literature and care for the prosperity of their fellow country men. Iranians are those who consider the likes of Zarathustra, Cyrus, Darius, Aryobarzan, Aturpat, Suren, Poor-Sina, Razi, Babak Khorramdin, Mardaviz, Ferdowsi, Sattar Khan, Baqer Khan, ... as their heroes. Iranians are those who share the sorrows of our defeats and are jubiliant at the victories of our nation. Iranians are those who have benefitted from the riches and opportunities provided by our land.

Azarmehr said...

Ayhan, applying logic to you is like attempting to cut concrete with a piece of string. Logic and Ayhan do not mix.

You never answer anyone else's questions and then you pose new irrelevant questions.

The Turkish spoken in Azarabadegan is a mixture of Turkish and Azeri which was spoken in that land before. There are hardly any nouns which are not of Persian in that language, they are just pronounced with an Azeri accent.

For example:

Table in Persian : miz in Azeri Mz
Wall in Persian : Divar in Azeri Devar
Light in Persian : Cheragh in Azeri : Chiragh
Carpet in Persian : Farsh in Azeri : Farsh
Window in Persian: Panjareh in Azeri: Panjara

Rubbish in Persian: Ashghal in Azeri: AshkAl

Pen in Persian: khodkAr in Azeri: khodkAr

Trousers in Persian: shalvAr in Azeri : shAlvAr

socks in Persian: joorAb in Azeri: jorAb


There are many other tribes across Iran who are also of Turkish origin, like Turkoman in North East, and Qashqayi who are in fact very patriotic towards Iran.

The Seljuks, Qaznavis and other Turkish dynasties which ruled Iran for 1000 years, were so fascinated by the Persian culture that they themselves became Persian. After all theirs was a savage basic nomadi traditions and they were faced with the might of Persian culture and literature. The Book of Kings by Ferdowsi, our greatest collection of mythologies was in fact sponsored by the Qaznavi King.

Even the Ottoman court when corresponding in writing during the Safavids wrote in Persian.

The Turkish literature was so poor and limited that the great Ata - Turk ( for whom I have the upmost respect and admiration) found it relatively easy to change the writing into Latin. In Iran however we had so much writing that the task was imposible.

Go and watch Mashdi Ebad, the musical made in Aran, watch Mashdi Ebad when he lights up the candles
before his bride is due to enter. He recites and sings in Persian.

I dont know if you are of turkmen-oguz origin or not. I have never seen you I dont know if you have mongolian like features or not, but the majority of Turks I know do not have those features. They look the same as Greeks. In Cyprus its also impossible to distinguish the two from each other. So yes the people of Anatolia are of Lydian and Greek origin, who have lost their identity and in order not to be gang banged raped further by the savage Oguz, must have at some point said "yes we are Turks". By the way read whtat Yassmin says about the skin colour :)))

People of Tabriz go and see Gasimov, so would I if I were there. Just like I went to see the Shaolin monks in London or when I went to Opera in Prague. You see our Iranian culture is so great that it equips us with the means to enjoy other cultures. Not like your one dimensional nomadic ways.

As for PKK or or Pejak and such like of course I have no time for anyone who terrorises innocent people and believes in the creation of some Stalinist state, but before you criticise Iran for discrimination! against its Turkish speakers, see your own back door and how you discriminate against your own minorities.
You used to call your Kurdish minority, mountain Turks, we never called our Turkoman minority in such deragotory ways. We say we are all Iranians. All our minorities have lived happily along each other and mixed, and all have contributed to our evolving rich culture. Our politicians, statesmen, poets, scientists etc. have had distinguished members from all different ethnicities. Ethnicity has never been an issue in Iran. After all we had the first and the moste tolerant empire created by Cyrus the Great where we respected other people's beliefs and ways.

Look at Vahid Garoussi above in the comments. This ungrateful arsehole's great grand father was teh governor in Azarabadegan, he was 61St in teh all entrance exams in teh country, he goes to Sharif university, he uses all the opportunities and means our rich country provided and then he goes to Canada and talks about the separation of Azarabadegan from Iran. How many of his Arani counterparts had the opportunities he has had?

So my probably Greek friend hope all this logic was not too painful for you and you are not going to fall ill on a logic overdose :)

ayhan said...

ok. most of turks in turkey have no mongolid features as you say. but dont forget turkish language has spread around hazar lake so many thousands years ago. so not all turks have to look like mongolic race.
what is important is my mother language, our folk songs ( turku) , our poets..
it is sure turks mixed with native anatolian people but it doesnt matter. the culture and language stayed turkish..
you must know a dinasty cannot change the language of the people . ottoman couldnot change greeks to turks...grek language have lived so far. so been the other languages in different countries ruled by osmanli.and what I think is that azeri people are surely of turkish origin. I undersatand azeri dialect, I watch azeri tv channels at home.I also listened people called from tabriz, ardebil, urumiye and qazvin in gunaz tv and I also understood what they said even thought the telephone line was bad. and I understand everything even if we speak istanbul turkish, not erzurum or kars turkish. you cannot say that people who speak the same dialect in erzurum, kars , tabriz and baku are people of different ethnic identidy.azeri grammar is completeley turkish. and words spoken in public are almost all turkish. can you understand this poet? please count the persian words in it.

Ellerini uzup menden
Yarim bir bash geder oldu
Can deyip can eshiderdik
Bu ayrilik neden oldu

Gizil gulem bes neyem men
Bulbulem gafesdeyem men
Gezirem men gemli gemli
Goren deyir hesteyem men

oz eshgimle dilegimle
Ayrı dushtum ellerle men
Ancag senden ayri gezen
ureh degil beden oldu

Can deyip can eshiderdik
Bu ayrilik neden oldu

pencere is also pencere in istanbul turkish, meaning window.. we have many persian and arabic words. in 1930, 70 percent of words seen in newspapers was arabic and a bit farsi but not in public. in law etc... ataturk throwed these words and changed it with words of turkish-public spoken arabic influence is rare.
I have a blog spot here surely that you wont like..

I have a photo there and I want to delete it but I could not succeed. could you help me how to delete this pic?

ayhan said...

Table in Persian : miz in Azeri Miz in istanbul turkish:masa or tabla
Wall in Persian : Divar in Azeri Devar inistanbul turkish :duvar
Light in Persian : Cheragh in Azeri : Chiragh in istanbul turkis chira ( used for pine wood piece, the meaning must be different but we use this word)
Carpet in Persian : Farsh in Azeri : Farsh, we say hali, kilim.
Window in Persian: Panjareh in Azeri: Panjara in istanbul turkis:pencere

Rubbish in Persian: Ashghal in Azeri: AshkAl- no equal word I know

Pen in Persian: khodkAr in Azeri: khodkAr : kalem in istanbul turkish

Trousers in Persian: shalvAr in Azeri : shAlvAr,shalvar in istanbul turkish. shalvar is the name of the trousers that my mother wears when she is in the village.shalvar is a turkish word.all village women in anatolia and men in the east wear shalvar.

socks in Persian: joorAb in Azeri: jorAb chorab in istanbul turkish

so we use many of these words..even in istanbul, not in erzurum . erzurum people speak much closer to azeri people.

ayhan said...

here is a folk song from
Hasan Cudari from tabriz ..
pease count the persian words.

araz uste buz uste
kebap yanar koz uste
goy meni oldursunler
bir alagoz GIZ uste

narinca bah narinca
saklaram yar SARILINCA
yardan cevap alinca

arazam kure menden
bulbulem gule menden
sdindirmeyin gamimi
bir shirin dile menden

su geler dalga dalga
bir ucu bizim arka
gomshudan bir GIZ sevdim
Anamdan gorka gorka

ay ana gIZIN degilem
Torbada DUZUN degilem
ay ana balan degilem
gidirem gelen degilem

Azarmehr said...


