Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ayatollah Taheri's Warning

Ayatollah Taheri, who resigned from leading Friday prayers in Isfahan, four years ago, warned Iranians yesterday that "They want to replace the republic with the khilafat" in the next "Assembly of Experts". In his statement, he clearly referred to Messbah Yazdi, as someone who took no part in the revolution, yet his sect appear to be taking over the entire establishment.

While Khatami still beats the drums of the Islamic Republic during his world tour lectures, Ayatollah Taheri four years ago stated in his resignation letter:
"I could not close my eyes to "tangible realities, and witness the stifling pain and unbearable suffering of people who were seeing the flowers of virtue being trampled, values collapsing, and spirituality being destroyed."
"When I remember the promises and pledges of the beginning of the revolution, I tremble like a willow thinking of my faith

Meanwhile Durham university is in the process of opening a new centre for Shii Studies with financial support from Mesbah Yazdi. An Ayotllah whose statement "If anyone insults the Islamic sanctities, Islam has permitted for his blood to be spilled, no court needed either" made headline news in Iran, is funding a British university!

So far two ex-diplomat/current smuggler/terrorists, who studied at Durham University have been arrested. Professor Anoushirvan Ehteshami, a British-Iranian academic who has been based at Durham for years, is the facilitator for absorbing Islamic Republic officials into Durham university as students.


Anonymous said...

Will Mesbah Yazdi now get an honorary doctorate from Durham, and the Durham student association praise him?? Is there any integrity left in British universities?

Anonymous said...

Taking over of the regime by Mesbah followers is my big fear. Any ways, I believe there are still some decent islamic clergies who want to keep their religion away from dirty politics of the islamic regime and Taheri seems to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

This is what Richard Hass(he is an illuminati guy) President of council on Foriegn Relations predicts will happen in the Middle East:

"Haass: Visions of a new Middle East that is peaceful, prosperous and democratic will not be realized. Much more likely is the emergence of a new Middle East that will cause great harm to itself and the world. Iran will be a powerful state in the region, a classical imperial power. No viable peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is likely for the foreseeable future. Militias will emerge throughout the region, terrorism will grow in sophistication, tensions between Sunni and Shia will increase, causing problems in countries with divided societies, such as Bahrain, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Islam will fill the political and intellectual vacuum. Iraq at best will remain messy for years to come, with a weak central government, a divided society and sectarian violence. At worst, it will become a failed state racked by all-out civil war that will draw in its neighbors."


SERENDIP said...

Well, well. It looks like we're getting closer to a Taliban-like form of governance in Iran. Congratulations to all. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

We have all heard of such Ayatollahs as Yazdi, Taheri, Khomeini, Khomeini, and the lesser ones such as Rafsanjani, Khatami, and so on. But ley me introduce you to Ayatollah simon jenkins of the Guardian. Please read his new article," Why Stop the Great Satan? He's Driving Himself to Hell / November 15, 2006
To realise what we are up against.
This is suppose to enlighten the masses and cure the ills of this world! but what it actually does is to deny the freedom that the politicians (yes people like G.W.BUSH) need to go on the offensive and to forcefully end this Islamic Khallifa shit that has a hold on the middle east politics and it's people emanating from Iran.
What we don't need is to be defeated by this bunch of murders and Mafioso.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are tired of this shit. instead of banging on about pulling out of forces lets finish the job once and for all. Let's get the public opinion ready for the final assault on this Radical Jahadist - End of the World - ISLAM.

Anonymous said...

دعوای آخوندها با هم از زمان پيدايش اين جماعت مفتخور وجود داشته است و به امروز بر نمی گردد. پيش از کودتای اسلامی ـ فاشيستی در 22 بهمن با هم سر منبر رفتن دعوا می کردند و لنگه کفش به هم پرت می کردند. حال دعوابر سر تقسيم غارت بيت المال است. زياد وقتمان را با پرداختن به دعوای آخوند طاهری و آخوند مصباح به هدر ندهيم. تلاشمان را صرف اين کنيم که آخوند جماعت را از بالا بکشيم پايين. حالا فرق اين جمهوری فاشيستی اسلامی با يک خلافت احتمالی چی است که آخوند طاهری ما رااز آن می ترساند؟ مثل اينکه ما خوشمان می آيد که آخوندها برای ما بحث و موضوع پيدا کنند و ما را سرگرم کنند

Renee said...

You have absolutely no evidence to back up your claims that Mesbah Yazdi is financing *anything* at Durham university. I hope you realise that your allegations may be litigious.