Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lib Dems Exposed Again

It was mind boggling for us how the Lib Dem Baroness Emma Nicholson, described the Islamic Republic of Iran as an "advanced form of democracy". It was, however, even more mind boggling for us when we received some of the replies to our protests from the Lib Dem MPs, Lords and MEPs. People like Chris Davies, the leader of the Lib Dem MEPs, who seemed to have as much grasp of international politics as a nine year old, or like Baroness Ludford who would probably be shown up in a sixth form school debate for her lack of subject knowledge. There were also others who remained silent like Sir Ming Campbell, the Lib Dem shadow foreign secretary, or Charles Kennedy, the Lib Dem leader at the time, who simply did not dare to reply to any of our letters.

As more and more revelations were made about the Lib Dems, the clearer the picture became though. What sort of politicians would see the Islamic Republic as an "advanced form of democracy" and support the mullahs?

Well it turned out their leader, Charles Kennedy, was an alcoholic, and so was their leader in the house of Lords, Lord McNally. Had these two been caught drinking in the "advanced democracy", they would have been tied to a pole and flogged in public.

As if all this was not bad enough, it now turns out, Mark Oaten MP, their home affairs spokesman, a married man with two kids, and one of the Lib Dem candidates for the leadership contest on a platform of family values! has been hiring male rent boys!

These are the sort of people who think the Islamic Republic is an "advanced form of democracy".

These are the sort of people who have been legislating the break up of so many families, the legislations of kids being brought up without contact with their fathers in UK. The legislatives who deny children their fathers but approve of known paedophiles to teach in schools. The legislations that create money wasting agencies which fail everyone, like the CSA.

Following the revelations that Mark Oaten had been hiring rent boys, Sir Menzies Campbell told Sky News: "I don't think one should be angry about these things. "
What? Not angry about these things? Actually Sir Menzies, the people in this country should be bloody livid with your type of hypocrite politicians.

How much longer will the docile law abiding decent middle class in UK put up with such representatives?

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Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


I wish you'd stood for the Tory Leadership on that platform. Then we wouldnt be stuck with a Lib Dem like Cameron.

Seriously, you are doing great work exposing the Leftist nastiness of the mainstream politicians in this country, with people like those above being so far up the Mullahs backsides they need a torch to find their way back out again.

When I next update the blogroll rest assured you will be on it.

Keep it up.