The spoken dialect in Azarabdegan is very hard to understand by the Turks in Istanbul. I was in Bodrum and Kusadasi and I know that for a fact. There are also words which are completely different and can create embarassing situations. For example kArkhAnA is a Persian word meaning factory and in Azeri it means the same however in your Turkish it means a brothel!
ArvAt is referred to as one's wife in Azeri and again its a deragotory term in your Turkish. Yolchi is a beggar in Azeri and you refer to travellers as yolchi etc.....

some of the Persian words in your poem:
Can, Bulbul, hesteyim, gul, gafes, eshgh ....

The nouns are persian its just the verbs that gives them a different sound. For example the Persian equivalent of :

Bulbulem gafesdeyem men

would be:

Bolbole dar gafasam man

How can you say an invading population can not change the mother tongue language? How many native Americans now speak their true mother tongue? Just because they speak English, are native Americans English? What about the Spanish that invaded South America, are the Bolivian natives who now speak Spanish, really Spanish? Come on!

As for your photo, by the way you look Iranian or Greek not Mongolian, just go to your blog dashboard, edit the story where your Iranian looking picture is, select it and delete it and publish it again.

Anonymous said...

The Turks do not know that almost more than 30% of their vocabulary is of Persian origin. Another 40% is arabic. This was due to the lack of culture among Turks that did not have words for many concepts and had to borrow from persian or Arabic. I randomly opened a page in a Turkish dictionary.
Pay attention Turks:
fener (persian Fanar)
Fenni(Arabic Fann with persian ending )
fert(persian Fard)
fesat(Arabic fasaad)
fetih(Arabic fat-h)
findik(Persian fandogh)
fircha(Persian fercheh)
firsat(Arabic forsat)
fistik(persian pesteh)
fihrist(persian fehrest)
fikir(Arabic fekr)
fil(persian fil)
END of Page

Of course most Turks of Turkey do not know about their own vocabulary and think the words they are using are Turkish.

ayhan said...

hey rasoul,
you say things really silly. open a turkish newspaper or watch a turkish tv and count how many foreign words are.
of course there are arabic and farsi words in turkish vocabulary. arabic is mostly in law vocabulary. but it is not 40 percent as you allege. and we dont use everything on the turkish vocabulary dictionaries.there are man synom words...

of course you will find many arabic and persian words if you look at the letters"f","m""l". because turkish words cannot start with this voives. there are no originally turkish words starting with these words...!!!!!!
such as
fistik,fare,feza etc...
learn turkish grammar and vocabulary structure and talk after then.
arabic language affected turkish so much because it is the religion persian also been affected by arabic.thanks to ataturk, we changed many arabic words on newspapers with turkish-public spoken words and we saved our language from arabic pression.

some of your chosen words from the dictionary have the synoms in turkish so:

Fenni(Arabic Fann with persian ending )-bilimsel
fert(persian Fard)-kishi
fesat(Arabic fasaad)-arabozan
fihrist(persian fehrest)-sozluk
fikir(Arabic fekr)dushunce

ayhan said...

resul, you must have made up this 30 percent farsi and 40 percent arabic in turkish not with your brain but with something other...

ayhan said...

thanks. I deleted the pic..

Azarmehr said...

u r most welcome dear Ayhan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ayhan,

Please give it the benefit of doubt that I know Turkish structure and grammer before making a judgement about it. My intention of course was not to put the Turkish language down and disregard its beauty. Turkish is one of my favorite languages; and I also think that it's an important language in a sense that some form of Turkic is spoken from pacific to Balkan. I also salute the efforts initiated by Ataturk for the reform of the Turkish language. My argument was about the lack of culture in Turkish language and a long way it has to go to acheive the level of culture and class that Arabic or Persian enjoy. The fact that no words in original Turkish start with letters F or L or M is nothing to be proud of, but is an indication of a Vocal deficiency of the language. Please read an introductory book in linguistics.
Also the fact that the Turks have borrowed a huge amount of vocabulary from other languages to convey ideads is another factor that bothers me about the language. The movement that started by Ataturk to start building a pure language and rid the language of foreign words is of course something that I am also proud of. But this process had to start a long time ago and not in the 20th century. I believe that Turkish culture and poetry is largely influenced by Persian; and it's extremely a difficult task (if not impossible) to purify this language. But then, of course, both of us can not be right together:
sen aga, ben aga
koyunlara kim saga?

ayhan said...

salam resul ,

you and azarmehr maynot know that,
ottoman sultans did not behave good to turkish language and turkmen population of turkey. they saw turkish language only as the language of the military. and turkmen people of anatolia was behaved as second class citizens until the latest times of ottoman. the language of law was almost arabic, and the ottoman padishahs and famaous poets wrote persian poems. padishas married with greek, italian or serb womens.

turkish language lived only in puplic and did not develop much untill modern turkey. while ottoman sultans wrote poems with persian, shah ismail hatayi wrote poems in turkish and ismail attracted anatolian turkmens on his side, making them alevi.

turkish poems lived only in public, by yunus emre, haci bektash veli , koroglu etc who are mostly alevi kizilbash origin.this alevi -kizilbash poems was said with saz and used as a mean to pray from anatolia to balkans. even today there are many alevi-kizilbash turks in bulgaria.

I am not a religious person, I think alevi-kizilbash praying ceremonies is the contuniation of the shamanist praying of turks before islam, which mixed with shia islam..

about the letters and language..,
I know turkish was not as developed as arabic in law and peotry. but it did not stop people learning turkish, and many people in anatolia and balkans and azerbaycan be turkized. turkish is a very logical and regular language so this easied its spreading among people.
tukish spreaded on many areas and it is very enjoying to see that a turk in bulgaria can understand a person in baku or tabirz. but it is not so easy to understand eac hother for 2 kurds who talks zaza or kirmanci dialects even if there are located is the same for persian dialects as far as I know.
except l,f and m letters there are j,r letters with which a turkish word cannot start with. so there are total 5 letters that cannot be used in the start of a turkish word.
if turkish imports a word with r, or l,people in anatolia balkans and azerbaycan will add a vocal before this words. such as,


I think this is not something of deficiency but a rule in the language. and you must know we have 3
ö,ü:OKUZ vocals many indo europan language dont have.
I must add I enjoy poems with turkish "hece" counting . it sounds to my ear so nice. many folk songs uses the "hece" count in lines.

kopruden gecti gelin-7 sylable
sachbaghi dustu gelin
eghil bir yol opeyim
gencligim gecti gelin

oy yaylalar yaylalar
duman baghladiniz mi
ben askere gidende
gizlar aghladinizmi

yaylanin bashindayim
gurgenin dalindayim
anam beni sorarsa
gizlarin yanindayim

alma attim nar geldi
koynek aldim dar geldi
o yandan kolge dustu
hele bildim yar geldi.

there are also songs with 11,10,5 sylables or different..

Azarmehr said...

ayhan, we are diverting from our original discussion. Every language is nice. I wish I could speak all the languages in the world, then I could enjoy all the niceties of all the literature in the world. I am lucky that I can speak 4 but the more the better.

