Monday, January 09, 2006

Greedy Mothers Support Agency

In England there is an organisation set up by politicians by the name of Child Support Agency. In fact this agency has nothing to do with the welfare of the child. It is an inefficient organisation with simple rigid guidelines without any flexibility. The guidelines are simple and rigid because the politicians who head the agency have never had any experience of large scale project management and need to keep their computer systems simple. Even so the CSA computers are always breaking down and files continuously go missing.

The best interest of a child after a divorce, if possible is equal parenting. If the parents live near each other and near the child's school, and are both of good character, there is absolutely nothing in the world that can justify to me anything other than equal parenting. Yet the CSA guidelines deliberately or otherwise encourage the greedy mothers to deny the child overnight access with their father. If they can deny the overnight access they can get more money.

John Hutton, in charge of the CSA, refuses to listen to any suggestions on how to make the system a fairer one, instead he is preoccupied with how to bring more draconian measures against the fathers. Until now the CSA has had the power to remove driving licenses and put people in jail, but that hasn't made the system any fairer or more efficient. So what does John Hutton think of next? He wants to put electronic tags on people.

Yet these PC politicians don't seem to want to do anything to protect the children from paedophiles.

The Observer revealed on Saturday that the Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly, had approved the appointment of a registered sex offender as a PE teacher.
Kelly's decision - in the full knowledge that the man had been placed on the register by police, for having accessed paedophile websites - has astonished children's charities and triggered calls for politicians to be prevented from deciding who should be barred from working in education.

So there you are, UK's elected representatives deny thousands of fathers from equal access to their children. So many British children are now brought up fatherless, but its ok to approve of a registered sex offender to be a PE teacher at school! Deny children their fathers and have paedophiles teach them, thats the Labour way of pretending to have the child's best interest at heart!

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