Thursday, April 06, 2006

10 Year Old Girl's Father Beaten Up in the Airport

Islamic Republic religious police stopped a 10 year old girl from boarding on an internal flight to Kerman in South Iran, because her overcoat - known as Manto in Iran - was too short! Presumably the Islamic officials found a short overcoat on a 10 year old girl too sexually provocative for their taste.

When the father protested at the officials, he was beaten up in front of his 10 year old daughter who was crying all the time.

Did such awful incidents ever happen 27 years ago before the Islamic revolution?

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Rastaman said...

Well, you had the Shah and a whole lot better government than the horrible mess you have now, and what did you do?
Now that you've long since gotten rid of him and put Sharia law in his place, With Assahollas... excuse me, Ayatollahs and imams and mobs of thugs running your lives, are you better off? No? I think you just don't know when you're well off until its too late.
The problem in Iran and all other Islamic countries isn't the ayatollahs, it's Islam. Get rid of Islam and you will never again have women wiping makeup off their faces with razor blade-loaded handkerchiefs or 10 year olds getting raped without consequence. Islam is evil at its core and anyone who denies this is either an idiot or a liar.