Monday, November 20, 2006

Bus Drivers Leader Arrested Again

Mansour Ossanlou, the leader of Iran's bus drivers was once again arrested on Sunday. Ossanlou was walking along with his deputy, Ibrahim Madadi, when they were approached by plain clothes agents. Madadi asked the plain clothes agents for their IDs and arrest warrant, which resulted in the plain clothes agents beating him up.

Ossanlou was huddled into an unmarked car and taken away. Ossanlou's wife was later contacted by officials and notified that her husband was taken to Evin prison.

Ossanlou was released on bail three months ago while his file remained open. His imprisonment sparked off a wave of solidarity actions by other trade unionists across the world, including a protest outside the Iranian embassy in London.

Pro-Islamic Republic Socialist Workers Party in UK, was one of the few left wing organisations which refused to take part in the protests outside the Iranian embassy in London.

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