Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Slogans and Realities

The slogan:

"The Islamic Republic will establish Islamic justice and with Islamic justice, everyone and everyone will live in freedom, prosperity and independence" - Ayatollah Khomeini Safiheh Noor, 2nd Volume pp18

The Reality:

Children of Iran, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, toiling in a brick factory, 27 years after the victory of the Islamic revolution.

Socialist Workers Party in UK, followers of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky and
"the champions of the working class :)"
, support the Islamic Republic, "the representatives of God on earth!"

What bizarre times we live in...


Hanif Leylabi said...

We do not support the Islamic Republic, but we do not want western Imperialists, who have raped Iran e ma and mounted a successful coup against popular Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq, to drop bombs on those children in your picture.

Azarmehr said...

Please enlighten us of the campaigns you have had against the Islamic Republic.

For example did the SWP join the rally in support of the Iranian bus drivers outside the embassy attended by all major UK Trade Unions.

Or did you have a campaign when 18000 political prisoners - many of them pregnant women and teenagers - were massacred in Iran in 1988?? or were you too busy reading about the proletariat at that time?

Anonymous said...

wonder if hanif leylabi, has signed the petition to support Clare Short and condemn child abuse state laws in Iran:

No! I cant see his name. Perhaps Marx, Engles and Lenin never wrote about under age child marriage

Anonymous said...

A similar picture could have been taken in most countries in the world including China, Russia, most ex-soviet republics, India, most other asian countries, most african countries, south america, etc.

The point is, Azarmehr, if you want to oppose the Islamic Republic, you have to use your brain.

Winston said...


Azarmehr said...

To Anonymous:

Oh so because there is child labour in these other countries you mentioned then we shouldn't saying anything about child labour in Iran?!!!

There is not a single argument you can give me as to why a rich country like Iran with so much income should have children as young as shown in the picture doing such hard labour in brick factories.

If the Islamic Republic spent less money sponsoring terror organisations and the likes of SWP, Iranian kids could all be enjoyingtheir childhood and learning at school.

Anonymous! If brains were taxable the likes of you would be in for a refund!

Anonymous said...

As I said, you need to engage some logic in your arguements.

In case you are not aware Iran is not a rich country. Where did you get this idea? Which planet do you live on?

Hanif Leylabi said...

I haven't personally campaigned against North Korea, does it mean I support the regime? Clearly not?

There are many Iranians in the SWP. Many of whom have relatives who were murdered by the Akhounda
Just because we take a different line on how best to liberate Iranians doesn't mean we support the Iranian regime.

Your views are short sighted, kneejerk and royalist.

Maybe you'd like the Imperialist west who have raped Iran to massacre hundreds of thousands of Iranians so it can re-impose a tyrannical Monarchy.

Maybe you think THAT will help Iranians.

Well I do not and I am proud of it.

Hanif Leylabi said...

And you think the Regime has financially funded the SWP? Is that a claim you'd like to confirm or retract because it's very, very libellous.

Anonymous said...

As I said try to use logic in your arguements. It helps to put your point across!
I don't know what SWP stands for but presumably they are a political group who you are trying to compare with terrorists.
Now think how you may come across to other people. Next time think before you start writing. Engage that brain.

Azarmehr said...

As I said if brain was taxed, you would be in for a refund.

Azarmehr said...

Anonymous does not know who SWP are and what it stands for and is now trying to lecture me on what to do in UK!!

Hanif, I am afraid I can only deduce two things that would explain why SWP never has any campaigns against the Islamic Republic. Either they are funding SWP or SWP is really extremely stupid. Now get on your student bike and get a lawyer to sue me. See if I care!

Hanif Leylabi said...

Why do you feel that you can use the fact I'm a student to ridicule me? What difference does it make?

You're accusations that the Islamic Republic of Iran is funding trotskyists in Britain has highlighted your insanity baradar.

Azarmehr said...

Because you are so naive that you threaten me with legal action! Typical of the Fedayeen (Majority) who grassed up their comrades to the Islamic clerics to fight imperialism.

Your arguments are poor even for a sixth form pupil. They are tried, tested and failed many times before.

To call you a student is more than what you desrve. To call you a pupil is more appropriate and that is pushing it too.

I will never be your baradar(brother) and don't ever call me that. I have sworn revenge against all those who stood silent when Iran's best sons and daughters were marched into slaughter in 1988. They were asked two questions, "Do you believe in Allah? Are you prepared to publicly renounce your organisation?"
Those teenage Iranian kids who had the guts to look their interrogators in the face and say "No, No" and embrace death before humiliation had more guts than your entire SWP membership.