Thursday, November 23, 2006

8th Commemoration of Forouhars

last year any public commemorations of the slain Iranian dissidents, Daryoush and Parvaneh Forouhar were banned by the Islamic regime, and so their daughter, Parastoo, held the commemoration in their house. Crowds came to the house and overspilled on to the streets nearby. Large screens displayed the commemoration and pictures of the Forouhars to those in the streets.

This year even a commemoration at the Forouhar's home was banned by the authorities.

Eight years on, the regime is still petrified, even by the memory of the Forouhars and their popularity amongst the people of Iran.


Anonymous said...

محمد خاتمی رييس پيشين جمهوری فاشيستی اسلامی پاسخگوی اين جنايت و ديگر کشتاری است که در زمان دولت وی رخ داده است. او هر چه ادای روشنفکری و بردباری از خود درآورد و گفتگوی دروغين تمدنها را تبليغ کند، باز نمی تواند جامه از رنگ ننگين اين جنايات پاک کند.ـ

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