Thursday, April 20, 2006

Crackdown on Un-Islamic Dress

The country is facing a possible military attack, sanctions, isolation, flight of capital, brain drain... and what do the Islamic authorities think is the top of their priorities? A crackdown on un-Islamic dress!

According to Robert Tait, from the Guardian, the dress purge is led by a Tehran city councillor, Nader Shariatmaderi, a close ally of Mr Ahmadinejad who helped to plot last year's election victory. The clampdown recalls the aftermath of the 1979 Islamic revolution, when women wearing lipstick were often confronted by female vigilantes wiping their faces clean with handkerchiefs, which were said to often conceal razor blades. Vigilantes would also stop women, if a few strands of their hair was sticking out of their scarf, saying every strand shown is a dagger through the heart of our martyrs!

The new campaign will hold taxi agencies accountable for their passengers' attire, police will be able to impound cabs carrying women dressed "inappropriately". Agencies guilty of repeat offences will be closed. Police have reportedly been stopping women motorists recently whose hijab was judged inadequate. Police have also raided fashion stores and seized brightly coloured manteaus.

Islamic Republic apologists, like Elaheh Rostami, have been using this argument that Iranian women have been able to show more of their hair, as proof of the country's liberalisation and instead of crediting the Iranian women, have creditted the ruling Islamic authorities. What will the likes of Elaheh Rostami cling on to now, in order to portray the mullahs as caring and progressive to the gullible Western audience?


Winston said...

it is awful to see how many apologist this regime has around the world!

Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad: No crack down on un-Islamic dress?!

Whats going on?!

Aryamehr said...


The Islamic Republic thinks it will fool the people to support them and their nuclear weapons programme in any eventuality of a foreign military intervention by fooling them with these kind of tricks! AN has also said that women should be allowed into stadiums!

They've calculated it as such that it will work in their favour, but Iranians will not be fooled by these type of tricks from the terrorist Islamic Republic. The Iranian Nation has one demand and that is for the entire Islamic Republic to be uprooted and thrown into the dustbin of history and for its leaders to be tried before Iranian courts of law.

Iranian women were demaning entry to the stadiums as an excuse to demonstrate their dissent to this anti-Iranian anti-women Islamic Regime. Now that the Islamic Republic has conceeded defeat on this field (thinking it will work in their favour!) Iranian women will bring 10 more and more radical demands, see where i'm trying to get at?

We have very sensitive days ahead of us.

Azarmehr said...

Also it looks like th eslight retreat has been as a result of people resisting the militia women. This report suggests in some districts people have pulled off the Chadors of the militia women: