Monday, April 10, 2006

Winter Doesn't Want to Give Up!

Last week saw some signs of blossoms on the trees, the weather was getting milder and it looked like finally the spring was in the air. This weekend however, it looked like winter wasn't going to give up that easily. There was sleet and snow in some parts, football matches were cancelled, and London saw frost and freezing temperatures overnight, it rained cats and dogs most of the weekend and the incompetent water authorities in UK still ranted on about a draught!!

Its as if winter is desperately clinging on and despite all expectations saying, I am not quitting yet. It is actually quite amusing and you have to admire the tenacity of the old man Winter.

Not being a superstitious person, I dont know if this is a good omen for the year ahead or not, but 40 years of life experience tells me that things gained through a hard struggle become more precious to hold. Perhaps, this time round the Spring will be more precious than ever. Perhaps this time round it wont just be taken for granted
and we will embrace it tighter.

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