But going back to our original discussion, we rather remain Iranian and are not interested in leaving Iran and joining Aran or any other country. Iran is our motherland and it will remain that.

ayhan said...

ok lets go back to our point.
iranian looks like american. and , I hope, after the mollah regime collapsed, you form a state with full freedoms on languages and tvs.
but, until here, I perceived that you are dreaming of a country with persian culture only, such like the regime of ultra nationalist and racist riza pehlevi, who banned azeri turkish in public and banished many azeri villages into interior iran not to allow them to get closer with turkey.

for this idea , you are trying to persuade azeri turks to think they are of indo europan race and assimilated to turks only by language.. you want them to hate turkey and turks and north azerbaycan..
the only tie who connects persian people and azeri turks is the shia. religion and fractions are still important in iran. if some azeri people doest like turkey , it must be because of the mostly sunni sect of turkey and its people.
there are alevi kizilbash people in turkey who are also a shia branch , but they pray different and do not fast in ramadan like kashgays in iran..
when the ties with religion start to decline, you will see nationalism will rise in both persians, and azeri turks. as it happened with kurds in turkey.
you are on the persian side, as being assimilated.
if I am wrong, I apologize.but this is what I perceive so are hiding under the word iranian to cover your nationalist persian side and to look pretty to other nations of iran.
if you really think of an iran in which people at least will have their own tv channels in their own languages, I respect you.

Anonymous said...

Hey PanTorklar! Your GuzAz TV is off the air now! Do you know why? Because Ankara pulled the plug on the them. And Ankara knows what it's doing! The message is clear. Don't mess with Iran! Cause you don't want us messing with you!

And why do you lie all the time? Is this a central feature of being a Pan-Tork? You want to separate Azarbaijan from Iran. You kept saying it on GuzAz. So then when you write your pathetic letters, you say you only want cultural freedom for Azarbaijan! Your lies show how weak you really are!
Yashasin Iran.
Yashasin Azarabadegan!

Anonymous said...

first befor azarmehr start making fun of my english, i should say i cant speak english well
, and i cant write english well ,i wish i could write in azari but i am defently sure that
u dont know the wrting, onun için çox üzülerek ingilizce yazmax zorundiyam though hamımız türküz
see AZERI azarmehr this is our first problem i cant write enything to my azari friend because
we have never been taught how to write our language, and for your knowlge, there is a new law
that no azari newspaper (half azari , because there is no full azari newspaper in iran) can wite in latin
and they all should be in arabic, though everyone knows about the dificulty in writing turkish in arabic alfabet

first i am elchin qere tepe from tabriz , and i am living in iran , studing in tehran university
, so i , as an azari in persian provilence (almost) can tell you about dificulties we have in iran
first of all what is your reaction when for a first time a persian call you "DUNKEY TURK"
, if u say no one call you that, you are liar , and if you say i amnot a turk , to react ,
you are stupid.

i am living with all this true persain , they think they are the cleverest,
people of the world , and how they think about turkd(i mean azari turks) , arabs is disgusting.
they think if isalm(arabs) and turks havent had come to iran, and if hakhamaneshi , sasani
empiors continued iran become best country in the world. what this persian think about cyrus (kurosh)
always make me laugh, about human right, i dont remeber the exact word but just see how much humanist
right was that he said in his KATIBE every one that agrees whit me i award him , and every one that
disagree i killed, see , this is democracy, all the world should learn .

azarmehr i wanna congraculate you. you found yourself a new QURAN ,i mean that kasravi book of only know two thing about azarbaycan ., first azarbaycan name was atrupatkan and second thing
this book of kasravi ( i've read that , full of crap, he claims that he found two willage in azarbaycan , which
speak leanguage of tati that he calls it ancient azari pahlavi. then his result was astunishing, he said, so all
azarbaycan language was tati , azari pahlavi or whatever . but he couldnt say may be this two willage people was
migrate to that place, and as i said book was fool of crap. crap , and crap continus till the end of book, )
by the way , they say because sheykh safi ardabili have one talish poem he is talish, very interesting , his living
in ardabil that is near the talish, and how the hell a azari turk could know talish language.

realy interesting theory they have they say turk influence make azarbaycan turk , but
mongols couldnt make azarbaycan turk, saljugh couldnt, ghaznavi couldnt, teymur couldnet , untill the safavis azarbaycani people was still
pure aryans. and safavis wasnt turk at all, so who the hell make all people of whole azarbaycan turks.i dont know how afte that this blood thirsty , barberian turk could went to all the willage one
bye one , in all houses and make all the people talk turkish, even make mother to speak turkish to their babies, you know right now with all radio , television,
newspaper all pesian stuff in all of our houses , i still speak azari turkish. i rea;y wondering the techlonogue the barberian turk had in that time yhat can make the biggest influense of all

and please dont compare us with indian in USA or welsh in Britain because i am not a minority , maybe a kurd, arab , baluch is
but in this country i am not just look at , this is not a panturkist site
this is not my weblog this is reality, just open you eyes an look at the biggest ethnic group in iran and then tell me that who
should learn whose language.

i read all 90 comment and i have some answer for some comment
about turkish is a weak language that have some arabic and persain word in it. for your knowledge
"rayiise farhangestane loghat " in his interview said we cant make new persian word for every foreign word we have because 65% of pesian languge
is arabic , so see which language is weak and poor. bye the way do you have any idia how many turkish
word are in persain,

otagh, ghashogh, boshghab,boshke,ojagh, achar,azgil,alachigh, alangoo, boghche, beyragh ,toshak,chakme, daghoon, soopoor
sanjagh,soortme, sogoli, shabash, shallagh, ghogha, ghablame, ghatogh, ghachagh, ghalpagh, ghaltagh, ghali , ghayegh, yeylagh,
gheshlagh, ghoshoon,ghala, katkhoda(ket= roosta), keshik, kilim, gostakh, galen gedan ,lavash, hardambil ,yataghan, yaghi, yaghe
yavash, yoortme.
but this is just some of thousentd of turkish word in persian

about closing gunaz tv in turksat , i just say this wasnt what turkey do, it was what AKP, and recep tayeb erdogan do, i beleave
people in turky dont have same opnion.

and i say hi too ayhan , and yasmin and one thing please do insist you are not pan-turk , pantukism isnt a bad thing it is about
joining people together to make better tomorrow, but this is not what iranian(persains) russians and Eurapian like to happen to us

some one live a comment and in the end he said yashasin iranim , i've never heard of thish yashasin

but this is the one everyone knows YASHASIN AZARBAYCAN,


Anonymous said...

you say why turkish call kurd , mountain turk. but look at yourself , if you are an azari you do know that we dont call ourself azari , we say i am a TURK , i speak TURKI, and persian in street call us TORK and our language TORKI ,but in the writing , in newspaper, tv they call us azari (They mean kasravi azari or pahlavi azari)

Azarmehr said...

This is not a comment, you have written a book. Are you trying to compete with Kasravi? :)

I can't be bothered to answer all your points, I have answered most of them before. But let me just tell you about the Donkey Turk expression. This was not made up by the Persians, it was made by the Ottoman rulers in Turkey. Turk at that time was a deragotary term used by the Ottomans, sort of meaning a peasant - dehAti - The term Turk only became an expression to call the people of Anatolia with in the 19th century.

