Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's Day

"where in the world does it say that just because our forefathers 100 yeas ago voted for this present constitution, we should still be committed to it. Why should we be obliged to follow our forefathers just because they were too stupid to write this constitution" Ayatollah Khomeini on the previous constitution of Iran which was drafted after the victory of the constitutional revolution almost 100 years ago.

Twenty Seven years ago today also, coinciding with April Fool's day, our previous generation, voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Islamic Republic in a referendum. Those opposed to the Islamic Republic were not given a platform nor any media access to voice their opposition. There was no debate and no secret ballot. Voters had to choose between a green card and a red card in front of the eyes of the ballot box officials. Our fathers who voted for the Islamic Republic, had no idea what it was about. There was no written constitution nor a manifesto of the Islamic Republic, only a mass frenzy and a blind obedience to the new unknown leaders which drove them to cast their green cards.

In accordance with Ayatollah Khomeini's statement, our generation too should not in any way be committed to a mistake made by our previous generation. A theocracy is not an appropriate way to run a country in the 21St century. The days of ideological revolutions and states is over. The days of executing those who oppose our ideology is over. What we want is what the prosperous nations have achieved, freedom of thought and an accountable government. The ability to choose and change those who run the government.


Anonymous said...

as long as iran has oil and gas, western governments would not let iran's to have a democratic gov!! although i am agree with your thoughts!! i think there might be another revolution in few years from now!! after all if you take a look at iran's history, you will see after every 40 to 50 years there was a revol or a completly new government!!

Azarmehr said...

This is such a typical lazy Iranian argument that it makes me sick every time I hear it. Norway has oil, how come the Norwegian people make sure they have a democratic accountable government?
Having oil and gas does not mean that you should put up with despotism, having lazy indifferent, stupid people however does.

98% of the previous generation were stupid enough to vote for the Islamic Republic, without knowing what it was. Where are they now? they have dumped us in this mess and now you dont see many of them trying to undo their wrong.

Forget about historic patterns too, change does not happen because of previous historical patterns, change happens because people get off their arse and do something.

Anonymous said...

Well said Azarmehr. Sadly IR have focused more on brain-washing everyone through the religious education thats pushed on the children from age of 8 - which is something that needs stopping fast as Iran is facing a major brain drain problem.

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr, you are a goosaleh. What do you understand about oil and gas. You don't even understand the difference between Iran and Norway. You idiot.

Azarmehr said...

:)) Here you go! Typical old generation Iranian trait. Once the debating ability dries up, call the other side names, under anonymous of course.

Phu said...

While I agree the people of Iran deserve a secular democratic government, I would like to know how you propose it be brought about.

I remain convinced the US has absolutely no interest in the people of Iran, only in the execution of the PNAC manifesto.

As an educated Iranian, how would you like to see democracy blossom in Iran?

It seems unlikely that it will at the hands of the American Empire, who have proven their capacity to dupe and slaughter their own people in order to continue expansion hegemony.

Azarmehr said...

I propose or suggest nothing to those inside ran, thats not my function. My task is to solicit international public opinion for any pro-democracy and secular movement that is formed inside Iran. No liberation movement has ever succeeded without outside help. I believe the majority of the Iranian people want to keep their religious beliefs as a private affair and not have it involved in their government, most however are scared of manifesting this wish and fear the consequences. The trick is to reach that critical mass, how will that come about will be decided inside Iran.

I have no illusions about help from US or UK or any other governments. States rightly have their own interests at heart.

So far I have seen no real support for the Iranain people from any foreign states. Look at all these pro-IRI TV satellite stations operating from US, why don't they close them down and show those Iranian ex-pats who are benefitting from working with IRI that co-operating with the mullahs can be detremental. Those who collude with IRI in US and Europe continue to make a profit, and those who work against the IRI are continually paying the price for their activities.

Look at Mullah Hassani, an Iranian Taliban like figure, who is so ruthless, he even executed his own son, I was so surprised when I read in his memoirs that he had visited London, attended meetings and made speeches. Now how many of us have been refused by the Home Office when we have tried to invite our relatives and friends for a few days visit to UK??

