Thursday, January 26, 2006

Now its Simon Hughes' Turn

They asked Karl Marx what the worst human vice was in his opinion and he replied 'servility'. If I were asked the same question, servility would be high on the list but hypocrisy would be at the very top.

I loathe hypocrites. I can even respect religious fundamentalists, if they practice what they preach to the others, but I can not stand a person who falsely pretends piety in public and lives a morally decadent life behind the scenes. I can not for example stand Iranian women who wear tons of make up, tight revealing clothing, drink and gamble and at the same time promote the Islamic Republic for personal gains.

that's why I was so motivated to act against the Lib Dems for calling the Islamic Republic "an advanced form of democracy". It was so hypocritical. Thats why I found it so repulsive when Mark Oaten ran for the Lib Dem leadership on a platform of "Family Values" but was found out to use the services of a rent boy. Thats why I get so mad at the Labour government when they deny access to so many good fathers to see their children but happily approve of perverts teaching children in schools.

When the news came out that Simon Hughes, another candidate for the Lib Dem leadership, is gay, it wasn't so much his private affairs that bothered me. That has nothing to do with me. It was the fact that he had previously, on more than one occasion, publicly denied he was gay. This shows the man can lie to the public.

Worse still, I remember how he won his Bermondsey seat in the 1983 by-election.
The Lib Dems fought a very bitter and dirty campaign against the openly gay Labour candidate, Peter Thatchel. Simon Hughes was described as the "straight choice" in the Lib Dem leaflets. Millions of leaflets were also distributed by Lib Dem supporters asking the Bermondsey voters, "Do you want a poof to represent you?". Now 23 years later, we find out the "straight choice" was as bent as a corkscrew! What hypocrisy! Despicable!

These Lib Dems refer to the Islamic Republic as an "advanced form of democracy", don't they realise that gays are executed in the "advancd form of democracy"?

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