Azarmehr said...

By the way, elchin qere tepe from tabriz, where the hell did you get that crap about Cyrus's katibeh? Are you now inventing things? Cyrus abolished slavery 2500 years ago, way ahead of his time, whether you like it or not!

Anonymous said...

ok azarmehr, what do you mean by

"where the hell did you get that crap about Cyrus's katibeh? Are you now inventing things?"

i'll give you prove but , i have to write in persain ( your favorite languafe)

band 8 az sotoone avale katibeye daryoosh dar bistoon
"dar in keshvarha mardi ke vafadar bood oo ra khoob navakhtam. an ke bi vafa bood oo ra sakht keyfar dadam."

see, this is the exact thing i said before , if by human right you mean this crap, we already have it in IRAN

and please dont call me a liar.

Azarmehr said...

It is exactly because of the likes of you Elchin Qare Teppe that the Turke khar expression doesnt go away. My dear donkey brains don't you realise Kourosh is one king and Daryoush is another??!!!
Cyrus's cylinder is one thing and katibeh bistoon another?

This is the crap you wrote:
"persian think about cyrus (kurosh)
always make me laugh, about human right, i dont remeber the exact word but just see how much humanist
right was that he said in his KATIBE every one that agrees whit me i award him , and every one that
disagree i killed,"

And even this is a mistranslation of Daryoush's carvings in Bistoon. That was 2500 years ago, evaluate history according to its own time dimension, you shit for brains.

1400 years later after Daryoush, the Turkish savages were drinking wine from the skulls of their slayed enemies and now arse for brains like you criticize Cyrus and Darius and want to identify with some nomadic savages???

Truly you are a Turke khar!

ayhan said...

hi elchin hanim.
even if I had decided not to write on this blog because it is cencored and controllded as if it is managed by a totalitarian person with no freedom perspect,
I wanted to write for you.

anout the gunaz tv:
elchinhanim you must know turkey and iran is too great country. and the government must think politically , not with feelings.. AKP government did not want to quit this tv ftrom turksat but they had to do. as a serious state turkey must obey agreements with other countries.

I am sorry for the iranian public , not only azeri turks in iran. this nuclear-mania terrorist regime managed by stupid persons like Ahmedinejad is the first problem of iranian people. first of all, you must come together with all the iranian people to overturn this regime. after this regime collapse, persian nationalist people like azarmehr will want to rule in iran, applying more pressure on turks of iran. so your real war against this people will begin.

I am not a panturkist as I said before. I feel nothing for kazak ,kirgiz or ozbek people and I am sure they feel nothing for us.all the central asia turkic countries are friend of armenia. they feel nothing for the azeri turks killed or escaped from karabag. I dont want to be the same nation with them.
but it is sure we anatolian and azeri, balkan and crimean turks are all the same nation.

you must tak to azarmehr knwing that he is a pan-persianist. he is not an azeri turk. He say "I am azeri" and he speaks like a persian, this is vary ridiculous. it is something like a kurd to be a turkish nationalist.
I saw no person who make narionalism of the nation he doesnt belong is very ridiculous.

yasmin hanim, I dont have many information about azeri turks in iran. as far as I see form here, azeri many azeri people are assimilated in persian. is it right? if you say there are so many azeri turk in iran. where is their voices? why they died in the front lines of iraq war? why iran do not support azerbaycan and friend of armenia?, who chosed Ahmedinejad? Who is hamaney? an azeri turk? why iran supported PKK so many years against turkiye?

form here it looks like, most of azeri people are assimilated in persian language and they describe theirselves as Shia.because they give importance to religion, it is not important for them to be assimilited in persians so they do nothing and happy with persians..
if I am wrong please correct me.

ayhan said...

about the the term "turk"
azarmehr what are you trying to do ? why do you hate turks so much? they did something bad to you?
we are talking turkish for thousand of years. the first state namend with turk is the gokturks state. formed after huns.
in 13. century, karamanoglu state in anatolia made turkish the offical name of the state.
you know turkmen and turk is the equal. how can you say this word was used as from 19. century?
we are the oguz-turkmen branch of turk.tukish speaking people in turkey, iran and iraq are all turkmen. selchuks, akkoyunlu, karakoyunlu were turkmen states.we are all turkmen as ethnically. the term turk now is used for turks ok turkey now.but it has been used in ottoman and old ages too..
in ottoman, people living in nomadich style were called turkmen. but after they had settled in cities, they had been called turk..
you hate turks so much that you make up things. you can write a book about who are turks, blackening them. I am sure your book will be snatched by armenians and greeks and persian nationalist people.

Anonymous said...

alright . my friend, i accept my mistake , i confused the daryush and kurush katibes.

but look at yourself , just read the last commment you write,
did i call you names, did i direspect you , even one time, no,
you can read whole my comment, i didnt disrespect you , not even your felow persian people,
but see , how much hate you have against turks, azaries , your brothers , that you can say donkey word too me and too them ,3 times in such a short time just to show how much right you are.
but again i apologie for my mistake . i hope you do too.if you even think , you make one.

but this shows me one thing no azari say donkey turk , because it come back staight too him......

Aryamehr said...

I'm part Azeri and my loyalty will ALWAYS be towards my motherland Iran.

If some TORKE KHAR wants to come to Azerbaijan and create trouble he will be squashed and defeated.

Iranian Azeri's are NOT Turks but as Azarmehr has pointed out, a thousand times, have a turkified language. Having a turkified language DOES NOT mean that the people are Turks, only an IDIOT would say so.


The province of Azarabadegan is an integral part of Iran, it's the crown of Iran if you may, and the KIANI crown of Iran WILL NEVER be seperated from its body -Iran. Your wet dreams of claiming Iranian Azarabadegan as yours are just that WET DREAMS. And if you ever dare attack Iranian soil, Iranian Azeri's will be the first to confront you and protect Iran as they have in the past.

Now just as a last statement I have nothing against SANE Turks but these IDIOT PAN-TURANISTS are really a low bunch. But their activities sure does raise the patriotism of Iranian Azeri's such as myself towards my motherland Iran!

Yashasin Iran!
Yashasin Azarabadegan!

Hanif Leylabi said...

I can't believe this conversation!

Who gives a crap about the ethnicity of Azeris in Iran compared to Azerbajani Azeris?

What does all this matter?

Surely we should be calling for linguistic rights for all and a federal system for all while promoting all Iranian cultures.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're a little deluded. The repetition of your certain viewpoints in every post is evidence enough. You have become assimilated, so I don't think imposing the view that most Azeris share your opinions is correct. You are entitled to your own views as wrong and deluded as they are. Convincing you otherwise is a waste of my time, as the other posters have shown.

BTW the comparison with Azeri and Persians words was wrong in some places...perhaps another show of the extent of your assimilation to the Persian culture :)

Azarmehr said...

The thing about you lot is that you just throw a comment and then run. Why dont you say which comparison of Azeri and Persian words was wrong, Mr. Annonymous?

May be I am wrong, may be after 27 years of miseducation by th emullahs the Azeris have forgotten their identity and now think they are Turk. 27 years ago Iranians also forgot their identity and thought they were Muslims first then Iranians. Look at what happened. If Azeris think they are Turks and want to separate from Iran, that is a recepie for disaster, I guarantee.

Anonymous said...

