Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas Victory

I am actually quite happy about Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections. Lets face it, in all the Muslim Middle East countries, if there was a free election, the Islamists would win. Except that is, in Iran.

Almost 27 years ago, 98% of the Iranians endorsed the Islamic Republic. The process was slightly flawed because the voters had to cast either a green 'Yes' card or a red 'No' card in front of the intimidating eyes of the polling officials. Nevertheless, I am sure that even in a secret ballot, given the mass frenzy and hysteria at the time, the establishment of the Islamic Republic would have attained the majority of the Iranian votes. Now days if there was a free election in Iran, if Iranians were asked to vote again - Islamic Republic, 'Yes' or 'No'? - I doubt if even 10% would vote 'Yes'.

So why the difference with the rest of the region? The answer is simply this, Islamists in Iran came to power. The people gradually realised with their skin and flesh that the empty phrases and promises of "Free electrictiy, water, gas and buses" were just words. The disposessed in whose name so many atrocities were done, did not become any more posessed, they became more disposessed than ever. The corruption that the mullahs brought about, made the corruption in the previous regime seem negligible. The Iranian people saw the Islamists for what they were. Political Islam in Iran failed miserably.

Its easier to be in opposition. In government the realities hit you. Hamas will now have to deliver. What Palestinians must be careful about, is that unlike the Iranians, they be able to vote Hamas out. An option which the mullahs denied the Iranian people.

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