Saturday, March 25, 2006

IRI Flag on VOA News Website

Voice of America (Persian Service), this is a broadcasting media financed by the US government, but I wonder if those who finance it just realise what the VOA (Persian Service) staff are up to. I have written about it before:
but look at what a friend of mine pointed out to me today:
To use the Islamic Republic flag or the true Iranian flag has become a symbolic statement amongst the Iranians. It illustrates which side you are on. Do you accept an un-Iranian flag with un-Iranian writing and symbol or do you hold dear the true Iranian flag. Sadly the VOA staff, perhaps through a Freudian slip, have decided to display the Islamic Republic flag.

Some may say, oh well that unfortunately is the present official flag, and VOA as an international public broadcasting service has to use the official flag. However there is actually no need to use any flag. For news relating to other countries, VOA does not use any flag but it uses a map representing the official boundaries. Similarly for Iran related news, VOA could simply use a map of Iran and thus at least stay neutral.

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Anonymous said...

We should change the Persian alphabet to a Latin script and replace arabic words with Persian counterparts.