Azermehr, you are simply a hack. You present b.s as fact such as references Kasravi the hack, when others call you out on your b.s you simply attack their lack of English. You call yourself an Azeri, yet you passionately defend the Fars. I have read all the 101 comments that are listed here, and I must say that it feels like you are very sensitive about the Fars. You go out of your way to show the Fart :)) as a civilized people, and you call Turks savages. Now I have met some sell-out Turks, but even the most sell-out Turk would never glorify the Fars as you do. So my conclusion is that you are a Fart :)).

Anonymous said...

Azermehr you claim that Turks and Arabs savaged Iran and your beloved Fars. Though it is true that Arabs ravaged all who crossed their path, same is not true for the Turks. As a matter of fact the Seljuk Turks actually promoted the use of Farsi in poetry, literature, and regular everyday use. Same with the other Turks who ruled Iran, the Safavids. So why dont the Fars chovenists extend the same courtesy to the majority of its great Azeri population today?

Anonymous said...

Azermahr why do you keep referring to Kasravi. Kasravi this, kasravi that. Why dont you refer to some real Azeri authors such as Dr. Mehemmed Tagi Zehtabi, who was and is a respected and revered Philolouge and author among the Azeri intellegensia? Or Dr. Jevad Heyat who is also a respected figure. Kasravi is only respected by the Fars authorities that financed and supported him, and by mangurts like you.

Azarmehr said...

My conclusion is that you are an anonymous scared timid person who cant make a point but fart.

Azarmehr said...


please please learn how to spell something you repeat a thousand times a day. its chauvinist ok?

There is no such thing as Persian people. Persian is the common language of the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

You see there you go again, attacking the spelling rather than the content. Which goes to show that you are a Fart, I mean a Fars.

Anonymous said...

I must say Azermehr, despite the fact that you are a sell-out, a half-wit, and a stinky fart, you are fair. You do allow for all the posts to be shown, even if they destroy your meager arguments. Which leads me to believe that you are at least 10% Azeri-Turk. A true Fart would never be as fair and balanced. Now that we have discovered that you have at least a little bit of decent and honest Turkish genes, we need for you work hard and try to be more Turkish. May I offer a 10 step program to rid yourself of that Fart gene and become a complete Turk of the Azeri school? It will not be easy, you will have to take it seriously, for getting rid of that CHAUVINIST gene will take a few weeks. So if you really do want to become a better person please let me know and you will be farting out that despicible gene soon enough.

Anonymous said...

If you are so jealous of Gunaz tv, why dont you get your Persian slavemasters to buy you a tv station. That way you broadcast your farts to a wider audience, who will then laugh at your poor excuses that you present as ideas.YASASIN TURAN, YASASİN TURAN.

Anonymous said...

Aryamerh, we will come and claim our rightful soil that is occupied by the Fars. And sell-out pieces of garbage like you will be the first to get gang-raped. We will pump you full of TORKI XER abkir and send you to the Fars provinces where you can masturbate with your feminine Fars race. There is no place for people like you in the Land Setterxan, Xiyabani, and Pishevari. You cant stop the future, you cant stop the tide of Azeri nationalism that is sweeping from Urmiye to Gazvin. Go and hide now you useless piece of vatanhaini.

Anonymous said...

Azermehr you kher, the only thing that was great about cyrus was the fact that his grandfather was a Mede, not a Farsi kher.

Azarmehr said...

Sorry what content? fart content? You think you have content? You use an expression at least 1000 times a day, one would hope you would learn to spell it. But perhaps thats hoping for too much

Anonymous said...

Is that all you have Azermehr. Really come on. Why dont you answer the real questions like why do you keep referring Kasravi when there many real and respected figures you can refer to. You are like a broken record, who cares if I misspelled a word in the heat of typing a post that puts your non-ideas to shame. Get real man, stop farting.

Azarmehr said...

Kirischi, I do moderate comments however. Its just to make sure porn sites and get rich quick scams etc. dont come and publish their comments here, but anything against me gets published. The reason for that is because I believe only a free forum can show people for what they are. Now you Pan-Turkist traitors to Iran have shown the level of your vulgarity several times just on this forum.
Once my family were insulted who have nothing to do with this blog.
And look at your comment for Aryamehr or did you mistype Azarmehr again? Look at the level of your vulgarity. Have you no shame talking like that? Do you not think women and youngsters could be reading this blog? Do you think you are at home with the levels of civility that you have been raised with? And I suppose you think you have content by saying things like this:
"And sell-out pieces of garbage like you will be the first to get gang-raped. We will pump you full of TORKI XER abkir and send you to the Fars provinces where you can masturbate with your feminine Fars race"

At least Aryamehr and I dont hide behind a anonymopus identity. You have shown yourself to be a timid, vulgar, and ignorant person. That is the power of a free forum.

Regarding chauvinism, not only you can not spell it, but you dont know what it means either.
Now you say because I publish eveything, I have 10% of TURKISH gene. You say if Cyrus was any good was because he was half Mede. Can you not see your chauvinism displaying itself so clearly?

And by the way you think Medes are Turks?? Is that how stupid you are? You think Hovaxshatreh is a Turkish name? Is that what a dim wit you are.

Thank you for truly representing a typical Pan-Turkist. Vulgar, timid and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Azermehr, lets look at some of Aryamehr`s comments shall we.

If some TORKE KHAR wants to come to Azerbaijan and create trouble he will be squashed and defeated.

Iam only reacting and insult a single piece of garbage whereas he is insulting a whole nation.

Here is another insulting very very insulting comment about our nation (well not yours really)

ranian Azeri's are NOT Turks but as Azarmehr has pointed out, a thousand times, have a turkified language. Having a turkified language DOES NOT mean that the people are Turks, only an IDIOT would say so.

yes what a nice guy just like you Azermehr. And look here is a comment that might be offensive to kids who might be reading this,

Your wet dreams of claiming Iranian Azarabadegan as yours are just that WET DREAMS.

Wet dreams ha. Let me ask you something are you and Aryamehr boyfriend and girlfriend, or are you guys the same person? Did you just create Aryamehr because nobody else agrees with you? Man you are pathetic. Also I did not say the Medes were Turkish, you said that. What I do know is that the Medes were definitely not Fars which is what you are going to claim probably.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Azarmehr,

One of your Pan-Turkish visitors decided to take a trip to my site as well:

I have told him that Iranian Azeri's will be awaiting their "pack of grey wolves" on the borders of Iranian Azerbaijan.

Lets see if they will enter into the Lion's territory? =)

Anonymous said...

Really you should of been a comedian. You take an important issue, such as the issue of freedom of expression for the Irani Turks and associate it with an unrelated issue (Pan-Turanism). After that you link Pan-turanism with Nazism in order to discredit Pan-Turanism. Of course then using your deranged logic you imply that freedom wanting Irani Turks are Pan-turanians which equals Nazism. I guess if you were trying to convince a room full of fifth graders that would work.
In reality though, it was your beloved Pahlavi the father who loved the Nazis. He was the Fars as Aryans (as dark as they are). He openly supported the Nazis. Here is a quote from Edwin Black,

Relations between Berlin and Tehran were strong from the moment Hitler came to power in 1933. At that time, Reza Shah Pahlavi's nation was known as Persia. The shah became a stalwart admirer of Hitler, Nazism and the concept of the Aryan master race. He also sought the Reich's help in reducing British petro-political domination.

So intense was the shah's identification with the Third Reich that in 1935 he renamed his ancient country "Iran," which in Farsi means Aryan and refers to the Proto-Indo-European lineage that Nazi racial theorists and Persian ethnologists cherished.