Look at the thousands of Iranian refugees stranded for years in Turkey by the corrupt UN authorities. Compare them with how easily Islamic extremists are accepted to enter European countries.

So I have no illusions about real help from foreign governments, but if the Iranian people decide to oust the mullahs, EU governments will have no choice but to stop co-operation with the mullahs.

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr, don't you think foreign powers would want to set their own terms when supporting a regime change? How can that be good for democracy?

Azarmehr said...

Yes foreign governments will always act according to their own interests, in the same way that a future Iran will act for its own interests and not for Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

A strong and alert people will however be able to establish their desired regime and set their own agenda.

I am so fed up with weak people like you whose excuse not to take part in the struggle is "oh but if we try to have democray in Iran then the foreign powers will set their own agenda". What nonsense, what degenerated brain cells could manifest such argument. I hate to wake you up body, but the foreigners are already setting their own agenda in Iran, whether it be the terrorist groups receiving large cash sums or Western powers who are reaping from the "buy-back" deals from Iran's natural resources and wealth.

Anonymous said...

As you said in an earlier response to someone esle, when the dabating ability dries up, you start calling others names.

I am not even an Iranian but I have bothered to ready about your history and role of foreign powers in Iran. Do most Iranians debate like you ? ((:

Azarmehr said...

The debate was that foreigners are already sucking up Iran's wealth> Since the Islamic revolution, Iran has had over 600billion dollars of oil money alone. Why have the people of Iran not received any of this? Answer the points in my response please. Do you know what a "buy back" deal is? Are Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ... not foreigners?

Anonymous said...

I think I know a lot more than you do about buy back deals. These are quite common in countries where the government itself does not wish to get into long term investments. In fact it is now common in other industries than oil and gas. The most famous buy back deal in history was made between your country and BP after the CIA coup of 1950s.
If you need more information about buy back deals please do not hesitate to ask. Buy back or its equivalent concession based contracts are now almost the norm in Iraq under US and UK.
I am from Libya and work in the oil industry.

Regarding Hamas and Jihad, although I have no sympathy with them, I think you may be a bit confused. These may be partly supported by Iran but I certainly doubt if they have any sort of influence in the policies of your country.

Please control yourself. No swearing please.

Azarmehr said...

when did I swear????

Look, 1953 is a long time ago. I wasnt born then. This is typical of old generation Iranians, every time you wish to change things in Iran they remember 1953. They must have been influenced by you Libyans or the other way round.

Buy Back deals and huge sidekicks are happening now. Haliburton and other umbrella companies are operating inside Iran. Lots of terrorist organisations as well as Hezbollah, are sponsored, financed and trained by the IRI. Drinking water is sold to Persian Gulf states, just after the people in Abadan riot for lack of water, we are ruled by an unelected elite who have nothing in common with our Iranian identity. The IRI flag bears foreign writing and un-Iranian symbol, Arab phrases which we had never heard of are pouring into our daily language, our pre-Islamic past is being insulted and ignored, Lebanese commandos are shipped in to beat up students in their dormitories, our streets are being named after foreign terrorists like Khalid Islamboli and Bobby Sands, our Iranian traditions like 4shanbeh souri, Mehregan and Nowrooz are being frowned upon, Khomeini comes back to Iran after 15 years in exile with Libyan money and when asked what his feelings are, he says "Nothing!"....

but we mustnt try for democracy and have an accountable government in case the foreigners come in!!! What planet do you live on? - (That is not swearing by the way)
Let me tell you something, Having a democracy and an accountable government is the best way to protect one's national interest. Look at Japan, they now have democracy, but are they subjectto foreign rule?

Anonymous said...

Considering that you dream about Persian Empire 3000 years ago etc, 1953 is not that long ago. And it is fact and not some wish by a teenager.

What do you want Iranians to do? Write on papyrous and speak indo-aryan?

Arabs gave you what you have now. A modern language and a set of principles to live by. Otherwise you would be writing in sanskrit and still praying to fire.

Azarmehr said...

Yeah dream on. No wonder why you Arabs are more pro-IRI than the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

I think you need serious awakening. Your nation has clearly shown its preferences and you are still dreaming about your ancient empire.

Look what happened to Incas. They still exist but they speak Spanish.