Sunday, January 29, 2006


I have always had a reverence for the mountains, and 2200 m above the sea level in middle of the High Tatras, my reverence for the mountains has increased even more. There is something about the mountains that fascinates me. They are huge, steadfast and resolute. They look down with pity on the lesser beings down below that change direction with the wind while they themselves remain solid and eternal. Nothing can move them. They are there for as long as we have this planet.

All the white snow gives you a feeling of purity which goes hand in hand with the pure fresh air, and at night the skies reveal so many more stars that the false city lights hide.

I remember when I flew over the Iranian airspace two years ago. I had a seat by the window and as soon as the pilot said "we are now entering the Iranian airspace", I looked down. Thousands of thoughts and memories went through my head, and in particular the question of how strange it is that I can fly over this land I love but not land on it. Yet it was when I saw the mountains that I was overcome with emotions. Something about them stirred my passions beyond control and from then on I could not stop the flow of tears.

The people of the mountains are fascinating too. They are strong, fierce and resilient people. They defend their mountains with tooth and nail and yet they are so hospitable towards the guests that visit them. They are honourable people with strong family and friendship ties. The men are men and the women are women, the way nature intended it.

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Anonymous said...

I have been to London many times. It was such a pleasure to meet the Iranian peple that live there. such hard working and smart people. I have so much respect for religion...I do not think that a religion should control a country. Holy people should never impost their thoughts on others. I wish your homeland peace and happiness and a true idendity.