Wow, I can only say WOW. Here is more,

The idea for the name change was suggested by the Iranian ambassador to Germany, who came under the influence of Hitler's trusted banker, Hjalmar Schacht. From that point, all Iranians were constantly reminded that their country shared a common bond with the Nazi regime.

I dare you to post this Aryamehr, I DARE YOU.

Azarmehr said...

I dare You, I dare You :)))

Mr. Single brain cell, Kirischi bey, first of all I am Azarmehr not Aryamehr. Once you have resolved that complex problem, take a look at this :

I wrote about Edwin Black's stupid nonsense many months ago:

I dare you read it, I dare you dare you :))))

And by the way Abbas Milani wrote even a more damning this shite article. Try to find out and read that. I dare you dare you dare you :)))

Anonymous said...

Ohh my mentally challenged half-brained Farsi friend. I know you are Azermehr, but since you and Aryamehr think alike, I sent it to both of you. Well since you apperantly believe everyone except Kasravi and other Farsi tools are wrong and stupid, ofcourse you will discredit Edwin Black. But the fact that IRAN means ARYAN is clear as daylight for everyone to see. Even Milani does not deny this.
Iran=Aryan. Milani affirms that something happened with the name in 1935, cleverly covering it up,

"But Iran has been called Iran for over twenty-five hundred years.What Reza Shah did was not to rename his country; he asked the world not to call it Persia, but to use the country’s own name for itself. It was, as I have written elsewhere, a mistake. But it was not a wholesale recreation of a country’s identity that Mr. Black insists."

Ok so first he says Reza Shahvenist did not do anything, that Iran was Iran anyway. Then he insists that what he did was a mistake. By saying that it was a mistake he acknowledges insisting on the name Iran was bad publicity at the time, that it showed sympathy for the Aryan race, and hence the Nazis. So really in the end Mr. Black was not that off the mark. Mr Black`s comment about the Jews and Iran might have been off, but I did not quote those parts anyway. The parts I quoted are really obvious parts that Milani only half-refutes.
Why dont you tell Aryamehr to post my previous article? He seems to have chickened-out, at least you have some nads, I am starting to partially like you. Am I wrong or did you not post one of my articles, it is possible that I forgot to push the publish button, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Gunaz is an effective watchdog against repression by the Iranian Azeris. God bless 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hey, YOu better watch it, cyrus was ur great father, not mine, i rather no have not such a father + i'm not a persian duh, and this time proud of not being a persian!
I'm actually the turk itself, not a panturk haha, and an azeri one, eww. have fun making a history. u love iran don't u? me too. more than u. much much more than u ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Azarmehr point of views are totally wrong.
Despite the origin of Azarbaijani people they have rigth to speak and write thrie own language. But this never happened in Iran; it is a big discrimination.
According to Human Rigths Azarbaijani people have rigth to separate from Iran or remain Irani for ever.Not any barrier should stands between people and their wish.In the Shah Time(Pahavis) the Vatanparsti shahane( False nationalism: False because they took power by State-brokens from Britain in 1299 Irani Calender and 1332 Amreican and Britain , but claimed they are a real nationalist!)Reza shah was an agent of Britain and his mission was to export Iranian oil to west to help western countries econamy and destroy Iranian econamy, so we cannot live without dependency to those countries which their national interests are against a powerful Iran.
To call the agent of Britain as( REZA SHAH THE GREAT) shows that person is an agent of those countries or an ignorant.
I should say that expansion of roads and other modern life like establishing of universities and dependent industries to western countries began same time in the countries like Iran. It was for increase of productions in the western countries which exceed their own needs.They should export their productions and Reza shahs in the undeveloped counteries were helping western super powers.Reza shah was agent of Britain and so are the people who call him (the GREAT).
IN last 4 months I have helped GUN Az tv by $350 US. I am sure there are many other Azaris who are helping GunAz tv too.
THe solution for Iranian Problem is acheivement to Democrcy(on the basis of wisdom and Human rigths) and econamical and scientific self sufficeicy. Islam and nationalism should not be a barrier to this solution.
Kasravi sided with Reza shah and despite his origin as an Azari he was a real triator to Iranian and spcially to Azaris. I beleive his works against Islam have some truth but this was in parallel with Reza shah's activities against Mullas.
Human rigths values were not recognised in the Time of Cyrus and if his cylinder not to be false one may be a tactic of governing other nations.

Anonymous said...

Your are calling himself as a democrat and democracy warrier but your ideas about Azaris are anti democratic!

Azarmehr said...

There you go, need I say any more about the intellect of separatists?
"Kasravi and Reza Shah the Great are false nationalists and agents of Britain", and Cyrus was probably a British agent too!!

With such an intellect amongst Gunaz TV supporters, no wonder I fall off my chair laughing eveytime I watch its stupid programs.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Azarmehr your are not a democratic person.Your ideas contradicting each other. For example your are claiming that you are a follower of Sattar khan and Bagher khan , but actually you are a follower of Reza shah the traitor to Iranian people and a puppet of Britan empire. I think yo are considering Reza shah as a democrat but every body knows that Reza shah was a dictator! Your knowledge about democracy is wrong.Nationalism is not a pillar of democracy. The real democracy is build up on the basis of wisdom and justice. The minimum of Justice is Human Rights at present time.
You are a miniature of Reza shah. Reza shah activities were against Iran and beneficial to the interests of super powers.His mission was to destroy Iranian economy and securing the country so be able to export oil to Britain.
Your political knowledge is not enough to disciss problems of Iranian.
Any body who claims is a democrat should accept Human Rights too.
For example Washimgton the first prisident of USA is called a democrat. He was against human Rights because he had tens of slaves. Slave owner cannot be called a democratwith todays concept of democracy.So the democracy of ancient Greece is not true Democracy because they practise slavery and were against Human Rigths.
Who is a terrorist?
A terrorist is a person , an organization or a government who does not let the conflicts to be slove on the basis of wisdom and justice(democracy). This defination of a terrorist includes your ideas and wishes if you impose those to Azarbiajani people.Putting limits on people desires in accordance with Nationalism values is a terroristic action.
I will help Gun Az tv because helping this tv station is helping my other Azaris people. They should have many tv station like Gun Az tv to flourish their language and culture.This is not against any other people of Iran or the world.
Iran should reach to a democracy which is biult up on wisdom and Justice( a minimum of justice is Human Rights ) and econamical and scientific self-sufficeincies. We need those self-sufficeincies to defend our selves because a true democracy is not established in the world. The powerful governments follow their interests even their interests are anti-democratic like their action to topple Dr. Mosaddegh government in Iran or supporting Israel which are unjustice and unwise but beneficial to their interests.

Anonymous said...

i'm an iranian azeri too.

i know who's funding Gunaz. mostly it's the people who watch and listen. there's a lot of money coming from right-wingers in washington. that worries me. the most important function of gunaz TV is to provide an avenue of expression for the 25 million azeri speakers in Iran who have absolutely no voice outside of Iran.

the US has too much influence in Northern Azerbaijan and i think this will eventually hinder the re-unification of long lost family members.

as long as the Karabagh problem exists re-unification will be very difficult. You also have to remember that Iran's so called Islamic Republic gave military and intelligence support to Orthodox Christian Armenia during their invasion of 20% of Azerbaijan.

so, where's the support for your azeri brothers??

i remember the stories my grandmother used to tell us about running from the red army into Iran in order to save their belongings and how a lot of people lost their lives trying to flea the fighting.

my father told us about the days when he would be beaten at school by the teacher for refusing to call Su(azeri word for water) Aab(farsi word for water).

today, millions of iranian azeris are force fed a fantastical persian history as their own, while state run news papers depict them as cockroaches.

Iran is a country ruled by violence, fear and suppression. Cultural oppression is just one of the tools the government uses to keep people down. it's especially this cultural suppression that has divided the people of northern Azerbaijan from southern Azerbaijan.

the people in the north were influenced and dominated by Russians. Russian became the official language of north Azerbaijan utilizing the cerilic alphabet.
Azeris in the north were allowed to practice and publish in their own language as long as it did not step on soviet toes.

I have travelled to both Tabriz, Urumli, Ardabil, Lankeron and Baku. the language is the same with some slight local variations as you travel north. the main differences i noticed had to do with religion and education.

the folks in the north are well educated in azeri history, literature, music and can read and write as well as speak in azeri.

the people in the south are not as well educated, tend to be hard core Muslims and cannot read or write in their mother tongue, although this is changing as more cultural exchanges take place between long lost brothers and sisters.

by the way, the Mullahs have finally allowed the building of long awaited Azerbaijani embassy in Tabriz thanks to pressure from the international community.

a word about cirus the so called great. he was be-headed on the battle field by the same queen he tried to unsuccessfully court and then conquer. he deserved his death like most other kings who only seem ritious to their own people. he was a greedy little bitch like most Azeri uncle toms i know.

this is to the armenian haters: the people of Armenia are not responsible for what happened in Karabagh. they were used as tools of Moscow and Tehran who are very afraid of a united Azerbaijan with vast oil and gas riches as well as the fertile agricultural lands. without Azerbaijan, Iran would starve like thier fars brothers in Afghanistan.

Look at what the Karabagh war has done to Armenian society. Almost 50% of armnenians have left their homeland since the invasion in 1991 due to severe economic hardship created by the war. only 2.5 million armenians remain in armenia. all this to block an attempt by the west to build an oil pipeline from Baku to the Mediterranean sea. so, they built the pipeline anyway not through armenia but through Georgia. Armenia gets no royalties.

read Thomas Golz's book on the Karabagh war. it's very informative.

Iranian schools and fallacies of their history books are well known to scholars around the world. the British, Germans and the fathers of Eugenics (the science of proving Aryans were superior) were the first modernists to seriously influence Iranian text books.
Eugenics was later used by the Nazis as a scientific basis for killing millions of jews and others. No wonder the holocaust deniers had their first international forum in Iran. Aryan/Persian supremacy is alive and well in Iran. Did not the persian shah of iran back the nazis with all his might during WWII until the British invaders replaced him with his own son?? imagine selling your own father out to become king. what a pussy.

did you forget who murdered all the majilis members in 1915 with the backing of the British?

over the past 75 years of persian oppression in south azerbaijan, thousands have lost their lives, millions of books were destroyed, hundreds of cultural and historic sites were burned to the ground. this was the Pahlavi policy and it continues today under the pretext of an Aryan supremacist version of Islam. The Islamic republic continues to rename streets, towns, cities and monuments in Azeri towns in order to try to force assimilation of 25 million unwilling azeris.

about linguistics: ancient persian is nothing like farsi. Mikhi is not farsi. infact, some modern linguists classify modern farsi as a dialect of arabic. 60-70% of farsi is of arabic origin and of course farsi is written with the arabic alphabet.

may the forces of good be with the people of south azerbaijan and karabagh as they start the reparation process of their nation and identity.

yashasin azerbaijan

badbakh-e-bichareh azari nemidoone
ki hast.

Anonymous said...

this guy is not azeri for sure, he is either armenian or persian who was born in tebriz or around which explains why he can write some broken azeri. i have heard there are many armenians and perians like that since they live in azeri populated areas of iran.

Unknown said...

Hi I'm a Turk from Tabriz.If you are (all of you) turk you should write in Turkish.
Azarmehr canablari siz hech vaxt bir turk kimi ola bilmazsiz.chun ki siz hala 2500 bundan onca-da uydurma Hakhamanishi hakimiyatina guvanisiz.bunu bilmalisiz ki onlarin hamisinin yalan oldugu indi uza chixib. misal Hollywood un "300" adli filimi ona bir kichik ishara ola bilar. Siz va siza banzar insanlar hoviyatin itirib va ozgalarin si.... la bay durubsunuz ghafil bundan ki o arbablarizda bizim si...mizla bay durublar.yaziklar olsun sana azarmehr.

Olum olsun ozluyun dananlara
yashasin ozluyuna inananlara

Unknown said...

Hi I'm a Turk from Tabriz.If you are (all of you) turk you should write in Turkish.
Azarmehr canablari siz hech vaxt bir turk kimi ola bilmazsiz.chun ki siz hala 2500 bundan onca-da uydurma Hakhamanishi hakimiyatina guvanisiz.bunu bilmalisiz ki onlarin hamisinin yalan oldugu indi uza chixib. misal Hollywood un "300" adli filimi ona bir kichik ishara ola bilar. Siz va siza banzar insanlar hoviyatin itirib va ozgalarin si.... la bay durubsunuz ghafil bundan ki o arbablarizda bizim si...mizla bay durublar.yaziklar olsun sana azarmehr.

Olum olsun ozluyun dananlara
yashasin ozluyuna inananlara

Unknown said...

Hi I'm a Turk from Tabriz.If you are (all of you) turk you should write in Turkish.
Azarmehr canablari siz hech vaxt bir turk kimi ola bilmazsiz.chun ki siz hala 2500 bundan onca-da uydurma Hakhamanishi hakimiyatina guvanisiz.bunu bilmalisiz ki onlarin hamisinin yalan oldugu indi uza chixib. misal Hollywood un "300" adli filimi ona bir kichik ishara ola bilar. Siz va siza banzar insanlar hoviyatin itirib va ozgalarin si.... la bay durubsunuz ghafil bundan ki o arbablarizda bizim si...mizla bay durublar.yaziklar olsun sana azarmehr.

Olum olsun ozluyun dananlara
yashasin ozluyuna inananlara

Anonymous said...

Hi dear stupid Azarmehr.siz ingilizca yazmaghiza chokh guvanirsiniz ama bu siza hich bir haqqaniyyet toratmaz bunu dushunmalisiniz ki bela bir imtiyaza chokhlari sahib khususan ingilterede Amerikada... yashayanlar. Ikinjiside bu ki mahal farzla dediklariniz duz olsa da dushujalariniz va yazdiklariniz antihumanist va antidemmokratikdir onlarin asasinda amerikalilar da amerikani boshaltmalilar... yakhshi olar ki webloginizin adini dayishib ona mosolini,chauven,hitler,...adi qoyasiniz birde kurushjani tanimagha yakhshi olar ki KETZYASin da asarlarina bakhasiz.

Anonymous said...

Hi albatta sizin turku yazdikhlarinizda gostarir ki na qadar savadiniz bu sahada azdir unutmamalisiniz ki illar boyu(qarnlar boyu)yunanlilar, arablar va turklar(10 qarn)qullughunda va qujaghinda olubsunuz indi da(80ildir)ingilizlarin qujaghina qoyub va onlardan faydalanisiniz rasoul baya da demaliyam ki savadlarin artirsinlar gul kelmesi turkjadir ,vali kelmasi arabjadir...sizin lahjaniz arabjanin 33nju lahjasidir yani dil saylarina dakhil olabilmir(yunesco deyir)bu lahja anjaq sher va eshqbazliq uchun deyerlidir
yashasin islam
yashasin demokrasi
yashasin azerbayjan
olum olsun hitlerizme
olum olsun nazism ve shuvinizme

Anonymous said...

You made fun of people's english language level but how about your English, in your presentation you say

"Last time I was in Iran, was during the Islamic "cultural revolution". "

is not a correct sentence .It should be

The last time I've been to Iran was .....

big head,

Azarmehr said...

You just showed what an anonymous arsehole you are :))

Anonymous said...

I think you are assimilated poor man

Anonymous said...


I'm from Iranian azerbaijan ( south azerbaijan ), There is a big problem with discussing these issues on the internet, the problem people from Turkey and Azerbaijan the former USSR country pretend to be from Iran lol. Almost every time I've come across a foreigner pretending to be Iranian azeri.

I myself am an Iranian azeri, by both parents. Yes there is a very few amount of people that have this separation viewpoint, but they are a great minority. Over 90% of the azeris in Iran consider themselves Iranian.

I'm making that estimate based on me actually believing GunazTV and the azeri separatists political groups.

From my actual life experience 99% of iranian azeris call themselves Iranian lol.


Anonymous said...

Yasha Iran, yasha Azarbaijan. As a Tabrizli, I asure you, Pan-Turanians and Gray Wolf's gang, you have no support in my Azarbaijan and Mother country Iran. Sattar Khan, Babak fought for Iran and Persia. Get your head out of your A.. and read on other resources. We don't need your help to solve our disagreements in our country. Kiss off!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Azarmehr, Assuming that your claim of being an Iranian Azeri is actually true, it appears that the most dominant characteristics of your personality are indeed a disturbingly deep and self-detrimenting sense of confusion regarding Azeri identity, cultural heritage, and national interests.

On the other hand, you may be an imposter as suggested by several people in this forum. In any case, the truth remains the same.

Galileo said: "All truths are easy to understand once discovered; The point is to discover them".

Azarmehr said...

Shut Up you tart! I don't need someone calling himself/herself gray.kurt to question my Azeri identity.

Go and discover wheter you are a man or a woman first then come here and leave comments.

Anonymous said...

Resorting to profanity is a clear sign of weakness and lack of logical thought process. I suppose these 'noble' qualities of your character can be added to your other 'great' traits. Thank you Mr. Azarmehr, you make us very jubilant! With enemies like you, our struggle is destined for a dashing victory.

And while you hold on to the ‘glory’ of your murky past, we are seizing the moment and positioning for the future. Just take a look up in the sky, and see for yourself that all the stars are aligned for us. Discover the truth, and it will set you free.

Azarmehr said...

I won't even waste my time with you on a logical thought process. The only "dashing victory" you will ever have is when you learn how to position yourself on the toilet seat. Then look into the toilet and realise the only "murky glory" you will ever see.

Anonymous said...

You consider the logical thought process as a waste of your time! You should stop and reflect on what you just said.

On a flip side, I should give you due credit for such a superb translational work. Your English writing skills, style, and diction are literally mirroring the qualities of that foul language commonly referred to as Farsi. You are no gentleman, and certainly not an Azeri Turk, Mr. Azarmehr.

Azarmehr said...

I didnt say consider the logical thought process as a waste of my time, I said I won't waste my time WITH YOU on a logical thought process.

Anonymous said...

It is so disappointing to see that there are still people denying millions of Azeri people their basic rights. It is not possible to deny people their own identity, language, freedom and culture in 21 century neither in Azerbaijan, nor anywhere else on planet earth. This is what is troubling in these discussions. I am afraid with those who think like Azermehr, Iran and its image and cause has no future. The only future for all of us is in being inclusive and not disrespectful to other nation’s culture and past. Building Persian future on the bones of Azeri one will not work, we have to face the reality for better of all, for the better of Armenians, Persians and Cambodians as well. And stop pseudo-historical glorification of Cyrus, please. He is long time dead along with Shah Ismail. There are real people with real problems in 21 century. And they need help, freedom, strong economy and respect, not stories from naphthalene box. Try to see why problems exist and what could be done to address them. Once you will do so in honest manner, may be you will understand better, unless of course there are other reasons not to be willing to understand. Such as not being willing to see the reality for what ever reason…you know them better. I wish you peace, with your mind first of all, don’t be troubled with the fact that other people have rights and hopes, you will have to face them. And again, do not think of Cyrus too much, let him rest in piece as well….

Azarmehr said...

As an Azeri myself I ask you to be specific and spell out what the basic rights of Azeris is which is being denied, when th eSuprem Leader of teh country is Azeri??

Iran is a religous apartheid and not a racial one. Discrimination is based on people's religion and not on their ethnicity.

Any claim other than that is misrepresenmting the truth and confusion of the issue. Nothing to do with Cyrus!

Anonymous said...

Some readings for your enlightenment:

Anonymous said...

This Ahmad guy is a joke.

Aside from his stance, that make no sense, his accent and word choice are not Aarbaijani at all. I was born in Tabriz and lived half of my life there. I have problem understanding his speech.

Good or bad Iran today is an independent pole of power. Republic of Azarbaijan is increasingly becoming a banana republic. Ahmad, as a citizen of Republic of Azerbaijan should be concerned about the situation north of the Araz river. Iranians, Azerbaijani or otherwise can deal with their problems. No help from types of Ahmad needed or requested.

Anonymous said...

This Ahmad guy is a joke.

Aside from his stance, that make no sense, his accent and word choice are not Aarbaijani at all. I was born in Tabriz and lived half of my life there. I have problem understanding his speech.

Good or bad Iran today is an independent pole of power. Republic of Azarbaijan is increasingly becoming a banana republic. Ahmad, as a citizen of Republic of Azerbaijan should be concerned about the situation north of the Araz river. Iranians, Azerbaijani or otherwise can deal with their problems. No help from types of Ahmad needed or requested.

Anonymous said...

تو همايون مهد زرتشتي و فرزندان تو پور ايرانند و پاك آئين نژاد آريان
اختلاف لهجه مليت نزايد بهر كس ملتي با يك زبان كمتر به ياد آرد زمان
گر بدين منطق ترا گفتند ايراني نه ايي صبح را خواندند شام و آسمان را ريسمان

استاد محمد حسین شهریار

Anonymous said...

Gada azarmehr ne gayirirsan bu gun?
Aya bakhtim, sani gordum.
Sana bakhtim AYI gordum.
Gush bashuva sichib, diyirsan ki qar yagdi....

Anonymous said...

yes 30% of turkish words come from persion just as 30% of persian words come from arabic. or just as 30% of german words come from english. does this change the fact that turkish is spoken by 300 million people? does this change the fact that there are 40 million people speaking turkish in China, 5-10 million in Europe? Iran has a vast culture, but a radically small politics (technology, freedom, arts, human rights, modern way of life etc.) to support that culture!

BizimAzerbaijan said...

ma pars ra sar miborim va azerbaijan ra az daste parse sagi azad mikonim

Azarmehr said...


Shoma goh ziadi mikhorid. beravid aval tonban khod ra bekeshid bala